107: Tired — part two

107: Tired — part two

Kevin, AKA Mr. Feed Dog to you, finally got those ATC’s I promised him months ago, and he held up his end by sending me some vintage fabric as part of the deal!  What a great package to recieve!

Here is the fabric out on the line     the brown and white on the right was the original one posted in his blog that caught my eye!    That one on the left is tres cool, I think it will end up being a great pillow in our library.  Thanks for the great swap Kevin, and your patience in my timing!

Along the same line, here is some “vintage” fabric of the same flavor.  I sent Kevin some of the mustard background cat one cause I thought he would like it!  I am glad to say that he did!   

This is a totally random shot of the stray cat who I guess lives here now, and is named Jade for the moment.  I love photoplay, and this is my Bollywood look for her…    

The end of summer is here….these pictures were from a week ago, and though the leaves look rather dull, I think the picture captures the dryness and tiredness of the earth.


 I really want to be here on this chaise, but I am still   working on so many projects.   My main one now is finishing my doll quilt swap.   I am binding my quilt now, and I am hoping to send it to my swap-mate on Saturday….just barely making the deadline, but it will be there.  I wasn’t too happy with my quilting, I am still struggling with my machine and the learning curve I experiencing on it.  To help make up for some of the quilting issues in my swap I am sending these goodies as well.        I think she will like it don’t you?   

I still feel very behind in all things including posting here….I have another draft of pictures waiting to be loaded..and in fact I just tucked a few more pictures onto my desktop for yet another posting!  So stay tuned, I may be tired, but I am not out of the game.  

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