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World Tour Mystery Tour # 3

May 14th, 2013

And here is clue set # 3 for the Mystery Game we have been playing with Dave Butler‘s World Tour line.

world tour clue 3.1

As in previous posts here at the Blue Nickel, the game works like this:  Check out these pictures and previous shots here, here, and here.  Then make your best guess as to what is in the center of the quilt Dave designed and I pieced (quilted by my friend Becky Marshall).

world tour 3.3


world tour 3.2

Make your guesses on the Free Spirit Facebook page at anyone of the posts there regarding this quilt mystery game.  The big reveal post will be here on Friday the 17th of May!  There have been some great guesses!! Can’t wait to see the next batch of guesses!!

As this post goes up….I am in the throes of last minute packing and getting things ready for Market and trying to make sure the house will be maintained and all the other “stuff” that happens when you leave the house with kids in charge….

Don’t forget to check out the blog Friday and Saturday for some great “surprise” posts regarding some of the projects I have been working on for Market…and then there will be more after too because I just don’t have time to get them all up before!

And they’re off…..

May 3rd, 2013

 And it’s another week with another post for the FOLK Journal Challenge. 

FOLK sharemystory

The Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday, May 4th. The Kentucky Derby is known as the “most exciting two minutes in sports.” What has been the most exciting moment in your life thus far?

This one is a pretty hard one to answer because I am rather a Manic personality. I get pretty excited pretty easily about a lot of things that some people just don’t get. (there’s a down side to this too, because I get upset and depressed about an equal amount of things at times….my wife calls it the roller coaster life of living with me….)

So picking one most exciting moment is kinda hard for me.  At the moment, I am very, very excited to be getting ready for Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon later this month.  I LOVE Quilt Market, not only for all the cool quilty stuff, but also for my many friends! And each time I go, I seem to make more friends…a very cool thing.

But Most Exciting? It would have to be the day I married my wife, Linda.  Life is better these days if things AREN’T exciting, but you don’t know that when you are first married, and just being so in love is so exhilarating. And exciting.  The next most exciting times would be when each of my kids were born. The first of course being the most exciting because it was such a new experience.  Yeah, I’d say those were the most exciting times.

I think as we age excitement is not as important. I am beginning to feel reflection is better. Not to the point of not doing things, because I still like to do things!  As I said earlier, I am really excited about going to Market it just a few weeks (eek!) and I am working up plans for Next Summer teaching at Sisters, OR again. Uber-excited about that. And I think I will actually be going to Fall Market in Houston this fall…a big first for me!

Today’s a pretty short post as I have a TON to do still before Market….
Like getting prizes like this:  Market prizes.

ready to giveaway at the Generation Q Magazine booth (#1102) just next to the Michael Miller booth  (which is always a show-stopper because they are in New York City right near a theatrical prop shop and they rent the coolest display stuff!) and the bathrooms….two really good places to be next too!!

So I am cutting this post short, as I really do have a lot to do still…and that ole DayJob that I love (but not as much as this job) needs my time too…

Cheers, all!


May’s end…..

May 31st, 2012

So much for making up for April’s dismal blog post month. Today’s May 31st, and in some places already June 1st, so I know that I didn’t come even close to making up the loss of posts, speaking from a performance point of view at least.  The good thing was that I have been very busy, and sometimes even creatively busy.  Here above is my quilt for Cloud 9 Fabrics made out of Happy Drawing and a smattering of solids or almost solids.   Please forgive the fuzzy picture…I think this came via Michele’s iphone, but I don’t remember exactly.    I actually had 4 quilts at Market. Two of which you have seen a few posts back and one that I completely forgot to get a picture of.  I am going to have to wait until Elyse at Free Spirit sends me a photo so I can share with you.

I wish I had more energy to share with you….some of my best writing has been happening over at Generation Q and then only occasionally is it my best.  Now that Market is over (and I do have a few pictures to show you, but mostly of things I saw in Kansas City, not Market) we are working hard on issue two…Plus I am getting ready for teaching at Sisters and working on my poor lonely book !  And as if that wasn’t enough, the above quilt is going to be one of my first patterns for sale in an individual retail type sale.  I am going to start out selling PDF versions to make money in order to sell print copies.  I have at least three others in the works as well.  I will let you know when and where you will be able to purchase them as soon as they are ready.

Oh, and yes, I need to announce the winner of Emily’s book here  too!!  See, so far behind on everything.  Hope to make that announcement on Saturday, okay peeps??

Thanks for stopping by even though I haven’t always had the zippiest posts lately.  There are 101 things that I want to tell you, but so many of them must wait for better timing for a myriad of reasons.   The last 8 months have been such a roller coaster ride in so many ways…

talk to you soon!!

Ty Pennington’s new line…sneak peek

October 27th, 2011

Hey all you Ty Pennington fans,

I had the opportunity to work on his latest line for Quilt Market in Houston this coming weekend, and the Free Spirit peeps told me I could show my process here….so here are some peeks at it.   I think this line is much more blendable with other fabrics in your stash.  I also picked out two Free Spirit linens, one of which made it into the quilt.

I loved the yellow so much I made it my background.

Here are the two rejects from the project….mind you not rejects in themselves…I love both of these, but they just weren’t working for me in this project.  The print is from Ty’s line, the linen is one of my favorite aqua colors, but it wasn’t cutting it with the green for me…maybe if I had added about 50 other prints, then it would work great, but that’s not what this quilt was about.

It will be hanging in Ty’s booth at market…be sure to take all of your pictures of Ty with that quilt behind him, okay? I expect a whole lotta coverage from this, yes?   😉

Here’s the full quilt ready to go….

296: Free Spirit Prize pack #1 from Market….

May 28th, 2011

I told you I scored a lot of goodies at Market right??  of course right….and since I have no pictures of Quilt Market….we might as well get to the loot prize pack.

Here is a bunch of stuff from Free Spirit and friends….Some Laminate fabric samples from Tula Pink and Anna Maria (two quilting divas who only go by their first two names…oh the glamor of it all) and two patterns and little cupcakey things that have fabric and I think candy in them from Verna Mosquera….I didn’t open them up to see before I gave them away– how saintly of me, huh?  (well, I did TRY to see what was in them, but I couldn’t get them open without ruining the presentation,  so there you go, jumping off that pedestal before I fall off  in my typical clumsy manner :) ) and two more magazines chock full of great ideas (none of them mine, but I am sure quite good ideas even so….  :)  )

okay to win this great big pack o’ goodness,  please comment below…and for an extra entry,  please visit my relatively new Blue Nickel Facebook Page and “like” it and then come back here at tell me you did so…….if of course you do…  To be Completely honest….I don’t really “get” Facebook like I “get” Twitter….but I figure I should probably hop on the bandwagon since about 89% of the world is already hangin’ out there….. I actually do have this plan in the back of my head for when I get a little nearer  to 1000 likes or friends or whatever about giving away a special quilt made just for the occasion….I have already designed it….It has 1000 pieces exactly….(but that’s down the road a bit…as I cannot see me really “working” that bit  of the picture when there are so many other things I’d like to need to do)….but if you are on Facebook go ahead and “friend” me too if you want…I do stop by occasionally and it would be fun to see what you are up to!!

Oh…and I guess it is time to announce the winner of the previous giveaway…..

Tabatha!!  who wrote that amongst other things that…..

Any orange/red/turquoise/yellow colour combination makes me swoon!

Those colors are most definitely Swoonerish Tabatha!!  Please send your address to me at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net so I can get your loot to you pronto!!

Okay so now…start commenting to get this new prize pack….let’s say I will draw a name sometime midday on Thursday Pacific Standard Time…and then we’ll have ANOTHER prize after that…….

I told you “they” gave me a lot of stuff to giveaway….

ain’t they the nicest folks??


295: Good News, Bad News….

May 25th, 2011

The good news is that I drew the name of the winner for the 1001 Peeps bag and the magazines from Quilt Market, and that the original winner of the 100 Blocks issue was associated with the Quiltmaker peeps….so she declined the free issue and I have another winner now!!


Shelly C wrote:

I’ve been enjoying the posts from market by other bloggers. Market is something I will never see in person, so it is exciting to get everyone’s perspective and catch their excitement….I also like I don’t have to fight the crowds :}

Love your wonky log cabins…I’ve got some I won in a lotto to put together….I look forward to see how you set these…

Shelly please email me at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net with your mailing address and I will get your prize out to you..

Next good news…

the new winner of the 100 Blocks issue is……

Karen who wrote:

I love how your block makes a super size block…great for a big quilt! Thanks for the chance!

So Karen, I need you to also email me your snail mail address to the above email address, and I will be sure to pass it to the Quiltmaker peeps to send you your copy of 100 Blocks….

and Now for the bad news…

here is what I have for pictures from Quilt Market……





That’s right…nothing….my camera card apparently went belly up on me…..and I didn’t notice or bring a spare….so I have Zilch on pictures from Market….so sorry to disappoint on that level….

To make up for it though, I  do have another prize to give away (so there is more Good News!!)….I am giving away a packed little scrap bag of  Swoon by Melissa Averinos (and some coordinating solids)

that I made up while I was piecing this …..

For this magazine

Which is out in the newstands right now….

In fact I will give an issue of the magazine away with the scrap bag too!! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what really makes you swoon…if you have links to photos that you want to share with the rest of us, that would be cool too….I will draw for this one on Saturday the 28th in the evening okay??

And make sure you keep coming back….cause I still have more giveaways from Quilt Market….I may not have pictures OF Market…but I still have loot to share!!

Happy Sewing peeps!!





294: I’m bacccckkkkk…….

May 19th, 2011

Okay, so I’ve been back…and it wasn’t even calmed down like I thought it might….I had three more quilts to make and a bunch of directions to write up…and then there’s the book as well!   It’s gonna be a busy year!!

Oh!! and I almost forgot!!  I have REALLY exciting news!!  Next summer (in 2o12) I will be teaching at Sisters, Oregon the week before their absolutely FAMOUS outdoor quilt show!!  I can barely believe that I am getting this opportunity to have a great week doing what I love and sharing that with others!!  Make sure to come if you can!!  I would love to meet you face to face!!

Okay so back to the here and now…..Here is a little bit that I just started on for a friend’s project….that’s all I can say…but I was told I could show you this picture of where I am at on it so far…

…this will change some before it gets shipped off…I had such fun not following any rules and forcing myself to stick to more solids than prints….it was great fun to play with these…


And I just checked my memory card from the very few pictures that I took at Quilt Market…..and apparently I am going to have to go get a CD made first, before I can download them…don’t ask me why…so no pictures of Market  from me yet, but they are popping up all over the place…. like here…and here…..and here….so you can find plenty….

What you can’t find other places are the prizes that I scored for you from all the various vendors at Market!!  So to kick of f  the next 4-5 weeks of giveaways here is prize #1….the Fabulous Lizzy House bag….truly sought after by most Market attendees!!  plus I am throwing in two magazines chock full of great ideas!!

so drop in and leave a comment, and I will draw a name….let’s say next Monday evening or Tuesday morning the 23rd or 24th….okay??  Go for it!!


256: Blue Nickel Archival post #2…

November 7th, 2010

So let me preface this by saying ….since my last post…life has been very full of sewing up quilts for Fall Quilt Market and absolute crazy times at the Day Job…so this post that was started in early October as part of my “archival” series of posts…..well, it sat in the cobwebs even longer than I expected. … I think it is still a decent post, but it’s just later than late….I’m just sayin’…..

Last May when I was at Quilt Market, I came back with a bunch of books…all authored by friends of mine.  I was going to “review” them all and give the low down on them all, but to be honest, I just haven’t had the time to do a very thorough review, but I did look at them all quite a bit, and have some things to share about each of  them. 


  I don’t even know where to start….I guess I will just start.   First there is City Quilts by Cherri House. I have looked over this one the  most I think because it is the only one of two strictly quilting books that I picked up.  And Cherri pretty much works only in solids, which I find interesting.  What I love about this book are all the quilts that Cherri has come up with that are inspired by everyday things and places.  The world is FULL of inspiration, and Cherri really gets that!  Also City Quilts is one of the first books out under the new fresh division of C&T Publishing called Stash Books.  They really have a great line up of all sorts of sewing books that aren’t just for quilting but for all sorts of sewing projects.  Stash has a great blog to follow along too….check it out, and tell Susanne that I sent you!!  :)

Okay the next book is by my friend Sheri Howard. Titled Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt,  this book is very traditional with pieced blocks that are simple to make and then Sheri through some of her great applique on top giving a fairly simple pieced quilt a little zing!  Plus she has added some great recipes to go with each quilt, as well as some great little “lifestyle” photos and domestic eye candy.  I met Sheri here on my blog a few years ago, and then in person at Pittsburgh Quilt Market 2009, and really you couldn’t meet a nicer lady.  She is such a sweetheart.  If you like applique and need something quicker than a Baltimore album quilt, go pick up Sheri’s book!

Okay next on the list is Sewn Spaces, by Joel Dewberry, who is a quiet, but very genuinely artistic fellow!  This book has a lot of different projects, not many quilts, but great photographic vignettes that will inspire you if you are into the Eclectic Modern look and numerous creative projects of really quite a variety.  My favorite project I think would have to be the little birds that Joel and his wife Laurie designed.  I haven’t made one yet…but they are so on my To-Do list!!  We’ll see when that happens!  Oh, and I just read on Joel’s blog as I am writing this, that he is coming out with a new line this spring!   I can hardly stand that!  I remember when I first saw this print I had to have some….and I said to Linda…I don’t know who this Joel guy is, but I sure love this print!!  And now I know him, and have even chatted with him at two different Quilt Markets (and he remembers me!! even better!!)

Next up…..Small Stash Sewing by Melissa Averinos.  Lots of very creative little projects that, like Melissa’s outlook on life, give a different twist on things.  Nothing looks too complicated, (again I haven’t done more than a cursory look) but many things look fun to add color and help use up some of your stash!   Melissa’s blog was one of the very first “quilty” blogs I discovered…and she isn’t even really a “quilter” so to speak, but her love of color, fabric, design, and among other things, rust, have delighted me from the moment we met online.   And I was doubly blessed with meeting her at this Spring Market in person along with her filmography co-hort, the very accomplished Miss Beth Dunn


 I particularly like the Shoestring project and the Unicorn and Moon embroidery patterns. 

I also very much want to make the Owlie McPillowpants project shown here…the “stuffy” and its name just crack me up!  


 And the last book in this post, but certainly not least is Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits and Pieces.   Sandi has a great eye for the details, and it is quite apparent in this her first book.  


She has got a TON of little projects thrown in here, some that look quick and easy and others that take more time, but look well written.  Sandi also has an owl of her own that I think would be fun to make….in my spare time! HA! 

Speaking of Owls….they were all over at Spring Market….and according to Charlie, he seemed to think they were big at Houston Quilt Market this fall too!


Oh, and back to Sandi Henderson again…you should check out this video she has on her blog about the Michael Miller gang setting up at Market….Very Fun!!  This book of her also has a ton of great photography to inspire you in many ways.

And last, and oh so very late to tell you about … I had a quilt in Quilter’s Home back in May, that I didn’t even know was going in there!  It was my Sundae’s Best quilt that I designed for Free Spirit featuring Heather Bailey‘s Nicey Jane line.  It was in an article about the Modern Quilt Movement or whatever we are calling it these days.  Very nicely written article!  Thanks Jake!


Okay, so THAT was my VERY late post about Spring Market 2010….at least I got it posted before next Spring, if not before all the great fall Market posts going on out there right now….and I swear I am exhausted just finishing this post up with all the links and pix…sheesh….that was a lot of work….hope you all enjoy it!! 

And seriously think about getting any and/or all of those books….I don’t get any commissions telling you that, so you can know I mean it!  

Peace out, Peeps!   S.

252: Archival week at the Blue Nickel….

October 8th, 2010

Well,  It is fall clean up here around the Blue Nickel, and I am going to clean up as much as I can around here before the holidays hit….I might even get to the stack of holiday newsletters and “addendums” that I have been negligent on since 2008…. but that is another story entirely.  The next few posts will be a group of old ones that have been sitting on the dashboard of the blog or in file on the laptop gathering dust.

This post was started with my series of Market posts, and apparently got left behind in the dust (or after THIS summer, mud would be a more apt description).

Here we have some photos and prizes from this past May from Quilt Market.  These photos are from Kathie Alyce’s booth at  Market.  Kathie  is just the sweetest lady and has this really great set up for sewing curved pieces, with a variety of applications.  Here are a just a few pictures, but please pay Kathie a visit and say hi from me.


And the last two prizes from my Quilt Market Trip…..a cute pattern from Carla (whom I didn’t get any pictures of) who does patterns with Jennifer often…and a wonderful prize pack from Connie… whom I took NO pictures of either ….mainly because I so enjoyed her company at Market….we met at BariJ’s hotel waiting in an INCREDIBLY long line for the elevator and really hit it off. When I stopped by her booth the next day, I totally forgot to get any pictures of her….but she does the most wonderful things with fibers.  Check out both Carla’s and Connie’s websites! They are both terrific ladies.  Oh, and check out BariJ’s site as well!!


To win this combined prize pack, just leave a message about your summer  autumn plans and dreams…..Looking forward to hearing from you.  I will draw randomly on October 14th.     I had this post already to go, and then I looked for the prize pack in my studio,  and started to panic, because I couldn’t find it….but I did eventually, so here we go….comment away!

AND don’t forget, There is a giveaway going on the last post too!  Be sure to read that post and follow the directions for that giveaway as well.  Both prizes will be drawn for next week. 

228: Final Quilt Market post…maybe

June 7th, 2010

Hey you all!  thanks for all the great comments here lately….it is good to know that I am not completely writing to the wind….  I think I actually do have some more Quilt Market posts to do…but I really needed to get things caught up around here….So I posting this post tonight and with it another set of  prizes.  And while I am typing this I am printing out all the comments from the last 3 or so posts that had prized attached and will be announcing them tomorrow or Wednesday in another post.  I don’t really have a lot of time tonite to post either, but I wanted to share with you some more highlights from Market…

First on the list are the Westminter Laminates….these are just incredible.  When I heard about them, I definitely thought of thick bulky oilcloth….These are NOT that material!!  They are very pliable and sewable it seems…       

 And to prove it…Look at this!!  Ruffles! out of Laminate!  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t ..even a rosette.  Everyone MUST try this now!!  Really….


Back over at the Seven Seas booth where all the fine Japanese Imports were….were these cool little kits….aren’t they the yummiest assortment??  

And little wind up felties…too cool! 

And Heather Ross’s newest Line with Kokka….Far Far Away II…. 

But the REAL highlight for me was meeting and chatting numerous times with Anna Maria Horner….  

This lady TOTALLY amazes me.  She designed all these fabric and these projects….and she has 6 KIDS!! From 18 to 1!  AND she is as sweet and genuine and thoughtful as she seems in her blog.   I would have to say that her blog is my very favorite for the way she mixes family and design and pain and laughter.  My heart is often stirred by her musings on parenthood.  It is such a wonderful and difficult and ultimately fulfilling and draining  life work…and Anna Maria captures it all …..surrounding it with beauty as she goes….including her now famous Quilt Market Spring ’10 shoes!

Here she is smiling on the last day just as much as the first day!!     

Yeah, I really enjoyed meeting her here at Market.  My first quilt for Free Spirit was for her Good Folks line,  and then I did a Flannel Little Folks quilt  last year for Free Spirit too.  I have emailed her on numerous occasions, and generally made a pest of myself…and she was still nice to me here in Minneapolis!!

And then there were her equally charming and beautiful model/assistants…. Allie with her Incredible Red Locks and Charming Smile…


And Alexia with her Stunning Snow White features and Gentle Grace….


One more thing before I go to the prizes for this blog post.  Anna Maria lives in Nashville, and saw many of her neighbors lose much during the flooding they had there this Spring.  So she has this going on to help…I will talk more about it later, as I am psyched to help out on this project.  But I wanted to make sure you knew about it as well if you felt inclined to help with the effort.

And Anna and I put together these little gifties for 3 lucky winners….A free pattern from her newest book Handmade Beginnings and some of her flannels and prints….and two little notebooks…(the third prize gets a little extra flannel)…   

For this project why don’t you tell us all about your first memory of something that someone made for you as a child…not bought in a store, but made by hand or with their hands for you. And when we get somewhere between 30 and 50 entries, I will start drawing names randomly.  

And I promise I will get winners of all the previous prizes announced tomorrow evening my time (Pacific) so if you are on the East coast it may be later for you….

Are you still enjoying these market Photos??  I still have an SD card full of Floral pictures from around the Blue Nickel Studios here to share that I took before Market…so eventually you will get to see them too…

Thanks for dropping by the Blue Nickel…..see you soon!


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