A different kind or abundance

A different kind or abundance

Just a brief thought tonight.  I was looking through the latest issue of House Beautiful and came across this wonderful quote by Clare Donohue from Brooklyn, NY.  She was talking about living in small places, and had this tidbit to say.  “Live only with what you love and use daily.  Think of it as a different kind of abundance.” 

I just love that!!  I know that I gather a LOT of stuff, and I don’t need it all.  I would like to pare things down a bit, but I do find it hard.   And when I think we have so “little” (which isn’t really true)  I will remember that whatever we have really IS an abundance….especially compared to the rest of the world.  I am off to sew tonight….may not be able to post pictures of the actual project, cause I think tonight’s projects will be sent off to magazines for submissions, but I hope to show you some photos of some of the fabrics that I have deliciously picked up this week!  I may have extras too, and will try to “pay it forward” with a drawing.   The drawing will have something to do with multiple comments on here….so if you are reading, start commenting and get your foot in the door.     (is that what “pay it forward” means, I really have no idea what that means, but I have been hearing it a lot…I think it applies here.)

Off to the studio….finally…

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  • hi scott.I think what you are talking about is a simple giveaway.I think a ‘pay it forward’ is a specific other thing.
    either way,gimme.

    June 25, 2008 at 8:02 am

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