Post Father's Day

Post Father's Day

           This the collection of cool stuff my family picked up for me for Father’s Day.  The skull t-shirt is designed out of music-related images, pretty cool stuff for such a “stuffy” old man like me!!   Next pictured are “martini” animals…..I have no idea how they really work, but they will likely get used in art quilts, and that is why I got them……Next….remember I like musicals, and I have to say that Hairspray is a great one.  I am a little young to have really ever heard too much about the original movie/play.    But I really like this one.  John Travolta plays a very convincing Mrs. Turnblad.   And the last picture shows the beads that each kid and LInda picked out.   They are very cool beads, not sure what I will use them for but they are so cool.

Last picture for the night, the ducks were released out the poultry yard for the day.   Here they are relaxing  in the shade. 

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