day spent doing nothing …really…well somethings but nothing..

day spent doing nothing …really…well somethings but nothing..

S3010867.JPG S3010868.JPG S3010869.JPG S3010872.JPG  These are pictures of the studio that desparately needs cleaning today….never got to it yet!!!!  I had two very long paragraphs posted above these photos, and somehow they became all links that wouldn’t work, so now there is nothing for all that work, and I REALLY have to get cleaning…hopefully tomorrow’s post will be better…right now I better not write anything for it will be very full of expletives….

 (the below playlist was from earlier in the day when I was in a much better mood….now I am VERY grumpy….)

Today’s playlist so far…. Pink Martini playing Bukra Wba’do, Kenny Loggins playing Footloose ( I had to stop everything to dance there…LOVE that song!), Deniece Williams playing Let’s hear it for the Boy, Fine Young Cannibals singing She Drives Me Crazy, Jars of Clay playing The Valley Song, Raze playing More Than a Dream, Audio Adreneline playing Big House, Sting singing Shallow Brown from a CD of pirate songs (It barely sounds like Sting, but I can tell it is him), Jerry Rafferty singing Baker Street, Jars of Clay singing You Were There, TobyMac singing I Was Made To Love You, The BeeGees singing Staying Alive,   Transiberian Orchestra playing Christmas/Sarajevo  (what force that song contains!), Sade singing Smooth Operator, David Crowder Band playing Turkish Delight,

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  • Are you sure that the pictures you took are of your room??? Cuz it sure looks like MINE! Thanks for sharing,,, I thought I was alone in this world….


    Beth, I am sure that it was my studio space….and it still looks that way kinda….maybe worse….I started my quilt machine up to see if I could do it, and I had some limited success, but success nonetheless, but not in the cleaning area…..hmmm….when can I send my kids to college, so I get their rooms for storage… 10 years old too young???? Scott

    March 17, 2008 at 9:56 am

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