finally the coop is done

finally the coop is done

coop redux.jpg revitalized coop1.jpg The coop and pen is finally rebuilt and ready for the chicks.  They were seriously getting crowded out of their little cage as seen below.

updated chicks photo4.2.JPG  The chicks on April 2nd.

chicks april9.jpg Here they are on April 9th and again chicks 4.15.jpg on April 15th.  Quickly running out of room, and didn’t want to raise little cannibals!!!  We got them out there on the night of the 15th finally.

Seriously cut down on all quilting and blogging I can tell you that!!…and the smell is finally gone from our computer/schoolroom/pantry area!!  I think there was a reason that Linda had them so close to my computer………

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