East Coast Scott…and then back to West Coast Scott

East Coast Scott…and then back to West Coast Scott

I have been enjoying dialoguing with my new E-friend, Scott Murkin. He lives in North Carolina and we are both on the yahoo group QuiltGuy, so he is East Coast Scott and I am West Coast Scott.  He is an amazing quilt artist, I do not know how he makes the time for all his work!!!!  His quilts can be seen at his webshots site–  www.scottmurkin.com you really need to check out his talent!!!

And now back to West Coast Scott

Here is another old picture of me….actually the first is 24 years ago, and the one with the beard is probably 25 years ago.  Linda, my dear wife, would say “yes, it is all about you, isn’t it?”  I don’t know why old pictures of myself draw me so much. Nostalgia is part of it, Mid-life crisis is part of it, over-analysis is part of it, vanity is there too…..don’t know what to say about it, but there are some old pictures of me.  Funny, I remember being that young man, but don’t feel all that much different, more beat up by life, but love those college memories.  I can’t say they were the “best” years, as I didn’t have the best friend I have had these last 19 plus years in my wife, which has been more enriching than college by far, and my kids are also such an enormous blessing no matter how much trouble that they get into with each other at home (and by “trouble” I mean the typical sibling fighting stuff, that is about it)

scott 1984-85.jpg  two different pictures scanned at the same time….I must have thought that was my “best” side huh??  Noel, my oldest son, said when he saw the one on the left…”Hey, Dad, you were good looking!”   “were?” I asked….I don’t remember his response, but it was funny to us both!!!

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