Foreign Food Frippery

Foreign Food Frippery

Frippery? Yeah, well, I made it up….I think…..I liked the alliteration.

So tonight’s entry in this FANTASTIC blog centers on the Asian snacks that we on the West Coast can often find here if we look in the right places. These were purchased in the University District of the University Of Washingon in Seattle last week. I bought them mainly because of their design elements, not due to the food contained in them. They were rather dull on the taste level.

japanese candy1.jpg Rice Candy….the inner paper melts in your mouth…..

japanese snack.jpg Some strange shrimp, octopus, fishy tasting crackers and chips were in this package. japanese snack back.jpg This is the back label, I scanned it just because I like the Japanese characters…..

I did take some pictures of the grounds here at Shiloah Cottage tonight, but I am so exhausted (from what I don’t know) those pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. Signing off for the night… Scott at the Blue Nickel

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