114: Big time Boom! Sis Boom that is!

114: Big time Boom! Sis Boom that is!

I think that today marks another milestone, for me at least,  I have had another comment from one of those wonderful established fabric designers.  Jennifer from Sis Boom commented on my garland entry (which with that entry  BTW I had a brief email converstaion on the side with Anna Maria Horner of, well, Anna Maria Horner 🙂 !)

Jennifer has got a pretty little exciting contest on her site, and I think I should at least let you know about it!  Go here to read all about it. Oh, and if you want a good cry read this that she wrote about her oldest going to college.  Had me very teary as our oldest, Noel,  will be going off in a short three years, and I feel very much the same about him as she describes her son ( I am not sure he always knows how much his father {that’d be me 🙂 } loves and is proud of him, but I  AM!)

On a different subject…I added a Blue Nickel Tunes block on the right…this is just some of the stuff I am listening to right now….as I type Zac Efron is singing Ladies Choice from Hairspray     …hard to type though, cause man, I want to dance to it! That song rocks!  (my daughter, Mimi girl is totally in “love” with Zac and thinks HE rocks!)

 Okay I am running behind on so many projects….but  I know you at least need SOME pictures here…so here are some quick shots from the Washington state fair in Monroe, Washington.  (we have like three (or more) “state” fairs on this side of Washington state, what’s that about?)  Mostly pictures of quilts….surprised?

I really liked this green one and the yoyo one next to it!     

  I found this one very compelling!   

Who made this beauty?  Oh, yeah me!    This is the quilt that is in Sara Nephew’s newest book

This one is hand-quilted     besides being a tremendous applique project…..Oh, and I did I mention that background color is awesome….so different than the traditional ecru background.  

From the top of the Big Wheel….     the kids expect me to go up in this every year…even Noel the 15.5 year old!   

But by 2:30 pm, it was POURING….    luckily we were done with the fair by then!   Technically these pictures are from 2 weeks ago….and then last week we went camping at a restored 1930’s fishing camp, and tomorrow we go to a blogger’s treasure trove for photo shots..  Leavenworth, Washington….if you haven’t heard of it, you will want to come back and check out the pix….whenever they get in here!!

So, Keep sewing, Keep Happy, Dude!  ( I cannot put the xo, Scott thing down peeps…even for you all 🙂  )


  • Amanda


    those are some really pretty quilts

    September 14, 2008 at 8:38 pm
  • The state fair quilts are a great to look and and give me hope that someday I can try and do something that good. I have only tries crazy quilting and not sane quilting but I an going to try in the near future.

    September 27, 2008 at 8:17 pm

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