TIme to be Thankful.  Thankful for life.  Thankful Linda noticed the oil light come briefly on the other night, thankful that we got it to the shop before it was MORE than a $1300.00 repair bill. Thankful that I left late to the real estate office this morning and thus was not in the accident I passed on the way in.  Thankful for my family and my home. Thankful for these colorful memories of this fall (a good one for color)

coral maple leaves.jpg  fall entry to place.jpg  orange leaf maple.jpg  pumpkins.jpg red dog shed.jpg back of shop1.jpg  Thankful for the eyes to see such colors.  Thankful for being held together by the grace of God’s hand. Hope you are Thankful too, no matter how things may seem. No matter how frustrating life may be. May you be thankful for everything you are blessed with too.

I have much more I would like to post throughout this site of mine, but I am apparently having issues loading some photos, so maybe more will happen tonight.

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