pictures from life at Shiloah Cottage

pictures from life at Shiloah Cottage

This has been another busy week of work, outside yard work, and summer get-togethers.  I just want to share some of these photos that have been collecting on my desktop to post here. 

A very cool moth that we saw on the side of the house.      It was about 2 and a half inches across.  

Some garden flowers Mimi picked for her and Linda’s tea party awhile back.           

Johnson Brothers serving bowl that Linda picked up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $2 !!  What a deal!


These next three pictures are from the studio and I just wanted to share.   The eye-house quilty bit was from a swap I did years ago, and was probably my favorite returned item.  Unfortunately I do not know the creator’s name, but I just love it!  It is not quilted or backed, I have been wanting to “stiffen it ” up for hanging in the main part of the house, but it is just tacked on the wall in the studio for now.        Linda made this icon for me for an occasion, I don’t remember which occasion, but I do love it dearly!   Linda made me this Santa a couple Christmases ago, and I keep him up all year round.  I have left her a blanket request to make me a new Santa every year.  I love what she comes up with.   This one is not her idea, but from a pattern I found in an old Better Homes and Garden Special publication about doll and teddy bear making….I think it is from the late 90’s sometime.    This last photo is a finally finished gift for a friend that I can get to her next week….I posted its original start here  That is the picture show for now.  I have a ton of pictures from our Anacortes trip still to post, and my bench project that I mentioned awhile ago.  Right now, I have to go add some shingles to the never-ending house building project.  

Oh, and recently I jumped onto a Doll Swap group, so I have a doll quilt to make for a swap…due in September I think….I know… TOO much committed on my part, but I am hoping that a small doll quilt wouldn’t be too hard for me, and I hope that I truly love what I get in return.  Sometimes when you swap things, you get much less than you could have done yourself, and sometimes you get a true gem.  We will see, at least you get something back, unlike any lottery ticket I have ever purchased!

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  • Janet


    Your Johnson Brothers casserole is Royal USA Currier & Ives, I think.

    Yup, it is…and I love it…I still am amazed at Linda’s ability to get great deals!

    April 11, 2009 at 8:51 am

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