heat wave, two quilts, and a teaser

heat wave, two quilts, and a teaser

 Summer has come to our area, and it has been too hot for much of anything.  At least for me.  Some people love this heat, but I prefer it down in the 70’s, and it has been high 80’s and into the 90’s.  So for a quick post, I am simply showing 2 quilts from my guild’s show that I helped set up last Thursday.  More will come maybe tonight.    Unfortunately, I was in a slammin’ hurry to snap these photos, so I didn’t get names or anything on them.  If I find out that info, I will add it later.    Here is the first one that I really liked:       

And here is another:

    This has a closeup shot that I will have to add this evening, I have to get going to work, and I am pushing it now.  

The last part of this post’s title….the Teaser….here it is….tomorrow I will announce a challenge in which you can create some thing small, fun, and creative, and by sending me a photo of it, you could win Fabulous prized from Blue Nickel Studios.  But you have to come back tomorrow to find out….and some of you east coasters may have to wait until Wednesday morning, as it may be late posting on this coast.

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