104: And the winner is….

104: And the winner is….

Wendy, the self-proclaimed stitchduchess!  So now, Wendy, you need to email me privately to collect your prize.   A huge thank you to all who stopped by and left comments.  Any and all comments are appreciated. And I will have more giveaways!

I will post a picture of the gift Wendy will be getting later….for now, I wanted to show you all the newest book by my friends Sara Nephew and Marci Baker…This book is shipping out right now, so be sure to ask for it!  The quilt on the comfy chair by the fireplace is MY quilt!! Sara has had me test patterns for her over the years, and recently sold her business to Marci.  Marci and I are planning on publishing many new designs together in magazine, books, and patterns.  So look for us in the future.  I have been working on one right now, and since it is slated for submissions to be published, I can’t post it here, but it is cool!  Can’t wait for it to be published! 

So that is all for today folks!  Make sure you head over to Wendy’s site to tell her she won!

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