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Honey Do List

May 29th, 2013

So on Memorial Day, I spent most of it working on this project with and for my wife.  This closet was never finished the way I envisioned it when we built this part of the house, but Linda came up with this plan that was even better I think.For years it sat like this.

hall closet closed

And it was just full of boxes up to the ceiling.  Not very useful.  Then Linda found this little dresser free by the side of the road. Perfect for storing her doll stuff. It’s a cheap little dresser, not the prettiest, but not too bad, and much more useful. But above the dresser was still a jumbled mess.

hall closet open B4

So we figured out what spend the Lowe’s gift card (Christmas present from FIL and his wife–Thanks Bill and Cheryl) Materials for shelving and a peg board for doll chairs.

hall closet open cleaned out

hall closet with dolls 1

hall closed with dolls 3

The “kids” are happy in their new home (these are Linda’s smallest BJD’s beside the Hujoo’s we have….they can party on the shelf above perhaps.  Still need to to the pegboard on the ceiling above and the bottom “apron” of the free dresser needs to get covered up with some fabric…looks dorky all broken like that.

I have three days off this week from the DayJob, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  The peg board is scheduled for this afternoon, Tuesday, and I will also be working on cleaning in the studio and writing up patterns…not exactly a “resting ” time, but it sure feels good to get these projects worked on!


Ho, ho, ho…..

December 6th, 2011


Just one of the many joys of the season…..and let’s just say that these didn’t last all that long on top of the ol’ girl.

Watch It Wednesday!

November 23rd, 2011

I barely have words for this video.   The lyrics are odd I think, but the music is so soothing and rather mesmerizing, but the video is what wows me every. single. time.

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So Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you in the States that are mostly United, and a wonderful evening, afternoon, or morning to those in other parts of our spinning planet….check out my Oh Thank Cuteness! piece at Generation Q tomorrow if you get a chance…I think it may be our Friday post too because we expect peeps will be so busy tomorrow and Friday, they’d have a chance to catch it that way.


Found Friday

October 28th, 2011

on our front porch….a tableau of natural finds…..okay well the red plastic American Indian isn’t “natural” or indigenous …but it was found in the woods…(not in the nest originally people…I mean come on….)

and this firewood, well kind of found,  these kids had signs by the side of the road with a fantastic price for firewood, so I stopped they delivered, and we stacked….that’s my oldest son’s backside you are enjoying there…he’s a really good stacker, even though he isn’t very fond of the labor.

and another floral shot from that woodland edge session back in September….

Watch It Wednesday

October 19th, 2011 this is not REALLY a music video even though it looks like one…..but it is actually a commercial…I found it looking for music for the Quilt Uberfest my friends and I did earlier this month   (remember you can always go back to the Uberfest series and play along …the wonders of the internet)…….and I still can’t stop laughing over this video that I found…the ending is absolutely priceless…Makes the whole video worth it, so please stick it out to the end…

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If only more marketing departments were this clever….. rocks and just for a disclaimer…I don’t work for them…but I wish I did….clever people work there!!

Painted Ladies

October 5th, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter and happened to be there at the right time and place, you have seen some of these pictures.  This late summer we had the major project of painting our house.  It has been a rather wet summer so we really didn’t get a typical whole summer to work on it, and so I am a bit afraid that we have a little bit to do next summer too…I am going try to do some this week on my vacation, but if you read my last post, this week is sure full of quitlty/writey stuff.  (at least I hope it is!)

So any way  here are pictures of the house befores and afters….I think you can figure out which…my befores are really bad because I grabbed them late in the evening after the house was powerwashed and before the painters came to paint the top portions. We painted the bottom portions in an attempt to save a little money…(which is why it’s not all the way done yet).

             what’s funny about this side is that I always was afraid it would look really boring, but if you look at the before pix, it might have because the house was essentially just those two colors, butter yellow and aqua…and even though this side doesn’t have the batten strips except in the lower green space, this side still rocks the Painted Lady look.  Our studios are behind the upper two window up…..with a great view of our woods.   Yeah…I was quite nervous of how this would look. They are very bold colors, and in a quilt I would love them….but on a house I wasn’t so sure…I do though….and that Green? color matched to a solid from Sandi Henderson‘s latest line Secret Garden. 

one of our other painted ladies is very much in love with the broken down chair on the front porch…

I hope you are enjoying this week at the Blue Nickel so far, I can’t see that there will be a lot of posting after this for while…but I will try this week as I said earlier is Particularly full!….and don’t forget today’s Uberfest designer Amy Lobsiger

Busy, busy week at the Blue Nickel!

October 2nd, 2011

about 50-60 blocks have come in for the Bumble Beans Basic Quilt Project so far…Here are  pictures of all of them.


and an interested passerby….


I do have to cut this project off now, so if you haven’t sent them here yet,  please contact Victoria here and I know that she will find a home for your blocks.  If you have sent them and I don’t have anymore time to work on them, or I don’t have enough for a full quilt, we’ll figure something out.   And I will announce the winners of the fat quarters of fabrics later this week….

This week’s Watch It Wednesday video is  a very rugged rock number, and it is a deluxe version because it relates to a debut line from a new fabric designer who has in a relatively short time gone from being a passing acquaintance at Quilt Market to a friend and collaborator. I can hardly wait to share with you on Wednesday…Don’t miss it, you will be surprised!

And then there are the Blog Tours at the end of  this week….

Saturday the 8th,  I get to feature Modern Mix by my friend Jessica Levitt!!

and then on Sunday,  I  get to talk about  Emily Cier‘s book Scrap Republic.

And don’t forget the Quilt Uberfest all week and next here at the Blue Nickel!

I am excited about both of these books, and even though I was sent a PDF copy  to review by email awhile back, my copies of both just got here from Amazon on the first, so I get to look at them for real!  So stay tuned….and watch for the Blue Nickel posts this week….after that I don’t know how much actual posting will get done…I kind of need to get working on that book thing I started back in May!!

Piece Out!



Floral Friday

September 23rd, 2011

Not an ongoing thing…but I thought I would just share some flowerly shots from around the place here for your viewing pleasure…not much more than that today…



Watch It Wednesday #3

September 14th, 2011

so here is a quintessential 80’s video for you….  I don’t know what to say about this video other than when I first saw it, I just thought it was so cool how coordinated the girls were and how bored they looked during the whole thing….Now as a father of teens…I am thinking….huh, this was more suggestive than I remember….but I still love the line “she’s so fine, there’s no telling where the money went” ….it cracks me up every time!

Enjoy! …..or reminisce….or make a really cool quilt with the pinks/oranges/purples/reds/blacks and whites…..there’s always something you can get out of a video in my book…


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Next Wednesday??…..something VERY different than this that is for sure!!

307: The hired help….

August 20th, 2011

Some  people around here have the cushiest jobs, I swear…..



while the above hired hand snoozes around a lot  in my new favorite chair (more about that chair in an upcoming post) I have been busy….

just in case you think I haven’t been sewing lately,  I want to correct that perception….these blocks were all sewn and stashed this last winter… I unearthed them finally and put them together because I wanted something that didn’t take a lot of brain power and I have been TRYING to get caught up on things…. (yeah, I know, right?)


And then also we are finally getting to getting the house finished painting…when we doubled the size of our house back in 2003ish….we really never could afford to finish it…and we still really probably can’t….but the first part we built really needed painting badly…so we figured we just better get it done….So I have been adding some more trim and getting the colors figured out…

We are going to go with all of these except the grey on the bottom…we’ll stick to the blue

…..can anyone say “painted lady” ??

That’s my summer…and this painting will probably finish up the summer for me….

What’s going on in your world??

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