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157: Archival Sunshine…..

March 25th, 2009

It snowed this morning…. 

sigh….Spring is supposed to be coming I thought…

     a good day to bring out these pictures from last August.  An early morning at work I was assigned to a location in the Wallingford district of Seattle….Very nice walk it was….after a couple of days, I decided to bring the camera….the old camera that is, so these are not quite as nice as they could be now.     The architecture in this district has that nostalgic feel that I love!……

And there were some      great gardens on the walk to work….


Mallow plant I believe….           old house with cool modern fence..

       Almost made work less workish, at least it gave a nice refreshment before and after!  

                               Is this not the coolest lighting unit?                blurry, but nifty, huh?

The sun did come out later today (the day of this post…not the pictures) ….after I turned off the Christmas music that is…..

Hey thanks for stoppin’ by the Blue Nickel!   Have a great day….and take a walk if you get a chance…the vitamin D will be good for you…….

150: Taking the babies out for a walk…

March 12th, 2009

Okay, well I don’t really treat my thread like children, I actually am not as picky as I probably should be when it comes to thread…these are featured here, just cause I liked Anna Maria’s idea, and like a crow, I am drawn to brightly colored (and shiny) objects.  I especially like them contrasted again the brown-green of a Pacific Northwest late winter.    This is basically a continuation of my past photo tour of the backyard.

                     Two different arbors, Last week before the March snow….that’s when and where they were taken…Some of them may look really similar, but I just liked them so they are here!   Tomorrow its a GIVEAWAY and Special Guest!  Come back real soon, y’all!

93: Bench Project

July 17th, 2008

 I mentioned this project awhil back, and I took pictures, but I never got them posted, so here they are posted for your viewing pleasure.  I made this bench about 13-14 years ago, but never painted it or anything.  In fact, it had an old door as a back to it, but since it sat out in the weather all the time, it eventually fell apart.  the bench itself is not in the best shape either, but I am hoping with this repair/trim and some paint that it will last us another 14 years or so…. 

 here is the base bench….    

  and here is the beginning of the trim.  I drilled holes at even measurements along the trim, and then cut towards them with a simple skill saw.                   

 finished trim:    

Here it is finished, but unpainted..    Paint will come later, I don’t know yet what color/colors…..most likely a lot of colors.

2 days of sun…in a row?

June 17th, 2008

 So yesterday was 2 sunny days in a row AND Father’s day….this post is going to be garden pictures….the next Father’s Day stuff

Here is part of the garden on the south side of the house.  Foxgloves and Globe Thistle.   Here is some lamb’s ear that is actually growing out of the bed in the gravel walkway, but we just love the color and the texture of it.  

Next is this rusty wheelbarrow that I had found last summer buried in the blackberries, but never got up out of the lowland part of our property.  It sat in water another winter, so I thought I better drag it up to the highland.   

Same foxglove at a different angle  

Wild rose bud at the edge of the woods.  The woods are filled with these wild roses (which are in constant competition with the blackberries.   

Love-in-the-midst……just love the name of this, and this picture just doesn’t capture its ethereal presence in the garden.  Its foliage is just like a mist….    

Sassy’s favorite resting space on a sunny day…right under a little maple that I planted years ago, and it has never done very well, but it is good enough for Sassy.  

The poultry yard the other evening (late by the light of the photo)…   

And here the chickens were finally released.  I had to spend most of the 14th repairing a fence so that they could be let out.  It is truly wonderful to have chickens roaming the yard again.  

That is it for now.  My next entry I will show off my Father’s day gifts from the best wife and kids in the world…okay my world, but yes, they are awfully great to have around that is for sure!!!

Garden Gazing

June 15th, 2008

Went out in the gardens with the camera last night to take pictures of some of the flowers we have here around Shiloah Cottage before they stop blooming and are gone. I already missed the lilacs, but here are some of my favorites.

This one is a mock orange with “yellow” leaves. Right now it smelling deliciously “flowery” Linda says. It is supposed to smell like an orange blossom, but I have never been near a real orange tree in bloom, so I wouldn’t know. S3010235.JPG S3010236.JPG

I potted up this fern from the woods….I really like it in this pot S3010237.JPG

A wild rose on the edge of the woods S3010232.JPG

This flower is very odd…it looks like it made of paper, closes up a night, and the foliage is very sticky. I have no idea what it is, and I don’t even remember planting it. S3010221.JPG

These are heavenly! I love columbines. This variety has been part of the inspiration for a current design I am working on… S3010205.JPG The babies are so grown up. Here is the batch of chicks S3010222.JPG and here are the ducklings! S3010223.JPG This is one of the last full snowballs of the season S3010220.JPG

This is the lavender, actually one of the lavenders…. S3010210.JPG I think this is German or English lavender, I cannot quite remember…

Those are the pictures for tonight. I have a few more to post, but I really want to get into the studio and do a little sewing before bedtime….It was finally SUNNY today and I spent most of the day out in the yard repairing the fence so the chickens and ducks can get out of their pen and live a little on the “wild” side! I am tired, but it was so good to be outside, and not seeing it rain again! I am not a “sun-worshipper” but I was getting really tired of the rain.


November 22nd, 2007

TIme to be Thankful.  Thankful for life.  Thankful Linda noticed the oil light come briefly on the other night, thankful that we got it to the shop before it was MORE than a $1300.00 repair bill. Thankful that I left late to the real estate office this morning and thus was not in the accident I passed on the way in.  Thankful for my family and my home. Thankful for these colorful memories of this fall (a good one for color)

coral maple leaves.jpg  fall entry to place.jpg  orange leaf maple.jpg  pumpkins.jpg red dog shed.jpg back of shop1.jpg  Thankful for the eyes to see such colors.  Thankful for being held together by the grace of God’s hand. Hope you are Thankful too, no matter how things may seem. No matter how frustrating life may be. May you be thankful for everything you are blessed with too.

I have much more I would like to post throughout this site of mine, but I am apparently having issues loading some photos, so maybe more will happen tonight.

September 10th finally some photos up

September 10th, 2007

sparrow fabric.jpg  This is some fabulous fabric that I picked up (like I needed more fabric, right?….only another quilter would understand that)…I think it is by Joel Dewberry who is now designing for Westminster fabrics…I have not heard of him before, but I hope his stuff takes off like Kaffe Fasset’s….I really like this sparrow outline…now the scale is rather large for me, but I love the simplness of it.  I can hardly wait to work with it in an autumn quilt..I will let you know when I get to it!!  I just finished up my recent batch ATC’s and Linda is sending them out for me today.  I am putting copies of them on my Gallery page so check them out. Now that those ATC’s are done, I have to get cranking on my quilt for Mark Lapinski’s Katmandu line.  I am excited to start on that, and curious how a printed pattern to sell will come out of this.  Mark is a pretty cool guy, and he has been encouraging to me to get my patterns/ideas out “there”…so we will see what comes of it….

Here is one more picture… from the summer that needs to get in here before the fall REALLY hits (it has started here in Washington state, you can tell by the cool nights).  This is a picture of a wonderful lily in Linda’s garden.


August 11th…..Enchanting Blue Arbor

August 11th, 2007

yellow hat fairy.jpg arbor painted.jpg orange head fairy.jpg 

I finally finished painting this arbor that I built 4 or so years ago.  “Enchanting” is the name that “they” named this blue.  It seems appropriate.

blue haired fairy bathed in sunlight.jpg

Mimi and Linda made the fairies pictured a couple years ago. But we have been clearing brush in the woods, and Mimi found this space in a volunteer hawthorne (that I cannot wait until next year to see up close finally)  and she has been having a great time building fairy houses and rooms and shopping malls….Fairies I guess have been bitten by the American “more stuff” syndrome and need shopping malls it seems….anyway I really like these shots of the fairies….