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Week of Happy…..Day Two

July 15th, 2014

Did you see yesterday’s post? It was the first Day of my Week of Happy series where I shared about my friend Amy Butler’s latest line Hapi.

Today’s post features a good friend of  Amy’s and mine, Valori Wells Kennedy, with whom I also just spent a magical week with (along with a whole lot of other incredible students and teachers!) in Sisters, Oregon. The fabric line is Quill and it came out a few months ago…Newer than Amy’s Hapi, but not as new as Valori’s NEWEST line Ashton Road.

Anyhow….I am working on a really fun project that is either going to go in a magazine OR become a Blue Nickel Studios pattern.  So I can’t show you that project yet, but I can show you the fabric.

DSC_1848 DSC_1847 DSC_1846

And I can show you more of those little treat bags that I am so enamored with …..


Also, I made some of these little wallets that Valori designed out of Quill. Very fun project….


So that’s it for today’s Happy post….remember to make a comment about what makes you happy on one or all of the Happy posts this week to win that nice prize from Chronicle Books that I talked about in yesterday’s post.  Commenting on each day’s post DOES better your chances to win, so it’s worth it. Plus you have to think up a different reason to be Happy each day….Win, win, right?

Sitting Pretty…..

April 15th, 2014

sitting pretty 1

I know this line has been out awhile, but I still wanted to share the joy of it with you. It is called Sitting Pretty by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. And I also had this charm pack of Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman lying around.  I was thinking what could I do with them, and then it hit me. …

sitting pretty 9

I could make my favorite little treat bags designed by my friend Monica. So I did….I made a lot. I have a couple of big events coming up that I would love to give away goodies, so I decided I would just make up a few bags from each new line when they come in so I would always have a few on hand. I modified Monica’s pattern a bit so that I could more efficiently incorporate the charm squares.

sitting pretty 3

sitting pretty 6

And fittingly enough, you could use them for Easter. Tonight, tomorrow whatever. Now that your taxes are done, you might as well make some of these before the weekend!

sitting pretty 7

They are addictive, I tell you……well, not as addictive as Cadbury Mini Eggs….but close….really close….

sitting pretty 0

My next post will have some more of these handy dandy little bags…..AND a great giveaway!! So come back soon, you hear?

Fabric Sweep!

January 18th, 2013

Or Eye Candy!  as I might call this post…

I have been SOOOO overwhelmed with the two dayjobs over the last few months, and I haven’t been able to show you some of the fun lines that I have received from some of those wonderful manufacturers out there…

So here’s what I have already played with:

Cloud 9’s Happy Drawing, Too! by Ed Emberley.

happy drawing too!

Pattern coming soon in downloadable PDF form here at Blue Nickel Studios for a very reasonable price.

Birch Fabric’s Camp Modern/Camp Sur.

camp sur and camp modern

I made a quilt for Fall Market with this fabric and that quilt is going to be redone in another line for a magazine this year, so I can’t show the quilt, but it is fun and easy….

also I started a project with Thomas Knaur’s Flock last year and I think that I am going to add some of this line to it.  I really don’t like doing one-liner quilts anyway, and this palette goes very well with Flock in my opinion, so there you have it.   That pattern should also be available here in awhile as well.


And here’s what is coming up to play with!!

Here are two really “guy-style” prints

Free Spirit’s  Seven Wonders by Parson Grey.

seven wonders

Cloud 9’s MicroMod  by Rob Bancroft.

micro mod

I have this grand idea for these two mixed with some solids and other equally ‘rugged’ prints that may eventually spawn a second book  (when I ever get this first freakin’ book done!)


This sweet line is going to be a project done in connection with GenerationQ soon too.

Clothworks’ Little Village by Kinkame

little village


And this one? oh…just love this so much…..I have something planned with a nice solid orange….and maybe a little grey…..Hoping to get it in a magazine too, but the fabric may already be too “old” for a mag, so you may be seeing it here as a pattern as well.

Kaufman’s Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander.



Big plans? oh yeah, as always?  So much fabric, so little time…..

What are you loving here the most? Leave a comment and I will send a random winner some scraps* from their favorite line listed above.  I will draw a name next Monday on Martin Luther King Day.  That seems an appropriate day to win something, huh?

*Some scrap bags will be larger than others based on what I have left and what I can bear to part with…..

Polar Opposites……

June 12th, 2012

So excited to get started on these two entirely different shipments of fabrics.

First, Liberty Fabrics is bringing their luscious prints in quilters’  cottons to the States,  and they generously sent me some samples to work into some upcoming designs.  The other day at one of my DayJobs,  I looked up and noticed an interesting arrangement of windows that suddenly struck me as inspiration for a rather cool block  that might just highlight these prints beautifully.  We’ll see!

Then secondly, this came from Kaufman for a specific project I have in mind.  In fact this project already has a name even before I get the quilt made, Dwell.   It may be awhile before you get to see it here, but I thought it was so funny how equally excited I was to get both of these bundles to work with even though they are so different in nature.


March 24th, 2012

so a couple of weeks ago, Betz White writes me and asks if I would like to play with her line of  fabric Stitch with Robert Kaufman.  All I had to do was actually play with it and talk on my blog a little bit about it.  When I opened the box,  this is what I saw.
TONS of beautiful rich colors…..and a very nice mix of lights, mediums, and darks.   I find that when I am shopping for fabric….there are NEVER enough darks, and seldom enough lights to buy.  Medium values fabric abound, but not so for the ends of the value spectrum.   And to top it all off, a wonderful hand to the fabric (that is “shop-talk” for the feeling of the fabric….as if that could be quantified!) Maybe it feels so nice because it is GOTS certified organic, or maybe not.  But it sure felt nice, not so full of those finishing “coatings” that I hear they put on fabric.  I say I “hear” because I don’t know EXACTLY what they do to fabric before putting it on the market, but that’s what I hear.
Anyway, onto  playtime.
I apparently am on a log cabin kick because I did more with Stitch…although mostly this style of Log Cabin.
Now I have these two blocks almost finished, but I really need to move on to Quilt Market quilts, so this will be it on this project for awhile.
Of course, I had some strips left, so I found this  red scrap and used it to do a more traditional log cabin…..until the last two logs when I cut from two prints that I hadn’t used yet and decided this needed to be a bit more asymmetrical.
Betz has set up a new Flickr group to contribute any Stitch creations in here, so go check out more wonders there!

298: Winners again…and more Quilt Market Presents….

June 5th, 2011

Let’s cut quick to the chase shall we??

we have winners from the last post….and another prize follows….

Rosanne Derrett

who wrote:

I have to admit to many, many cheapskate failures. I’ve used cheap thread and cheap fabric with some fairly horrendous consequences.
The best of these has to be the poly cotton quilt top backed with a poly cotton sheet but with 4oz wadding. None of the pieces are correctly sized, so they don’t fit together, everything stretched and buckled. Even my trusty machine went on strike with this horror. The end to this project was when my delinquent Bengal decided to empty his bladder on it. I have not touched it since.

There was the cheap petrol incident, and the one where I tried to get home on the fumes in the tank and ran out half way home on the motorway, in the rain and with no breakdown service. Then there is going shopping online and finding the local shop has the same thing a lot cheaper and with no postage. My list is endless.

Rosanne was: So Roseanne you win Bari J‘s signed book just like you were there in Salt Lake City and everything….  you just need to send me your snail mail address via email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net…..

and our second prize winner is…..

Laurie B

who wrote:

Oh man! I can so relate to you with this post!! I have done a lot of these money saving projects that ended up costing more than the original idea. I don’t know why I never learn – although the last “project” I made myself instead of buying I showed my husband and told him the next time I say “Oh – I can make that” – he must immediately hit me in the head and say just buy it!! Anyway – I heard a funny story yesterday from my sister in law. Her Mom – my mother in law used to make her first four daughters all their special outfits so they would all match (it was a ‘50’s thing!!) My mother in law decided when the girls were going to take swimming lessons, she wanted to save money and make their bathing suits. She chose a waterproof material that happened to be just like the material you use for outdoor upholstery. The problem was when the girls jumped in the water, the swim suits became waterproof but weighed about 10 lbs! My sister in law said they were exhausted after each lesson because the bathing suits weighed so much when they got wet!! But they matched!! And they were cheaper than the real thing!! Yikes!    Thanks for sharing your story – makes me glad I’m not alone in this crazy world!! Have a great weekend!!

Laurie please send me an email with your snail mail address as well….and I will send out the Lizzy House journal and the Zipper patterns to you!

Thanks everyone for coming along for all these great prizes….I really enjoyed hearing your stories about how “cheaping” out actually became much more expensive….hopefully we all have learned our lessons now!!  :p

Here is the next prize  up!!


From Robert Kaufman….two great charm packs (Pick a Bunch and Veranda), two Dr. Seuss pens, and a HIGHLY sought after Kona Solids  Color Card…these are hard to come by, so you seriously can thank Allie at Kaufman for this little bundle of goodness!!

So to win this one, leave a note telling me what solid color you would use for the background in a quilt if you were going to use a solid…and give it a “creative” name….not just tan or white or grey… “winter sky” or  “fire engine” or “banana” or something like that okay?? and for a second chance either ReTweet this drawing on Twitter, or put it on Facebook, or put in your blog and come back and tell me you did at least one of those for a second chance to win!!

And just so you know I am actually getting something accomplished here…..

here is something I am working on for an upcoming magazine quilt….

and here is something that my friend Carla Crim came up with that you absolutely must go download right now!!

That’s it for today’s post….so let me know what solid you would most like use for a background in your next quilt with a solid background….and remember even Racy Red can be a “neutral”… least according to Freddy Moran!  (and me!!)

Ooopps!!  I forgot to give this giveaway a deadline…let’s say you have until Thursday the 9th evening-ish Pacific Standard time….

224: 25 days later….

May 26th, 2010

I cannot believe it has been 25 days since I posted….I think that is a crime in Blogland, isn’t it? At the very least a misdemeanor. I am freshly back from Quilt Market, and had a marvelous time meeting some people for the first time and some all over again, and some of the people I met for the first time I had know for years here in the blogosphere…

For an excuse, I offer the following pictures of what I was working on for Quilt Market…3 quilts …didn’t I say I wouldn’t do that many at once LAST Market?  Yet I succumbed…  one I didn’t have to deal with the quilting or the binding, and so I did that one on top of the two I committed to earlier in the season..yet, they still came to be done all at the 11th hour…I think it was that real life thing cutting into my time, and oh yeah, a slight bit of procrastination on my part?

Here are the quilts and their pix in no particular order:

the line Free to Grow by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman fabrics…..


And The line Brady Bunch by Michael Miller Fabrics:


And then the Boys Will Be Boys quilt by David Walker for Free Spirit Fabrics…(that direct link may not yet work as I don’t think it will be available for a few weeks still?)


and yes, in this last picture, that is a skeleton peeking in on the left….my doll-maker wife  needs things like that for proper proportions you know. 

The patterns for these quilts should be available online for FREE eventually. I will post links here when they are, and I would love it if when you do one of my quilt designs, if you join the Blue Nickel Studios group page on Flickr and post a picture of your creation there.

And now that I have got you caught up on what was happening around here before Quilt Market ….. tomorrow I will post about my time at Quilt Market, who I met, some actual pictures at Market, some upcoming news (although pretty much everyone has posted about it by now!) and you’ll like this part…some giveaways…quite a few actually…

And so let’s start things off right for the end of May here at the Blue Nickel….with Giveaway #1…..when I get up to 25 comments here on THIS post (that’s 25 comments for 25 days), I will give away a scrappy package with a little bit of all the fabrics in these quilts….okay you twisted my arm, when I get up to fifty comments I will giveaway two scrap packs!! 

Come back tomorrow for some more of my ramblings, pix, and giveaways too, okay??  see ya then!!