118: Let the fotos flow….

118: Let the fotos flow….

There is so little time these days!  I have a backlog of photos piling up higher than a big night of lasagne-fest followed by a breakfast of bran muffins….  Okay, too much metaphor?  

Let’s see if we can get some photos on here for you:

From August for crying out in a bucket…..here is my MIL’s new little venture…turning an old shed into a little garden shop….       She’s 72, folks, and built that porch herself.  She is awesome.  She got this planter at WalMart!        Currant bush at MIL’s.

Leavenworth, Washington from a week and a half ago…and you know what, there are so many bloomin’ pictures they ain’t getting no comments from me…YOU people will have to comment on them, cause I am tired just getting them ready for this post, and there are actually some more to post tomorrow….so enjoy and COMMENT…if you dare 🙂

                            These cows need some comment…they certainly are more festive than the dairy cows MY dad used to milk…and people thought he fauned all over them!

Okay, well I have to comment on the organ grinder…It was pretty fun to see, but the monkey is stuffed if you look carefully….poor monkey…    Now onto more of the town..               There are more pictures where those came from, but I really need to get some sewing done on something tonight….More pictures of Leavenworth, my studio redecor project this weekend, my good attempts at using my “new” old quilting machine, more quilty stuff, links, pictures, true love, etc….

Oh, and speaking of true love, what do two middle-aged artists who feel young again through their art buy each other for their 19th wedding anniversary?  Why a really good digital camera of course…so if you have any suggestions we are looking at the options out there now….

TTFN, Scott

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy, dude


  • Scott,
    I think it looks more like you were in Germany or Austria more than in the U.S. Lovely town and great photos. Your MIL’s garden shed is just
    awesome. I would like a garden shed and my husband is not sure about it. Perhaps I could build it myself!
    Re: cameras. My husband bought me a Nikon Coolpix P1 for Christmas two years ago (he promised a camera for Christmas for three years before he finally bought it). I really like it but it was expensive and I don’t think I need all the features it has. I think there are
    cheaper ones out there that do the job just as well or better. Mark posted on his blog at one time the camera he uses and you might
    check his recommendation. I’ll be posting my prize from you sometime this week. I know the feeling of – “sew much to post and sew
    much to sew and not sew much time to do it in”!! Hee hee!

    September 23, 2008 at 7:22 am
  • Heidi


    Hi Scott-
    I have pictures of our trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Germany that look just like yours!
    On the camera hunt- are you going SLR or point and shoot? I love LOVE my Canon Power shot A80 or some newer version- Price point around $180-200 and it has so many great features. My SLR Is a gem too- Went the Nikon route there because of a compatible lens I had from a previous film camera. For around 600.00 I am not missing any shots of moving kids and I Love it. It seems there always inproving them and I went around Christmas and got an older model as they were introducing the next jump in mega pixel count.
    Enjoy the new camera thanks for the pictures!

    October 9, 2008 at 7:54 pm
  • Just cruising on through here and saw picture of Leavenworth! It’s like my favorite place in the world!! In fact, when my hubby retires from the Air Force, we are planning on moving around there. We always stop at the (what used to be) 69’er diner just before Leavenworth. Or Rusty’s in Cashmere!
    What a small world!

    October 15, 2008 at 12:07 am

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