More Quilts from BZB show

More Quilts from BZB show

Finally I get to posting more pictures from my guild’s (Busy Bee Quilters)  Quilt show Last weekend.  I helped set up the show, but I didn’t get the time to walk the show very thoroughly.  I mostly ran around before I had to leave snapping pictures of what “caught my eye”  I didn’t get names or anything.  So I have lot of pretty quilt pictures, but not much more…..but they are pretty….any Busy Bees reading this can feel free to comment and clear up who made what, okay?

This first one I just loved because of the spikey bits…I have never done something like this, and I admire them so much.

But what was funny was this one was also there in the same pattern but different colors, and it had such a different feeling to it!!

And then this one is a different quilt, but still a blue-ish spikey piece which really gets my little art heart going!

Here is Blue again, but subdued way down with Chocolate!  I really don’t normally like  blue/brown combinations, but I found the modernity of this quilt intriguing.

  This is Hollow Cube (pattern by Sara Nephew) done all in chicken related fabrics.  Judy Irish started this quilt in my class that I taught up at Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop back in March ’07

And the last quilt for this post is here.  Floral and pretty, not overly complicated in design. What I liked most about this quilt was the Brown floral fabric in the sashing and border.     

Isn’t it delicious!        I wonder what it would look like if the flying geese were all set in that luscious chocolate fabric?

That is it for now.  I have 16 ton of gravel in my driveway to start shoveling, shingles to nail on my house (the neverending story must have been originally about building your own house, I swear), and then some sewing before BBQing and fireworks!

Happy Independence Day everyone….hopefully we will be a great nation helping people again someday….presently I have my doubts about our place as a nation in the world.  Not that I want to live somewhere else, but this war is very draining on us and the world, don’t you think?  I do not want to get really political, it just seems that on this day of celebrating 232 years as a free nation, we should evaluate and not take advantage of our freedom.

okay, putting soapbox aside to go do something around the grounds of Shiloah Cottage.

10 people in the Tootsie pop challenge….someone said that they would be finishing theirs up already!

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