111: The Changes Begin

111: The Changes Begin

Hey there,   The first batch of changes have begun. 

 I tossed the Real Estate Adventures Page. I want this to be an art focused site, and besides, the whole real estate gig hasn’t been working out so hot, so why bother you or myself with that….the only cool picture I had there was of this house   And a copy of my real estate card ….with a picture of me I hate anyway!

I tossed the Studio Shots page for now….those kind of pictures end up here in the blog portion anyway, and I added a flickr “badge” on the right side to connect you to my previously neglected flickr account that I just updated to “pro”  so I hope to bring more and more “action” to that site as well as connecting those flickr travelers to here!  Besides, I think the little flashing images look cool AND all the Cool kids are doin’ it  (I don’t know that they are, but I think it is cool, so I said that to help justify it 🙂  I have some backwork to do to get all my old pictures from here to there!!

I am trying to figure out how to redo the Art for sale page, and just direct you all over to our store at Etsy….It is under Linda’s Miss Mabel storefront, but you can buy quilting stuff and such from me as well as Linda’s doll stuff….I hope to be producing some homemade cards as well as vintage paper and textiles, and etc.   Someday we will have our own site I know, but we will sell off Etsy for now…GREAT site for buying stuff at (ours and other peoples) by the way.  Linda has bought some great prints there

 like this one, from Crankbunny.

and I am hoping for a cool t-shirt  like this one     for Christmas from that site.  (I wish I could LOOK like that in it, but that would mean I would really  have to get back into my excercise program, stop eating so much tasty junk food, ruin my skin with a pigment altering device, build a time machine, as well as re-configure my genetic code….so I will settle for the t-shirt….)

 So that being said, the Etsy site will likely eventually show up over there and the art for sale page will go away.  What do you think so far??  Anyone? anyone?

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  • Sometimes I think I am spending too much time on the computer but I really find reading blogs so interesting. And so
    here I am and here’s what I think so far. Good job! I am making some changes to my blog, too, and my yahoo group, etc.
    worried that others might be dissapointed if certain things weren’t offered anymore. Then, Linda (not your Linda) in
    one of my groups said the words that made me know I’m on track – “Sometimes you just need to simplify” – and that
    is so true. Clear the slate or just update it but in just making a few changes, it can renew ones excitement for whatever
    the project is!
    By the way, I see you like Country Threads. Have you been there? I have stopped by a couple times on my way down
    to see family in Iowa.

    September 7, 2008 at 10:14 am

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