September 10th finally some photos up

September 10th finally some photos up

sparrow fabric.jpg  This is some fabulous fabric that I picked up (like I needed more fabric, right?….only another quilter would understand that)…I think it is by Joel Dewberry who is now designing for Westminster fabrics…I have not heard of him before, but I hope his stuff takes off like Kaffe Fasset’s….I really like this sparrow outline…now the scale is rather large for me, but I love the simplness of it.  I can hardly wait to work with it in an autumn quilt..I will let you know when I get to it!!  I just finished up my recent batch ATC’s and Linda is sending them out for me today.  I am putting copies of them on my Gallery page so check them out. Now that those ATC’s are done, I have to get cranking on my quilt for Mark Lapinski’s Katmandu line.  I am excited to start on that, and curious how a printed pattern to sell will come out of this.  Mark is a pretty cool guy, and he has been encouraging to me to get my patterns/ideas out “there”…so we will see what comes of it….

Here is one more picture… from the summer that needs to get in here before the fall REALLY hits (it has started here in Washington state, you can tell by the cool nights).  This is a picture of a wonderful lily in Linda’s garden.


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