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Watch It Wednesday…..

October 12th, 2011

Hey there peeps,  Welcome  to this week’s Watch It Wednesday….yeah, I dropped the number from the post headline, I am not going to be able to keep track of which number it is over time, so why try….These pictures relate to the video today by subject matter….autumn is officially here.  And these photos have been sitting in the Blue Nickel Studios Blog drafts file since last year.  So I figured I better use them finally.


As I have said before every week will be unlike the other, I totally like to mix up my music like I mix up the fabrics.

Today’s video is by a band I love, OK GO! and this video is absolutely  amazing to me …..blows my mind every time….

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And I hope you know that last week’s Uber-session of Blog posting probably won’t happen again for awhile…I hope to post some mini posts occasionally,  with maybe some painfully teasing shots of  book progress….but the next few months will be VERY busy around here on the non-blogging end…so thanks for being patient with me in advance!


October 9th, 2011

Thanks for stopping by for Emily’s Scrap Republic Book Tour!

You didn’t know you were coming to the Blue Nickel on a tour day?? Oh then it is your lucky day…there’s a fun little interview….a little delving into the book…and a whole lotta blue pictures….AND a WHOPPER of a prize offering….I mean seriously….FIVE prizes to FIVE people! That rocks!!

Emily wanted all of the stops along the tour to reflect a particular color as the book is such a celebration of color!  I tried to get my favorite color which is red, but for some reason I was forced into getting blue….probably something to do with branding and keeping me in line, but whatever!  :)  :)

So I have been looking for my favorite blue stuff, and the good thing is that like Emily, I also love abundant color and therefore had no problem finding a lot of blue around here…as evidenced throughout this post..

I also thought it would be fun to give Emily a mini “blue” interview about …well..blueness….

What 3 songs make you Bluer than Blue??

  • – Red Rain
  • – We All Live in a Yellow Submarine
  • – Black Hole Sun

and here’s the song that inspired that question  😉

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What 3 things make you as Happy as Blue Skies?

  • – grey skies
  • – finishing up a big project
  • – and seeing happy little smilie faces belonging to Maeve & Liam

Pick one of these three: Blueberry shake, Blueberry muffin, Blueberry pancakes…

None of the above. Blueberries are the worst things to ever grow on a plant. Strawberries on the other hand…

(we obviously have a rule breaker here!)


Two truths and a lie:

  • — Actively sought out grizzly bears (to photograph) on our honeymoon
  • — Sewing machine shaped tattoo on my lower back
  • — Toenail polish of choice: blue with rainbow sparkly sprinkles

Okay….and I should talk about the book too, huh?  Simply put….buy it! That is if you love color and have a ton of scraps and love good instructions and don’t like to toss out even the tiniest bit of THAT favorite print, or THAT one, or THAT one either.  You can use them all!!

What’s more even if you don’t have a ton of scraps, each of the scrappy quilts shown has an alternate version that you can use for that incredible fat quarter pack you bought back in 2009 but can’t figure out what you want to do with it.  You know the one I am talking about.  If you get this book, you can finally get some use out of that pack AND be on your way to the obsessive compulsive hoarder collector of a great start on the scrappier versions!

Are you ready for the prizes? Check it out!

  • – Scrap Republic from C&T Publishing — printed version for US residents, PDF for international

  • – Scrap Republic Eco Tote from C&T Publishing — US residents only

  • – Bag o’ Scraps from Robert Kaufman — US and International


  • – ROY G BIV Essential Cotton Thread in Red, Pumpkin, Butter, Lime, Cerulean, Midnight, and Red Violet from Connecting Threads — US residents only

  • – Mrs. Roy G. Biv Pattern from Carolina Patchworks (the pattern that inspired the book!) — US and International

All you need to do is tell me about your favorite blue, however you interpret that! oh, and try to guess what Emily’s lie is from above.  I will let you know when I announce the winners next week!

And in case you missed the schedule, here you go…remember this prize package is at EVERY stop of the tour! is that incredible or what?!  Tomorrow my friend John has a cool group…Indigo, Black, Brown, Grey……hhhhmmm that sounds like an awesome quilt, doesn’t it?

Monday October 3: White
Rachel Griffith @ p.s. i quilt

Tuesday October 4: Pink
Kathy Mack @ Pink Chalk Studio

Wednesday October 5: Red
Kimberly Jolly @ Fat Quarter Shop

Thursday October 6: Orange
Jake Finch @ Generation Q Magazine

Friday October 7: Yellow
Pat Sloan

Saturday October 8: Green
Connecting Threads

Sunday October 9: Blue
Scott Hansen @ Blue Nickel Studios

Monday October 10: Indigo (grouped with Black/Brown/Grey in the book)
John Adams @ Quilt Dad

Tuesday October 11: Violet/Purple
Allie Heath @ Robert Kaufman









Modern Mix Blog Tour

October 8th, 2011

Welcome to the Blue Nickel today!

I get the special treat today of sharing with you my friend, Jessica Levitt,  and her book Modern Mix.       I first met Jess online through her blog, and then we met in person at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh where she was pitching her first line of fabric, Timber.    Everything Jess does is detailed and very exact.  She was an engineer in her earlier years,  and it plays out in her creativity now as evidenced by clean, straightforward lines and no-nonsense approach to everything (how she stays my friend, I do not know, because I do not adhere to any of those virtues)….probably because we only see each other once a year….   😉

Looking through Modern Mix, I have to say it really is truly Modern! The designs are all very clean and streamlined, if  I didn’t design my own quilts there are quite a few in here that I would love to make.  These definitely shout that these are not the grandmotherly little cottage quilts (which I love too).  These are the NYC loft  type quilts that will be classics for a long time.

That being said, there are two projects that I find truly, truly tempt me….first the wall organizers pictured below.   The Lord knows that I need better organizing skills that’s for sure!!

And the second project that I might make if I have the time (okay….stop laughing now, alright?) would be the camera/phone case (no picture, you have to buy [or win, see below] the book) What I really love about the case is how Jess developed a little chart with the calculations to make this fit multiple little devices…you know the ones that run our world?   Who wants a standard black case when you can make your own in your favorite fabrics?

I did a little interview too with Jess,  so here is that as well.

I figure everyone else is going to be asking all the “relevant” questions….I like to go down a different path….

Besides quilting, you are the party queen as far as I can tell.  Tell the Blue Nickelites about some of your favorite party themes that you have come up with and share a few great photos if you can.

  •  I do indeed love to throw a good party.  I used to design and plan weddings but lately it’s all about my kids’ birthdays.  Probably my favorite is always the last one, which in this case was a Harry Potter Party!  I’m a huge fan of the books and so is my daughter, and last month she got to invite 20 of her friends to come experience Hogwarts complete with classes and Quiddich.  I haven’t blogged this one yet so this picture is a sneak preview.

  • I also loved her Unicorns and Rainbows last year and my son’s Construction Party.


How do you include you love for sewing into your party planning?

  • I love to use fabric to decorate because I love fabric so much.  I sew table cloths and runners, bunting, and even favor bags.  After you can re-use the fabric from the tablecloths.  For the Harry Potter party each child got their own robe to wear and take home!

Your most creative time of day? or night?

  • Late, late, LATE at night.  I rarely go to bed before the wee hours of the morning.

Who’s partying with you on your iPod this week?

  • I’m sad to say I don’t listen to much music lately…but maybe it would be any of the Glee albums.

You need a quick meal. Is it Kraft macaroni and cheese, Burger King, or Grilled buffalo burgers with rosemary hollandaise sauce and a side dish from Martha Stewart’s latest ? (you know, something simple and easy to prepare)

  •  Mac and Cheese is most likely.  I do cook sometimes and enjoy getting fancy, but most nights it’s broiled chicken or fish, some veggies, and pasta/rice.

Describe your perfect camping adventure with the kids so far…..okay Glamping…I know you are not a “Camping” person!!

  • This summer we were in the Thousand Lakes region of New York and it was amazing.  First, it’s didn’t rain much like it has the past few years.  The weather was beautiful and our campsite was very pretty and private.  I really loved the air there and there were just enough sites/attractions to see to keep us occupied.  I like a place where we can commune with a nature some, but also go do stuff.

On Heartthrobs: Brad, Johnny, Hugh

  • All of the above.  And you forgot Robert.  But I’ve always been a Brad Pitt fan back to his young and single days… Who can forget Thelma and Louise?

On cookies: Chocolate Chip, Snicker-doodle,  Macroon

  • Chocolate Chip all the way.

Two truths and a lie.

  • 1. My first quilt was teal blue and dusty rose….very 80s.
  • 2. In college I made costumes for my friends and I to be characters from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • 3. I’ve never worked in a fabric store.

See she is pretty incredible, isn’t she? and so is the book… You could buy it…like I did, or you can leave a comment here (Comment on anything you want, no rules on this one)..and on the 22nd after the tour,  I will randomly draw a name from the comments and Stash Books will send you your own copy.  You can in fact sign up at all these blogs to win!!

Here is the schedule for the rest of the tour….Tomorrow check out the Uber-riffic Alissa Haight Carlton.  She’s got game I tell ya!

10/6/2011-Sew Mama Sew  Beth Wilson

10/7/2011-Jaybird Quilts  Julie Herman

10/8/2011-Blue Nickel Studios  Scott Hansen

10/9/2011-Handmade by Alissa Alissa Haight Carlton

10/10/2011-Stop Staring and…Start Sewing   Jona Giammalva

10/11/2011-Quilting is my Therapy   Angela Walters

10/12/2011-Stitch Magazine Blog   Tricia

10/13/2011-Oh Fransson   Elizabeth Hartman

10/14/2011-Gen Q Magazine  Jake Finch

10/15/2011-Quilt Dad   John Adams

10/16/2011-Confessions of a Craft Addict  Mary Abreu

10/17/2011-Amy’s Creative Side  Amy Ellis

10/18/2011-Pink Chalk Studio   Kathy Mack

10/19/2011-Connecting Threads Blog  Melissa Burt

10/20/2011- Keepsake Quilting blog   Betsy Markert

10/21/2011 – Juicy Bits – Jessica Levitt herself

Quilt-Uberfest Block #7 — In the Corner Pocket

October 7th, 2011

I hope you have been enjoying Quilt-Uberfest.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous if I could pull this off.  But I have had the delight of working with about half of these wonderful people before,  so I was hopeful.  And my new friends have been terrific as well!  In fact I was the one scrambling at the last minute to present my block to you today.

Before I show you my block and the link to the PDF to create it, I wanted to briefly talk about the line I chose for this quilt-along.   I really loved how this line spoke to the misty surreal effect of  fall ….the crisp morning…the foggy evenings….the hints of the summer’s glorious colors and fading to the quiet sleep of winter….

and for someone who really normally doesn’t like purple, the chocolate edge that is infused into this line also drew me in.  I like two types of purple….this brownish type and the greyish type that has been called Perkin’s purple I believe.  This one’s got the chocolate all over it……getting hungry yet?

Here is one of the Nel Whatmore’s paintings that inspired her line Sleeping Beauty.  You can read all about it here.

And finally I bring you today’s block for the Uberfest!  In the Corner Pocket !

Actually two different versions of it!

Click here for the PDF.

Make sure you check out tomorrow’s Uberfest Block with April.  I met April at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, and I tell you there are few people out there as sweet and charming as she is…..oh, and did I mention talented to boot? Well,  she is, and she’s got a great block for Uberfest…. And while you are there, she’s got some other cool fall stuff going on as well.  I was just over there and saw what looked like a delish pumpkin cake!

And don’t forget tomorrow we also get to check out Modern Mix by Jessica Levitt! See you then!

Busy, busy week at the Blue Nickel!

October 2nd, 2011

about 50-60 blocks have come in for the Bumble Beans Basic Quilt Project so far…Here are  pictures of all of them.


and an interested passerby….


I do have to cut this project off now, so if you haven’t sent them here yet,  please contact Victoria here and I know that she will find a home for your blocks.  If you have sent them and I don’t have anymore time to work on them, or I don’t have enough for a full quilt, we’ll figure something out.   And I will announce the winners of the fat quarters of fabrics later this week….

This week’s Watch It Wednesday video is  a very rugged rock number, and it is a deluxe version because it relates to a debut line from a new fabric designer who has in a relatively short time gone from being a passing acquaintance at Quilt Market to a friend and collaborator. I can hardly wait to share with you on Wednesday…Don’t miss it, you will be surprised!

And then there are the Blog Tours at the end of  this week….

Saturday the 8th,  I get to feature Modern Mix by my friend Jessica Levitt!!

and then on Sunday,  I  get to talk about  Emily Cier‘s book Scrap Republic.

And don’t forget the Quilt Uberfest all week and next here at the Blue Nickel!

I am excited about both of these books, and even though I was sent a PDF copy  to review by email awhile back, my copies of both just got here from Amazon on the first, so I get to look at them for real!  So stay tuned….and watch for the Blue Nickel posts this week….after that I don’t know how much actual posting will get done…I kind of need to get working on that book thing I started back in May!!

Piece Out!



Men Quilt Too!

October 1st, 2011

So when you are a male quilter, well, you kind of stand out in the crowd more than you would say…. here

and because of that sometimes you get “special” treatment….like say, a quilt show just for your gender only …just because you are that special…

So for you new peeps, welcome to the Men Quilt Too! quilt show.  Click on the icon below and you can follow the links there to see the actual show and vote on your favorites.  The way that I understood the rules,  I can’t tell you which one is mine….but you’ll figure it out I bet.

This part of the show is where you find out about me and my other works, etc.   To be completely honest, sometimes I just don’t know what to say!  But once you get me started, I’ll probably get going just fine… my wife says….

I have been quilting about 20 years or so…always on the side as a hobby…..15 years ago or so, I thought I would like to do something professionally in this world…..didn’t quite happen the way I thought it would or in the time I thought it would, but it is beginning now….Or I should say it has been happening and the momentum seems to be building.  This week in particular… A bunch of my bloggy and Twitter friends  just started Quilt-Uberfest today, and I have a special post that I am sharing with my friends at Generation Q Magazine this Wednesday as well as spots on two Blog Book Tours later this week…..and then I have a block on the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-along next month as well.  I think I haven’t blogged as much in quite sometime….but you may not hear much from me after that….I have got a book to write!  That sums up the present…do you want to know a little bit about the lead up to this?

Like I said I have quilting pretty steadily the last 20 years or so…but actually I made my first quilt back when I was 15 or so.  Americana was all the rage because we had just passed the United States’ Bicentennial year, and colonial-pioneer stuff was all the rage.  I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for my bed.  My mom helped me, the quilt was pretty darn ugly, but at the time, I thought it was pretty cool!!  Didn’t do much after that, but then shortly after I was married, I wanted to try my hand at making some thing for around the house…Neither of us had a sewing machine, so one year I took some bonus money and bought one.  3 kids, a house, and lots of quilts later, I found that submitting a quilt to a magazine wasn’t as hard as I had thought, so I started to get published in magazines.   Then I started working with fabric companies and meeting fabric and pattern designers.  I have been to several Quilt Markets since then, and I feel like many of those designers I have met are my friends now.  Real friends, not faux e-friends.  I only see these people once a year most likely, but the internet has made it feel like we could be neighbors….(without all the fighting kids and strange smells and lawnmower noise that comes with being in a neighborhood.)

Okay enough of that…let’s get on to the quilts…   Presented in no particular order and no verbage….just to enjoy.



So that’s just a little selection of some of the quilts I have made…

Hope I didn’t bore you too much if you are a regular here…You’ve already seen all of  these creations… For the new visitors welcome, and stop by more often….I love company!!


301: Win, win..

July 13th, 2011

I know you all want to know who won from my 300th post giveaway…but like all good things you have to wait a little…OR…you can just skip on through to the end if you are going to be that way.

I do have some exciting news about a new “job” I have.  Okay, so it’s not a paid position…yet….and presently my job title is pretty silly, but without pay at least a new job should have some perks right??  To be honest, I am not sure exactly what my job duties are over at Generation Q yet, but I do feel even more the need to work out just to meet the job’s expectations.  Okay enough with my clever body-image jokes and insecurities…we just made up the title cause I didn’t like Gopher…but I think that right now that might be the just of it.

Anyway that and a whole bunch of other stuff is going down here at the Blue Nickel….

I just got these three quilt directions linked here from Last fall’s  Quilt Market , and I am working on four more sets of directions from the quilts I did for this Spring Quilt Market.

I am wrapping up directions for my next magazine submission for next February…yeah…that’s a long way out, but that’s how things roll.  Besides all this is the book and another project that is still a mystery to me that I still don’t know a lot about, but it with an interesting duo of artists… you can just guess away at that one….

so without further ado,  here are the winners!

Barbara Huston who wrote:

Congratulations on 300!! I get distracted from my projects about halfway thru. Its such a bummer! If I don’t have a deadline, it will just sit. So, deadlines are great for me!

Patti who wrote:

Hi, I have just found your blog and I am so excited to have found you! When I am working on a large project, I tend to work on small things like mug rugs & pouches so that I get a bit of a break from the BIG thing. It’s kinda like taking a pit stop when you go on a long road trip… it gives you just enough time away but you are still excited to get there!

Ana who wrote:

Congrats on the 300 posts! My biggest distraction on big projects is going fishing! We live on a fishing lake and the water calls out to us! My second biggest distraction is the outdoors, we live out in the country “the boonies” and I love my flower gardens, veggie gardens and berry plants!

Sunnybec who wrote:

Hello I have just found your blog. I haven’t been quilting long so keeping focused is really really hard, there are so many things I want to do! At first I started one quilt and finished it before starting something else. Not any more!! I see something I want to do and just can’t wait to start cutting. Thank you for a lovely giveaway. Linda

I so enjoyed reading all your comments,  and was so glad that I am not the only one who gets unfocused from time to time or all the time…   :)  ….thanks for all the tips! you all should write a book on it!!  :)

So Barbara, Patti, Ana, and Linda (Sunnybec) please send me an email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net, and I will get your prizes out to you as soon as I can…I need more space in the studio, and I will take any and all I can get!

So come visit me at my new “office” at Generation Q and have a cup of Java from our virtual breakroom.  Let us know what you think and keep coming back…we  promise even more cool stuff there than here…(but don’t leave the Blue Nickel. ever. you hear?)



300: …….300!!

July 4th, 2011

Less bloody than the movie…. and almost as funny as the sequel (Ok, nothing is quite as funny {or fake} as that last link)…….Here is my 300th post!!

Just for fun I went back to the first few months of my blogging life in 2007….WOWZA!  I changed in so many ways…and the blog has changed too.  Back then, I hardly had any pictures in the first couple months of posts, and what pictures I did have were TINY!  So much better now, and practically required in my eyes.  Part of the improvements are due to WordPress…but part are my learning and growing in the blogosphere.

Something that I just “learned” is that supposedly one isn’t supposed to apologize for not posting….and well being raised Lake Wobegon style…I just don’t see how I can avoid that…

so I apologize….but I have a lot of pictures in this one….   :)

and I am not making excuses, but I will tell you that I have been so frightfully busy ever since my last posts.

One of the things I have been doing Besides catching up and getting behind on everything as usual is working on the shingling on what was Mimi’s playhouse,  and is becoming hers and Linda‘s “tea house” near the garden..

won’t it make a good backdrop for quilts and such in the future?

There is still plenty to do on it…but at least I got a good start on it fairly early in the summer…that helps…

This summer is FULL of home improvement projects, but more on that in future posts….painting the house is the Biggest one, one that I have been putting off for too many years.

We also had our oldest graduate from High School with a diploma and an Associate Degree this past month…

(For those who have met me….yes… Noel is taller than me…I told him he needs to stop…it is so hard to find good clothes when you are so tall….)

And for those who don’t know, I also have a full time DayJob not related to my quilting Second Act that keeps me busier than I would like away from   my family and the quilting  and you all …but that has to stay in place until I become so fabulously successful here in this world….   :)

Speaking of  quilting….this little project I whipped out last night…as I yes…signed up for a swap I don’t really have time for…but gosh, these little 3.5″ log cabins are just so easy and fun….I felt compelled….  I have 14 more to make…but they really don’t take much time, and are a nice break from the quilting stuff that I Can’t yet show you…

and yes…I have been working on a TON of projects that I can’t show you yet, and I have been talking with some “big names” about things that I can’t discuss yet either….one of which I know very little about myself, but I am excited just because of who I am talking to about “it”….so intriguing isn’t it??

I confess here that I have put off doing this post, not only because of time constraints…but also because I wanted it to be so eloquent and “meaningful” …..yeah….whatever…..

So yes, this 300th post was my usual yammering on in a conversational random manner….but WITH prizes…

you didn’t think I would have my 300th post without prizes did you??

Okay…here they are in no certain order…these are what’s left of my Quilt Market Prize Bonanza..

prize #1….A Jumbo prize pack from Moda….a bunch of these little mini cutey-patooty charm packs that you are SOOO lucky to get…because even as I was taking this picture…I was feeling a lot like Gollum with them….so precious…I did NOT want to put them on here…but I love you THAT much, you know…

prize #2  A great prize pack from Stephanie at A Quilter’s Dream….

prize #3 …. another smaller prize pack from A Quilter’s Dream

prize #4….. and lastly a mixed prize pack ..a Jay McCarroll sketch book from the Free Spirit peeps,  some Honey Child fabric from Sis Boom’s Jennifer Paganelli, some new ribbon from Patty Young.

Now to WIN….you need to comment on this post and tell me what you do to keep focused on Big Projects or what is your biggest distraction from those Big Projects….I will draw randomly from the comments on July 12th in the evening… Pacific Standard Time….

thanks for coming along on the Blue Nickel Train…to who knows where!!


298: Winners again…and more Quilt Market Presents….

June 5th, 2011

Let’s cut quick to the chase shall we??

we have winners from the last post….and another prize follows….

Rosanne Derrett

who wrote:

I have to admit to many, many cheapskate failures. I’ve used cheap thread and cheap fabric with some fairly horrendous consequences.
The best of these has to be the poly cotton quilt top backed with a poly cotton sheet but with 4oz wadding. None of the pieces are correctly sized, so they don’t fit together, everything stretched and buckled. Even my trusty machine went on strike with this horror. The end to this project was when my delinquent Bengal decided to empty his bladder on it. I have not touched it since.

There was the cheap petrol incident, and the one where I tried to get home on the fumes in the tank and ran out half way home on the motorway, in the rain and with no breakdown service. Then there is going shopping online and finding the local shop has the same thing a lot cheaper and with no postage. My list is endless.

Rosanne was: So Roseanne you win Bari J‘s signed book just like you were there in Salt Lake City and everything….  you just need to send me your snail mail address via email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net…..

and our second prize winner is…..

Laurie B

who wrote:

Oh man! I can so relate to you with this post!! I have done a lot of these money saving projects that ended up costing more than the original idea. I don’t know why I never learn – although the last “project” I made myself instead of buying I showed my husband and told him the next time I say “Oh – I can make that” – he must immediately hit me in the head and say just buy it!! Anyway – I heard a funny story yesterday from my sister in law. Her Mom – my mother in law used to make her first four daughters all their special outfits so they would all match (it was a ‘50’s thing!!) My mother in law decided when the girls were going to take swimming lessons, she wanted to save money and make their bathing suits. She chose a waterproof material that happened to be just like the material you use for outdoor upholstery. The problem was when the girls jumped in the water, the swim suits became waterproof but weighed about 10 lbs! My sister in law said they were exhausted after each lesson because the bathing suits weighed so much when they got wet!! But they matched!! And they were cheaper than the real thing!! Yikes!    Thanks for sharing your story – makes me glad I’m not alone in this crazy world!! Have a great weekend!!

Laurie please send me an email with your snail mail address as well….and I will send out the Lizzy House journal and the Zipper patterns to you!

Thanks everyone for coming along for all these great prizes….I really enjoyed hearing your stories about how “cheaping” out actually became much more expensive….hopefully we all have learned our lessons now!!  :p

Here is the next prize  up!!


From Robert Kaufman….two great charm packs (Pick a Bunch and Veranda), two Dr. Seuss pens, and a HIGHLY sought after Kona Solids  Color Card…these are hard to come by, so you seriously can thank Allie at Kaufman for this little bundle of goodness!!

So to win this one, leave a note telling me what solid color you would use for the background in a quilt if you were going to use a solid…and give it a “creative” name….not just tan or white or grey… “winter sky” or  “fire engine” or “banana” or something like that okay?? and for a second chance either ReTweet this drawing on Twitter, or put it on Facebook, or put in your blog and come back and tell me you did at least one of those for a second chance to win!!

And just so you know I am actually getting something accomplished here…..

here is something I am working on for an upcoming magazine quilt….

and here is something that my friend Carla Crim came up with that you absolutely must go download right now!!

That’s it for today’s post….so let me know what solid you would most like use for a background in your next quilt with a solid background….and remember even Racy Red can be a “neutral”… least according to Freddy Moran!  (and me!!)

Ooopps!!  I forgot to give this giveaway a deadline…let’s say you have until Thursday the 9th evening-ish Pacific Standard time….

297: For Crying out loud….Buy the Book!

June 2nd, 2011

First off, let me say that this post had many titles floating through my head….Many!!

Including such wonders as:

“What an idiot!”    “A penny saved is a dollar or two AND some time wasted”   “Some people just never learn”  “Count the cost first….no Really…count the cost FIRST” and “Shortcuts are usually the longest road home”  amongst others…

And secondly…. I am greatly humbled and somewhat embarrassed even telling you this story, but I want to let you know the lesson that I learned from it all….

So here’s the story…..

You remember I was on Amy‘s Book Blog Tour awhile back, right??  Well Stash sent me a great PDF Editorial Review copy so that I could have something sensible to talk about right?  Well, of course, right…. It was a great overview, but I didn’t get my own “real” copy.  (by the way I am not in any means complaining about that at all,  I know that the margins aren’t all that great for publishing houses…cause a LOT of people have to get paid just to produce one book…AND they were giving away plenty of books already…..) I really was fine with that.

The PDF was great for reviewing…but if I was ever going to make one of these beauties, I would like a hard copy….SSOOOO…I think to myself, well, there shouldn’t be a problem just printing up this editorial copy just so it is easier to work with (I so dislike reading on a screen)….It was mine, I wasn’t re-selling it…I knew it was going to be just an editorial copy anyway…no big deal….

So I being the smarty-pants that I think I am take my little flash-drive to Kinko’s Copies and ask them to print it and bind it for me….

How much could that be right??   Well, I didn’t ask that question out loud, as I just figured I knew the answer… big mistake…..

would you like to know how much? ?

29 cents less than the FULL price of the ACTUAL REAL book …I got this…….

So by “saving”  money….I have myself a  photocopy version of the book with this spread across every page… for the  same price and likely MORE $$ than it would cost me online for a nice glossy paper, high quality print job….

Smart move, huh??


So what I am saying is…..BUY THE BOOK!!  Don’t try to be “clever” and Heavens….DON”T break copyright laws (I don’t think that I did, but maybe I was playing on the edge of that law perhaps (?), even if I told myself I wasn’t…..  {I don’t think they would have let me print my digital copy if they thought it violated copyright laws…but who knows ….maybe they would have})

And I am not just saying this because in a couple years or less I will have my own book out….either…..I really think that everyone should learn what I did and save themselves some money….  and go buy that book…

I hope you all won’t go away in droves because I was so honest with my stupidity here….trust me I will never forget my lack of insight in this situation….I hope you all forgive me….and at least some of you go out and buy this book…because well… the folks at Stash Books and Amy did a fantastic job on this, and they deserve the tiny bit of money each of them gets from it…..

Now shall we move on to the not-so horribly Confessionistic nature of this post?? (yes, I made up that word….you know which word…..)

First to announce the winner of this prize pack…… and that would be….

Pat V…. who wrote:

This looks like a very fun package of goodies!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I will be emailing you shortly Pat to find out your mailing address to send your prize!!

And now for today’s Market giveaways….

Today TWO prizes, which both happen to include books appropriately enough….

First the second prize which is a set of  Zipper patterns from the Wonderful women of Indygo Junction and a bookmark and mini journal  from the fabulous Lizzy House.

And the first prize of today’s post is Inspired to Sew by the Uber-talented BariJ !

This is another Stash book that if you don’t win it here, and haven’t already bought it…well you need to go out like me and buy it FULL PRICE….I bought mine straight from the author….just to make sure she got the most money possible for her efforts…..AND I got it signed to boot…

Speaking of which.. This winning copy is also signed by Bari… you can almost feel like you stood in line and met her face to face!!  (Which if you did…you would feel very comfortable with her instantly)

SO now how to win….well, I think your comment should relate to this post….so tell us all something you did to
“save” money that you later really realized would have been better to just pay the going rate for it….or any other “confessionals” that are not going to offend anyone, but either teach us a lesson or give us a laugh…or both….I will choose 2 random winners on Sunday the 5th sometime….

Piece out….



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