Confessions of an Artist

Confessions of an Artist

Yes, I capitalized Artist.  And don’t think that was a nonchalant thing for me to do.  I have been coming to terms with the fact that I really think an Artist is what God has made me.  And yes, I put God in there with a capital too.  I feel quite in a quandry at times,  cause I am too fucked up for some people and too “religious” for some people…..oh and I wrote the F word too.  Sorry sometimes it just comes out.  I don’t like to use that word often, but sometimes it is just good for the shock value of it.  So there, are you shocked?  I was such a “good” boy on the outside growing up, and sometimes at 44 I just get tired of it, you know.

Anyway, if I offended you I am sorry.   But the “Confessions” part of the title pulled you in, so you expected at least something Juicy!!  That may be all the Juice…I don’t intend on confessing EVERYTHING here on such a public forum.   I think the main thing to Confess is that I really am an Artist.  I think about Color and Quilting and Design all the time…..more than my “work” ….and as a guy…our “work” is “supposed” to be our “being”…..Linda my lovely bride of 18+ years says that my current “job” does not have to define me, and she is technically right, but I don’t know, I think somehow genetically men are programmed to Live Their Work….And I really don’t want to do “traditional” men’s business work…I want to “work” with Fabric!  Ah, Enough about the wild meanderings of my mind-games!  On to the ARTsy stuff!

 I took stuff out of the kitchen cupboard and put them on the porch to take pictures of.  I just love Oven Serve and Fiesta pottery.  The colors are so vibrant and cheery.  The Oven Ware custard cups remind me so much of my Grandma Alice.  We always had ice cream in them at her house.  About 3-4 of these are from her, the rest Linda picked up at garage sales since she loves this era as well.   Check out the brown plain ones in the back…I don’t think they are Oven Serve, but they are cool and proof that aqua and chocolate are not a new color scheme.

   I am particularly fond of this pink one and the yellow one.  They seem to be an unusual color to me.

   This last weekend I stayed up late working on project for a magazine pattern, and I took a break from it to make this little quilty project from charm square that I picked up at Market from Bunny’s Designs.  I started this for a new friend who has a birthday coming up.  Let’s see if I can get beyond starting it and finishing it.   I still owe my friend Kevin at Mr. Feed Dog an ATC which I promised him in exchange for some cool fabric.

      This was a project I also started at about midnight this last Saturday nite.  And I think it is going to be the beginning of my blog commenting/marketing/publicty contest game for Fabulous prizes right here at the Blue Nickel!!  The Tootsie Pop quilt Challenge.  I am working out the details, but think about stepping outside the box, and keep checking back.

  I saw this hanging on the wall by my iron, and I had to post it….(I don’t think it is already in here, but you never know)  My wife Linda made this for me, and I just LOVE it.  She is so talented with beads, and she really finds it “relaxing”… I sometimes struggle just with getting a bead to lie straight!  I just wanted to share it with you.

A couple of housekeeping bloggin’ comments from me.   The Three6five.0 project I started on here….I became so bored with taking my own picture everyday and stressed out about getting it on the page…as well as thinking how fucking narcisstic is that kind of thing anyway….There I used the F word twice now.  Man, I can’t believe I did that, I really am a nice boy!!   Anyway….since no one ever really commented on it, and I am bored with it, I am just leaving it as is….and you can look at how far I got, and think….”Dang, I’m bored too” and move on to the better stuff!!


  • If you want to try narcissistic… paint a self-portrait for 20 hours… oh make sure it is one with your penis in it and watch what people say!?! ; ) – and don’t worry, you are not alone, I too am I am too fucked up for some people and too “religious” for others. You are in good company. Peace.

    June 29, 2008 at 3:35 am

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