First Blog entry

First Blog entry

well, day two of website and day one of blogging, and it is 4:15 am….why do people blog….does anyone really want to read this stuff…I think for my first blog entry, I would like to thank Rich Brimer for his help on this site.  As it improves, it will attest to his abilities to listen to my aspirations for this site, and be great self advertising for him!  Now the whole world is reading this….How could I say anything bad about my friend Rich?!?!?!  He is a wonderful guy if you ever meet him!!

there the first blog post…not too bad for a beginning, but not sure that it says too much!!!

Another friend I just met online is also a Richard …. Richard Caro in New York state….I only know Richard by his website and a couple emails, but his quilt art is pretty neat stuff his site is and is also on my fellow artists links column.  Check him out, his quilts have that very modern art touch!

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  • Bon voyage Scott! I’m glad I got ya started in the blog world. Take care

    August 5, 2015 at 10:21 pm

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