homegrown artists

homegrown artists

Max and Mimi have been taking an art class this year at school.  They did these very large self-portraits that Linda and I love.  In fact, I had to have them work together on one of Noel, so that we could hang all three of them in the hall.  We plan to have them framed here soon, but for now they are tacked up there.  I took a picture of them with the Max and Mimi so that you could see the scale.  Aren’t they great? Max is actually posing like Noel’s portrait, but Max’s self-portrait is actually the one in the orange hat….just for clarification.  Also that is Oreo, our pet rat, on Mimi’s shoulder.  Sweetest pet I think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (that is besides our dearly departed chickens).

kids murals.jpg

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