115: "casting bread" and some random Leavenworth shots

115: "casting bread" and some random Leavenworth shots

   Now how’s that for a strange entry title?  Basically I am in the process of doing a lot of that these days….the casting bread thing…Do you even get the reference?  It is pretty weird I know.  It basically comes from a statement in the Bible that instructs one to cast your bread on the water and it will return to you not void…Meaning, I think, to just put out your hopes and efforts (the bread) and see what God (the water) will do with them (good things I am expecting and hoping).   I am NO theologian, so I may be totally or slightly off on that interpretation, but none the less, I am doing things similar to that right now.  I have begun contacting different fabric companies to find out their submission guidelines for fabric designs.  With Marci at Alicia’s Attic, I am workingon getting quilt patterns published.   I have been finding that all the people in the fabric and pattern design industry I have met in person and online have been particularly encouraging and helpful, and I am really diggin’ that, dude.

So I can’t show a lot of pictures of those projects ….ahem, yet….but I can show images I love or inspire me.  And though it is late in my evening, and these are actually not nearly as much as I wanted to post about our day trip to Leavenworth, Washington, I thought I would share these quickies!

My little purchase (budgets suck!) at Dee’s Country Accents…      Dee’s is a great shop and I have more pictures and info about it, but for now you can meet Louise    one of the ladies working at Dee’s (Dee wasn’t in today) and have a glimse of the shop….. more later….Dee’s is MORE than just a quilt shop!!

This is called a “courting bauble”     made in Thailand, and I got it not at the quilt shop, but at the global gifts shop on Main Street in Leavenworth at a hole in the wall up the stairs shop for $3!!  (all proceeds go to setting people free from a number of atrocities worldwide) 

  and this is my middle child tuckered out before dinner.  As I write this, I am feeling the same! 


Keep Sewing, Keep Happy, Dude!  S.

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  • I read “Leavenworth” and thought perhaps you’d been to prison. I see your trip was to someplace much more interesting. I am off to the post office to mail a package to you for your correct guess on the size of my little nine patch quilt. I am not sure you will like what I sent but the fabrics said “send me, send me” and so I did.
    If you cannot use them, pass them on to Linda or re-gift to another quilter/artist. 🙂

    September 12, 2008 at 7:49 am

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