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Week of Happy….Day Five

July 18th, 2014

And here we are at Day Five of the Week of Happy! Today I wanted to just kinda celebrate my favorite kind of “solid” or “non-solid-solid” as it were. True these are mostly prints, but compared to other prints I use, they are very calm and settling. Particularly Violet Craft’s little birds….I just LOVE these.  All of these fabrics are from Michael Miller and the little birds on the right are Violet’s design. The prints above the tiny houndstooth and the large houndstooth on the left are from Patty Sloniger’s line, Emma’s Garden.


And of course more treat bags …… I made 100 of these suckers……I wanted to make sure that all of my students at Quilters Affair got a little treat….a thank you from me for selecting my classes.

So totally digging this tiny houndstooth as a basic!!



So here’s the surprise package (not so much of a surprise now!) that I have been referring to all week as the second prize in the Week of Happy. A whole bunch of stuff from Spring Quilt Market and a few things from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon.  So comment about what makes you happy on every day of the Week of Happy and some time on this coming Monday morning,  I will pull two winners from all of  the comments.  One winner for this package and one winner for the Chronicle Books package (read about that prize on Day One of Happy).


And again, I have been loving hearing what is making you Happy this week….Helps me to maintain a bit of Happy in my life too!!

Keep Sewing, Keep HAPPY!


Week of Happy……..Day Three……

July 16th, 2014

I have been so enjoying everyone’s “Happy” comments! Keep them coming! They make my day, and in this crazy world we live in, a little bit of Happy is very good to have isn’t it?

Today’s Day on the Happy Train features Rustique by Emily Herrick. I was delighted with a lunch date at Spring Market with Emily and the equally fun Frances Newcombe, and I sure can tell you they are both the greatest company!

So here is Rustique!  I love the deer in this line….Much more than I loath the deer that try to destroy most everything I try to plant. They are like locusts around here…well, not quite, but it seems that way.

Anyway, Emily’s deer are marvelous, and the perfect size for more of these little treat bags….I tell you I am addicted to making those!



Here’s a little more Happy for you! I can’t love this song enough!!

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Look at that little blue deer….perfect! and BLUE too!   :)


Also totally digging that Fuchsia, Orange, White and Black plaid too!!

DSC_1840 DSC_1839 DSC_1838

There are some great “blenders” that I love using in place of solids too!

So Day Three….If you have been here for the other posts, you know what to do.  If it’s your first day in the week of Happy, here’s the score: Leave a comment about what makes you Happy on today’s post as well as all of the Days of  Happy Week this week. Two prizes are being awarded. The first prize is shown on Day One and is from Chronicle Books. The second prize will be revealed Day Five and will be an assortment of things that I picked up at Spring Market plus a few cleaning out items from my studio.

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy!


May 9th, 2013

My friend Emily Herrick sent me this sweet little bundle of  fat 1/8’s of Technicolor,  her fresh-out-of-the-gate line for Michael Miller Fabrics:



 I was thrilled to get them the day I did. I had just had some less-than-best news on two fronts in my life, one of them being my mom’s blood test not being better as we had hoped, the other being some dayjob stuff that wasn’t terrible, but not what I had hoped for. And I had already been feeling somewhat down during Easter week.  This package came at the end of a beautiful Easter Saturday. It was like a breath of fresh air.


To be honest, I had seen Technicolor online via an industry preview page, and while I liked it, I was a bit afraid the scale of the prints might be much bigger than I would like. I was delighted to see them in the scale they are! Perfect little blenders! Many “read” solid but aren’t. They are so nice and basic, they will go with Many other lines! A couple of the prints are “two for one” meaning you get two prints at a time….when you buy a half yard of that line, you would get two different fat quarters.  Other fabric companies have done this in the past, and I love this concept!! Great if you are on a budget and want just a little bit of both!


Here’s what I have been able to do with them so far.

technicolor bags 1

I made these bags based on Monica’s SUPER Bag pattern found here.  I modified her bag by making the sides 1″ shorter in length. I love the “tiny” feeling of them. And they make great bags for dolls. I will have to make some more and show you them with Linda’s dolls.  I made these for Quilt Market and the Generation Q booth for some giveaways.

technicolor bags

I wanted to make up some four patch blocks and just play with them, but I just haven’t had the time….Market is one week away, and I still have to finish three bindings on quilts (no big surprise there!!) and make some more bags and pack…oh, and silly other things like work the dayjob for the next 6 days, and possibly pay some bills….nothing new for the week before Market!  Crazy….excited but anxious all at the same time!!





July 4th Independence Day and GenQ Blog Tour!

July 4th, 2012

Happy Independence Day to the USA today!  And Happy Blog Tour Day to Everyone as well.  If you are a regular reader here at the Blue Nickel, and didn’t realize it, today is my day on the Generation Q Magazine Debut Issue Blog Tour!  You can find the whole list of stops here.   Go ahead and check out everyone’s thoughts on GenQ along the way and comment where you can to enter for your chance to win your very own copy. If you can’t wait to win one, you can buy one from any of these shops.  Or you can get one directly from Generation Q here.

Most peeps on the tour have been talking about all sorts of reasons they like Generation Q which makes me of course very happy because I am part of the team that worked on it.  It is NOT easy putting a magazine together, especially from the ground up.  Especially without some big corporation with funds and expertise.  But not having a big company behind us also allows us to be unique. And I think that we are doing a good job at that.  Our whole goal has been to be different.  Some people want magazines to be all the same, but some people are looking for a quilt magazine that is just a bit different, and we are here for those people!!

A large part of what I do for the magazine has been working on gathering designers to create projects for each issue.  And so for my stop on the Tour, I thought I would share with you a couple “re-coloring” of two of the projects in the  magazine because I really like to encourage people to interpret projects in their OWN versions of the original.  Make for some great variety I think.  So scattered through this post you see some pictures of my version of Heather’s You and I quilt and Julie’s table runner.  In fact TWO versions of Julie’s table runner because it is just so fun and easy!

With Heather’s, I finally found a use for a mauve-ish Quilter’s Linen from Robert Kaufman that came in a batch of fabric from them. I had set it aside to force myself to work with a fabric that I wasn’t all that fond of.  Then one day I noticed that it really went well with a large vintage stripe piece that I had.  I added a grey print from Betz White’s Stitch and voila! my first ever “simple” quilt.  Simple meaning only three fabrics…total…a HUGE step away from my normal M.O.!!

I took it to the beach on Whidbey Island because I knew the rocks would be the perfect backdrop for it.

Then there are also these two takes on Julie’s tablerunner.  Probably a bit too “mushy” for a lot of people, but I like them…I made the first for today: a red, white, and blue version that isn’t typical  “Americana”  (not that I don’t love that Americana feel…I have a ton of flags that I love to hang out in the summer).

The second one is done up with a bunch of Michael Miller Picnic themed prints……I do think that I might make some placemats out of in the same manner with a quieter border.

So for the Blog Tour part…leave a comment here and let me know what you want to see more of in magazines or what you are up to this summer.  Nothing heavy…just leave a comment.  I will draw a name sometime next week if I can while I am at Sisters, otherwise it will have to wait until I get back!  Oh and you can get another chance to win a copy if you are among the “new” likes on GenQ’s Facebook Page as well.

Remember that all comments need to wait for approval, and I work outside the studio as well, so it may take awhile to be approved….

281: Project Selvage!!

February 24th, 2011

 Hey there!!

 I am just dropping this fun tidbit out there in Blogland on my way to the studio…to work on a guest blog post, my PDF for the Blogapalooza (SOOOOO Sorry it wasn’t done beforehand…Please be patient!), also my next Y-Seam article for Quilter’s Home, and oh, yeah ….some sewing….maybe….

But before I leave as abruptly as I stopped in….check it out!!


The deadline seems a little quick for me, and I am not sure that I really want to design “baby” lines, but You might. Or you might know someone who would like to…so Go For It!!    I hope you will remember I sent you there if you become fabulously famous though, okay?

Later Gators,


273: Shangri La Snow……

January 23rd, 2011

I thought this quilt would never get published…..there is such a long time between when I send a quilt to a magazine and when they are actually published.  I remember working on this in the heat of summer….well, what little heat we had this summer.   So anyhoo… is  my friend Paula Prass‘s  Woodland Delight  line in my quilt “Shangri La Snowflake”      I designed and made it for Quilter’s Newsletter December/January issue….(I apologize for blogging so late about it, I didn’t  realize the issue had been out for awhile when I got the quilt back…)    

 What is kind of funny is that the magazine peeps are the ones who write up the directions there, and they decided to simplify my design to the blue version shown here.       

And then my version showed up on the back page of the instructions.   I was happy to have my quilt in the magagine, but I was a little sad that my original didn’t get a bigger photo. ….  but that is how things go sometimes, you know?!


I wish I had time to chat a little longer today, but I my mind is swirling with all that I have to do…..

……  and I am feeling bad, as I just finished a none too fun Fatherly lecture complete with yelling and crying…..and that was just me…..I know sometimes in blogs, there is a pressure to have everything all nicey-nicey…..but well….sometimese life if not that formulaic……yeah….it wasn’t the best morning here at the Blue Nickel…I am sure things will be okay….but the morning just wasn’t much fun….


In fact, already my kids have forgiven me for the yelling bit….see that is leftover from my upbringing….and unfortunately I haven’t fully overcome that aspect.

Probably more info than anyone really wanted here, but what’s done is done…and like I said things are alreay getting better…..

If only I could find some minions now, to help with all of the rest of my to do list…..

Peace out,


Hope your day is going well….thanks for stopping by….I promise I will keep the next few posts all Nicey-nice, ust for putting up with this one.   :)

262: Merry and Bright….

December 12th, 2010

I know I have NOT been a good blogger these last few weeks, but you will be happy to know that I just set up enough posts with pictures to post everyday,  a lot,  more this week, month…..   we will see what happens with that.  I just quickly wanted to share this quilt that is in the December issue of Quilter’s World. I hope you like it.  I had a blast doing it.  It is mostly made of Michael Miller’s Christmas fabrics….there are a couple small bits of Patty Young’s  Andalucia in there too I think….    

   I think I might be a bit late posting this, so I hope you can still get a copy if you want one…..I just saw on their site that their February issue is already out….sheesh….time flies!!


The following pictures are courtesy of Quilter’s World themselves….they took way better shots than I managed to get. 


I just love all the dots and the fact that it’s in “Christmas” colors, but far from traditional, even with a fairly traditional block style….

So I know I am busy….I bet you are too….if you have the time stop and tell me what you are up too….I love hearing from you!!

I have more stuff to share soon…and I am still working on getting more down-loadable pattern links on my downloads page.  There are at least three more coming up…thanks for being patient on that front!!

Have you seen my Moda Bake Shop recipe?  You could still get one done in time for Christmas if you start right away.  Remember to post anything you make from a Blue Nickel Pattern here too!!

258: Upon a November evening……and into a snowy morning…

November 21st, 2010

it is stormy and cold out tonight…..but in the studio it has been warm and cheery….here is a little of what I have been working on ….or trying to work on …..or going to work on….when I wasn’t at the DayJob….which has been all consuming since about  mid-October or so it seems….blah, blah…..someday I will be able to write something clever and witty for you all, but for now, it will be pictures with an occasional caption….maybe….and if you are lucky or very tired yourself, they may even seem clever….  :)

I will be teaching how to make these great little bags  at Ben Franklin’s in Monroe, Washington.  If you are a local peep, come on down and join the fun.  My friend Monica designed these, and once you start making these, you won’t be able to stop.


This bag has a vintage lining that I just love….   

I may well have already posted this stitched up piece by my friend John, but I might not have to here it is to share with you. I am not exactly sure what I will do with it yet, but I am intrigued by the whole piece for sure.


When you dig out your holiday fabrics for one project you often find works in progress that need finishing….like these placemats I started years ago.  Can you tell how my “style” has changed…..I still do like these and MAYBE I will get them finished up this year…….yeah, right….


Here is a table runner from leftovers from the project at the end of this post (of which the pattern is downloadable now….I just have to get the link on the site here….or if you  just can’t wait go here now for it!)   actually this isn’t a finished table runner, this is just what is on my design wall at the moment….I may be putting in some sashings and such…don’t know yet…it is purely an experimental piece…


a stack of Swoon and solids for a magazine project I am working on….this is such eye-entertainment for the dark side of Autumn..


A tinsel tree that I made out of pipe cleaners from this very cool set of instructions… 


Micheal Miller is reproducing Tammis Keefe now….I had never heard her name before this year, but I definitely recognize her work from growing up….these very bad reindeer crack me up…you can’t see it in this picture….but Santa has a whip…..Santa seems pretty bad too now come to think of it…..


And last but not least on today’s post, my favorites from Patty Young’s  new line Sanctuary

These are a very interesting weave that I have a hard time describing. To me they are not typical quilting cottons, but they are not the drapey voiles that Free Spirit has been coming out with.  They remind me very much of some thinner cottons that Kaffe Fasset  has used, that I used to think were too thin, but when I talked to Kaffe about it, he said he liked them because they pressed better than thicker cottons.  After he said  that, I  looked at them differently.  I am looking forward to working these of Patty’s into my patterns. 

So that’s it for today’s post….nothing eloquent….nothing earth-shattering….but a little bit of color on a cold November morning…..(yes I started this post two nights ago, and finally got around to finishing it.  It is now Sunday, the rain is gone, and it is actually snowing now, so it must be colder I assume)

Would love to hear what’s up in your world….crazy busy like most of us this time of year, right??

Peace out (or Piece out),


231: Random Rainbows….

June 23rd, 2010

Okay to start with….yes I am very “kinetic”…..that is my PC term for my sporatic flow of information, blather, and prizewinning packs (which is to say they are still waiting by my desk to be mailed  in the mail…)   And no, I haven’t drawn for the Anna Maria packs yet….but probably will later today which mean that post should be following…

But this post does relate to the Delightful Mrs. Horner in some way.  I just wanted to quickly share these blocks that I made for Anna’s Rainbow Around the Block project. (and any of you who keep a blog know that “quickly” share is a joke figure of speech…taking pictures, downloading pictures, readusting and cropping pictures never goes quickly enough, but posts without pix=boring in my book)

 I had a great time playing with fabric on these blocks with absolutely no concern for accuracy or anything….just fun…and going to a great cause too…


I dunno about you, but I just don’t give enough back to the world I think…..


And it is such a beautiful world to not give back too….


Someone had to do it….


maybe you can make some blocks too…  


Just follow the link for more info…


And have a great day playing for a great cause….

224: 25 days later….

May 26th, 2010

I cannot believe it has been 25 days since I posted….I think that is a crime in Blogland, isn’t it? At the very least a misdemeanor. I am freshly back from Quilt Market, and had a marvelous time meeting some people for the first time and some all over again, and some of the people I met for the first time I had know for years here in the blogosphere…

For an excuse, I offer the following pictures of what I was working on for Quilt Market…3 quilts …didn’t I say I wouldn’t do that many at once LAST Market?  Yet I succumbed…  one I didn’t have to deal with the quilting or the binding, and so I did that one on top of the two I committed to earlier in the season..yet, they still came to be done all at the 11th hour…I think it was that real life thing cutting into my time, and oh yeah, a slight bit of procrastination on my part?

Here are the quilts and their pix in no particular order:

the line Free to Grow by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman fabrics…..


And The line Brady Bunch by Michael Miller Fabrics:


And then the Boys Will Be Boys quilt by David Walker for Free Spirit Fabrics…(that direct link may not yet work as I don’t think it will be available for a few weeks still?)


and yes, in this last picture, that is a skeleton peeking in on the left….my doll-maker wife  needs things like that for proper proportions you know. 

The patterns for these quilts should be available online for FREE eventually. I will post links here when they are, and I would love it if when you do one of my quilt designs, if you join the Blue Nickel Studios group page on Flickr and post a picture of your creation there.

And now that I have got you caught up on what was happening around here before Quilt Market ….. tomorrow I will post about my time at Quilt Market, who I met, some actual pictures at Market, some upcoming news (although pretty much everyone has posted about it by now!) and you’ll like this part…some giveaways…quite a few actually…

And so let’s start things off right for the end of May here at the Blue Nickel….with Giveaway #1…..when I get up to 25 comments here on THIS post (that’s 25 comments for 25 days), I will give away a scrappy package with a little bit of all the fabrics in these quilts….okay you twisted my arm, when I get up to fifty comments I will giveaway two scrap packs!! 

Come back tomorrow for some more of my ramblings, pix, and giveaways too, okay??  see ya then!!


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