Potpourri photos

Potpourri photos

chalk people.JPG   This is an interesting vignette that my daughter, Mimi, came up with on her chalkboard on the back porch.  If you can note, and it is difficult, these are all carved pieces of chalk aka Easter Island style, with the exception of the pink one in the middle…that one is a crayon.  At the top of the board the words “this is what we do with imposters” in chalk….apparently, the crayon is in trouble for being in with the chalkfolk….I don’t really understand, but the photo is particularily interesting to me.

red maple.JPG  This is one of the maples I planted years ago….and every year this tree loses it leaves very early in the season. This picture is taken in August!! It is getting water.  I just don’t get it…..the maple next to it will be glowing a brilliant orange in about 3 weeks….

 katmandu.jpg   Here is a sneak peak at Mark Lapinski’s fabric line, Katmandu,coming out this fall, and the one that Linda is making a bag for, and I am making a quilt for.  I will let you know more about that as it comes.  I am hoping to have my first available  pattern through this project. 


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