color of the week

color of the week

This week’s color of note has got to be split pea soup green ……mixed in with some double pink cherry blossoms for good measure….Living out in the country like we do, I end up driving a lot….on Tuesday I probably drove over 100 miles just in one day….not much compared to what I will be driving as a real estate agent, but still a lot to me.  The one thing I do enjoy about driving is looking at the world around me, and the main thing I always notice is the abundance of color out there.  And the colors that color our world are always changing….pretty soon it will be pumpkin orange before we know it….I wonder what next week will be….probably more green…darker and brighter?  And since I live near Seattle…good chances of a lot of grey!  I have been wanting to work on an all grey/blue quilt titled rain or something like that.


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