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All Lovely Things by Lea Redmond

March 28th, 2015

Spring Cleaning time! Well, it will be here soon maybe….I have been so freaking busy, I am not sure that I will ever get to spring cleaning. I want to every year, as soon as I hear the frogs croaking, I get all thrilled for spring.  And then Bam! it’s July!

Recently the peeps at Penguin Random House offered to send me the book All Lovely Things – A Field Journal For The Objects That Define Us by Lea Redmond from their Perigee division. Normally I just don’t have time for books if they aren’t related more directly to my fiber obsession, but this one seemed different, so I said yes.


And part of the reason that I said yes was because Lea talks in the beginning about the “things” around us. And like it or not, those objects around us, define who we are to a degree.  As Spring Cleaning comes around and we toss things or donate things or sell things in garage sales or on Craigslist or re-purpose things, I like how she talks about recording them in this journal and take the time to think about our lives; where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.   And the little promo flyer on the book talked about how we can get “to know ourselves better through the objects that are the inanimate companions to our lives.”

The basic concept on the “journal” part of it, which is Most of the book,  centers around two page spreads of blank “boxes” for you to fill in with sketches or photos, or what have you….basically to reflect on who you are…who those you love are, and then people you admire as well. It’s a very “Gestalt“y way to analyze and think about your life I think.  (and after I read the definition of Gestalt psychology, I realized that I think of it in the greater that than sum of all things, not other than the sum of all things… just so you know what I was thinking…if you even care! :) )

So anyway…Back to the book. it doesn’t have to be just about you either. It can be about family, friends, historic people that have meaning in your life.

Lea, the author of this book, gave numerous sample sections, Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau, pictured below, to give you an idea of what the journal is intended to do for you.



I apologize for the lighting in some of these shots. The below is the actual light. I didn’t really work the filters as much as I should have on the above shots.

I think the real appeal that this book had for me is in the fact that we are headed to the phase of downsizing our household. The boys have moved out and may be coming back for short stays, but the fact is they will be going further and further away. And Mimi isn’t far behind them.  That and we have started working on actually budgeting in real way and we are realizing that we don’t really NEED all of this stuff. This isn’t an easy process by any means. I am a packrat by nature and everything seems very sentimental to me.

For my first sketch in this field book I started with this plate. It is not a family piece. We picked it up at a garage sale somewhere. But it is my favorite plate of this size.  And it’s developing a crack. So I know I won’t be able to keep it forever. So that is why I chose to start with it as my first sketch.  I have no idea how it “defines” me, but I love it and I want to remember it for a very long time.


And a closer look at my sketches and the actual plate:


Another cool thing that you can do with it, is have friends and family take a section too… I plan on having at least two of my kids do their own pages. Don’t think the oldest will want to do this.  There are lots of prompts, but then there are lots of blank sections too. So many cool things that you could do with this book.

So that’s it…A fun little book to use and record some of those things you may be tossing out or donating this year so you can keep a little bit of them behind for old times sake. Call it a scrapbook, a memory book, a visual diary….whatever, I think I will be enjoying this for a very long time!

And the Penguin peeps have generously offered to share a copy for a giveaway here at the Blue Nickel this week. So please leave a comment on this post about something that defines you…..something that would be the very last thing you would be getting rid of as you spring clean this year and into the future…and it can’t be fabric or your phone!!   :)

I will give you until April 2nd then I will draw a name sometime that day and the Penguin peeps will send you your very own copy.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say (New readers, please remember that this blog is set up to have every comment approved before it is posted, so if you don’t see your comment right away, don’t fret, it just means that I haven’t gotten around to approving it yet).

Heather Ross Prints….part two…

September 7th, 2012

Have I told you that I am working Two Day Jobs currently? I can’t honestly remember if I have or not.  I try to keep my Day Job stuff on the downlow somewhat, because there are so many rules at all Day Jobs about what you say about them online in social media venues.  So if you notice, I never really really refer to them by “name”.  I know that some people from my first Day Job may read here, but probably not a whole lot of them.  This blog is mostly of interest to my Fabricy/Quilty/Designer friends……. Anyway, yeah,  I have been working two Day Jobs in a transitional period in my life right now….so that’s why sometimes, I just don’t get back here to the Blue Nickel as quickly as I would like! (oh, and yes, these are two day jobs Besides my Blue Nickel and Gen Q work….)  :)

But I did want to finish up this book “review” of sorts on Heather Ross Prints.  So as I said in the original post, I sent some of the files that were on the included CD to Spoonflower for my own personal Heather Ross prints.  Two of them I  downsized to a much smaller scale because that’s what I wanted.  I was pretty much pleased with the results.  Spoonflower fabric has never had quite the intensity that the main manufacturers seem to produce in my eyes, but most of these prints if not all are not readily available anymore….And in fact, I am pretty sure I have never seen the Ski Girl in print anywhere.

So first the prints that I “shrunk” from the original CD included in the book.  I did this awhile back, so I don’t really remember “how” I shrunk this, but I don’t think it is too complex, the file is already set up in repeat.  I think that as long as you don’t change the proportions you would be good to go. The clothespin people in the print were originally about the size of a standard clothespin so you can see how I shrunk them down in my picture.  The Snow White laundry fabric was even larger in my recollection.

I used the Snow White laundry print for the below project from another book by my friend John Adams and friends (including me) that I will be sharing with you again soon.  (the print copy has come out, and I wanted to talk a bit about that here in the upcoming weeks)

I am loving the simplicity of the above block…and think I want to make some more blocks mixing up solids and prints….we’ll see where that takes me!

And the large Water Ski Girl print as I call it was originally for a beach cover up in Heather’s book, but I really wanted it to put in a glass front cabinet that we have in our bathroom that never did end up looking like I wanted it to.  I had imagined it having all sorts of pretty and cool stuff in it; not as many toiletries, etc. (what was I thinking?)


So here are some shots of what I think will end up happening.  It actually isn’t permanently in there yet, because I need to cut it and get some of that springy stuff from the hardware stuff to mount it inside. But I thought you’d like to see the look of it.  I am pretty happy with its potential!

I had never seen this print before, so I am pretty sure it is unique to this book and CD (correct me if I am wrong).

So that’s it for SOME of the things you can do with Heather’s book.  As I stated in the previous post, there are MANY things you can do with the designs on the CD.  Another thing that I really want to work out is some notecards with some of her images. She has the cutest images preset for cards (but I have to make sure they match the blanks that I have here first)

Oh, and last but not least, I have some exciting news! I am going to be on Pat Sloan’s Radio Show on October 8th! It will be recorded so you can listen to it other times too, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.  I have been told we’ll talk for 13 minutes, so I am sure I am sharing the show with at least 2 other people, probably 3.  Click on the icon to link to her show! Pat is so Marvelous and so enjoys this love of fabric and thread that we do! I feel very honored to be among her guests.

Guest on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio, Hosted by Pat Sloan. Click here to learn more.



Pretty in Patchwork:Holidays

November 28th, 2011

Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays  is a new book coming out in Print next summer, but is an e-book now.  And a Blue Nickel project is on pages 99-101…and seen in two other places in the book! yeah!!  You can purchase the e-book now, but I am not really into e-books, so I will have to wait until it comes out next year.   So excited to see it.  The book was organized and put together by John Adams, and he invited a whole lot of his friends to come play earlier this year…like January, I think?  Anyway, you can look through it at the above link, and there are a lot of cool projects in there.   I think we are having a full-fledged Blog Book Tour next year when it comes out in print, so stay tuned.

My favorite shot of my quilt in the book is this one.

Also, Lark is giving away a PDF version of Terri Harlan‘s Holiday Shopping List Holder pattern from the book here.  It’s a fun little way to keep all your holiday to-do stuff together.

Different subject, but still holiday related…over at Generation Q for the next 4 Fridays I will have a special holiday block for Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.   As if I didn’t have enough to do already, right? Oh, and David Butler’s “pre-quilt shop launch” fabric is finally here, and I have a big project for another magazine that they want “right away” !

So, yeah, I am off to the studio now!!

sneak peek

November 4th, 2011

okay really just a TEENY sneak peek….I am going to try to give you the  tiniest snippet of my progress on the BOOK project…partly to entertain you…and mostly to keep myself pushing forward on it….a book is hard work….and it takes a lot of concentration, which is hard when so much is going on around me.

so here are a couple of pix to give a peek and maybe just a little inspiration to go do something creative and colorful yourself.


that’s it…gotta go sew some stuff!! and write…and sew….and well you know….all the rest….


297: For Crying out loud….Buy the Book!

June 2nd, 2011

First off, let me say that this post had many titles floating through my head….Many!!

Including such wonders as:

“What an idiot!”    “A penny saved is a dollar or two AND some time wasted”   “Some people just never learn”  “Count the cost first….no Really…count the cost FIRST” and “Shortcuts are usually the longest road home”  amongst others…

And secondly…. I am greatly humbled and somewhat embarrassed even telling you this story, but I want to let you know the lesson that I learned from it all….

So here’s the story…..

You remember I was on Amy‘s Book Blog Tour awhile back, right??  Well Stash sent me a great PDF Editorial Review copy so that I could have something sensible to talk about right?  Well, of course, right…. It was a great overview, but I didn’t get my own “real” copy.  (by the way I am not in any means complaining about that at all,  I know that the margins aren’t all that great for publishing houses…cause a LOT of people have to get paid just to produce one book…AND they were giving away plenty of books already…..) I really was fine with that.

The PDF was great for reviewing…but if I was ever going to make one of these beauties, I would like a hard copy….SSOOOO…I think to myself, well, there shouldn’t be a problem just printing up this editorial copy just so it is easier to work with (I so dislike reading on a screen)….It was mine, I wasn’t re-selling it…I knew it was going to be just an editorial copy anyway…no big deal….

So I being the smarty-pants that I think I am take my little flash-drive to Kinko’s Copies and ask them to print it and bind it for me….

How much could that be right??   Well, I didn’t ask that question out loud, as I just figured I knew the answer… big mistake…..

would you like to know how much? ?

29 cents less than the FULL price of the ACTUAL REAL book …I got this…….

So by “saving”  money….I have myself a  photocopy version of the book with this spread across every page… for the  same price and likely MORE $$ than it would cost me online for a nice glossy paper, high quality print job….

Smart move, huh??


So what I am saying is…..BUY THE BOOK!!  Don’t try to be “clever” and Heavens….DON”T break copyright laws (I don’t think that I did, but maybe I was playing on the edge of that law perhaps (?), even if I told myself I wasn’t…..  {I don’t think they would have let me print my digital copy if they thought it violated copyright laws…but who knows ….maybe they would have})

And I am not just saying this because in a couple years or less I will have my own book out….either…..I really think that everyone should learn what I did and save themselves some money….  and go buy that book…

I hope you all won’t go away in droves because I was so honest with my stupidity here….trust me I will never forget my lack of insight in this situation….I hope you all forgive me….and at least some of you go out and buy this book…because well… the folks at Stash Books and Amy did a fantastic job on this, and they deserve the tiny bit of money each of them gets from it…..

Now shall we move on to the not-so horribly Confessionistic nature of this post?? (yes, I made up that word….you know which word…..)

First to announce the winner of this prize pack…… and that would be….

Pat V…. who wrote:

This looks like a very fun package of goodies!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I will be emailing you shortly Pat to find out your mailing address to send your prize!!

And now for today’s Market giveaways….

Today TWO prizes, which both happen to include books appropriately enough….

First the second prize which is a set of  Zipper patterns from the Wonderful women of Indygo Junction and a bookmark and mini journal  from the fabulous Lizzy House.

And the first prize of today’s post is Inspired to Sew by the Uber-talented BariJ !

This is another Stash book that if you don’t win it here, and haven’t already bought it…well you need to go out like me and buy it FULL PRICE….I bought mine straight from the author….just to make sure she got the most money possible for her efforts…..AND I got it signed to boot…

Speaking of which.. This winning copy is also signed by Bari… you can almost feel like you stood in line and met her face to face!!  (Which if you did…you would feel very comfortable with her instantly)

SO now how to win….well, I think your comment should relate to this post….so tell us all something you did to
“save” money that you later really realized would have been better to just pay the going rate for it….or any other “confessionals” that are not going to offend anyone, but either teach us a lesson or give us a laugh…or both….I will choose 2 random winners on Sunday the 5th sometime….

Piece out….



292: one small step….

May 5th, 2011

It seems like that every step that I have been taking to being a “professional”  in the world of quilting and textile arts has been small, teeny,  barely noticeable, and sometimes backwards……. had you told me that everything I have been doing in the last 3 years or so,  I wouldn’t have imagined the path to this day…..even though this Particular Day, I did imagine…but certainly did not know how it would come about…


Yes, that is a contract..

a contract to write a book!!      Note….it says “AUTHOR” above my name!


See, I have wanted to do this very thing for at least 10 years now I think…but one thing after another happened or didn’t happen, and then the dream went into a virtual loop, flowing through my head and back out again….and this book that I am beginning has had it’s share of pitfalls already as I pitched it to various publishing houses.  But the first couple places just didn’t “fit” right…..

but finally I found the right spot and couldn’t be happier about it.  Alicia’s Attic is a small publisher in Colorado, and pretty well known with traditional quilters.  I mostly hang with the mods, so we think the combo will be good for both of us.

This will take awhile, and you probably won’t hear another peep out of me regarding this actual project for quite some time, but I just wanted to tell you …. and even though most of you I have never met in person, I want to thank YOU for all of your encouragement along the way in the past…I am going to need you in the future too, so I hope you stick around for the outcome of this particular adventure…

and yeah, I will probably throw some sneak peeks along the way….teeny ones at least….

Thanks for coming along with me as we see where the Blue Nickel Studios go next….

Peace out, my friends, Piece out….


P.S.    I wonder how much trouble I just got myself into….

287: Inspired …..

April 13th, 2011

It has been a rough three weeks since I have been back from Disneyland….

Okay “rough” may not be exactly it…..Uninspired…bogged down by the “normalness” of Workville….Rained on what seems like FOREVER…..those words would be what best describe the last 3 weeks.  I don’t think I even posted anything here, did I?   When I would get home from Workville, I felt like a vegetable… like an overcooked carrot or green bean to be exact, rather lifeless and mushy.  And it’s not like I have TIME for this nonsense.  Quilt Market is coming up in a relatively VERY short amount of time, and I have a ton of projects to be working on.

So let’s get some inspiration going on here, shall we??

I have been wanting  to share some inspiration with you from my friend Bari J Ackerman for a REALLY long time now, but I just have not gotten a round to it; finally I am!!   Bari is a fabric designer extraordinaire for Lecien now and Windham in the past,  and she also has her own line of patterns aptly named “Keeping It Real” ….and well, she is just one productive lady!!  and this book of hers….wow!  Great projects, great drawings & photos, and all in all wonderful encouragement throughout!

Inspired to Sew is packed with very inspiring photos and 15 projects that span the board from Home Decor to Fashion and everything fabricy in between… even just her “ambiance” shots give decorating ideas for lovers of textiles like you and me….A nice little extra.  I have included some snaps of my book just to entice you to go out and get your own copy……as you know you need it now, right?!

I am not going to tell you all about the book because that would ruin the surprise and delight for your own discoveries….but I must tell you that Bari’s dedication to her Grandpa Danny made me cry….How many craft and art books have made you cry, huh??  Bari’s love for her grandfather and his wonderful encouragement made me think of my maternal grandmother who was SO fun from the grandkid’s point of view.  She was so just there and loving and I think she loved color and design like me, but back then it wasn’t something that  was really encouraged all that much…I always felt like other adults thought she was silly….but boy do I miss her….

Oh great, I think I am crying again….THANKS Bari!!   :)

Here is a very ironic thing that I found in Bari’s book…..Bari is not a huge “quilter” as she is more focused on bags and embroidery and home and fashion accessories ….but she has this little tidbit on binding.  There is only one part of  my binding process that I really don’t ever like.   It is finishing it off.   I have never been quite satisfied with that part, and I have never quite liked anyone’s directions for it either….but in my “not really a quilter so much”  friend’s book,  I found something that I think I can wrap my brain around.   I have tried it once, and it didn’t quite work…but it was close,  so I am going to try it again and see if I can get it better.   THANKS Bari!!

I would have to say that Part of the reason Bari and I get along so well is that we follow the same aesthetic that MORE color and MORE prints are definitely Merrier!!  I love how she piles on the color….Very Inspiring!!

This little house pincushion is one of the things I want to make right away.  I just haven’t had the time to get to it….but someday I will….

I really love how Bari calls what she does with fabric “Fabric Mixology” and just to prove she’s not only talented in art, she’s also very smart because she trademarked that phrase to her method of mixing so many fabrics together!! I told her she was a dog because that’s what I think I do…and now I would have to pay her to use the phrase! She just laughed at me….that’s what is so nice about being friends, you can have little bantering conversations like that and it’s all in good fun!  If you get the wonderful opportunity to ever meet Bari in person, you will know what I mean.  One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.   And in this business there are a lot of them!

To help celebrate my friend Bari’s new book (relatively new, it came out in January), I am having a little giveaway of some of her County Lane fabric and one of her fabulous patterns that she has generously donated to us today.

All you have to do is leave a little comment about what inspires you to sew…simple right?  and then if you want more chances to win, go to Twitter and find both Blue Nickel Studios and BariJ there.    Follow us there and come back and tell me.  And for a third chance to win sign up for both of our blog subscriptions.  We both have them set up as email subscriptions where you only get an email  when we post…or if you want to put us in your RSS server instead that’s fine too (I just don’t get that whole deal, so if someone doesn’t have an email subscription, I don’t hit their sites as much because I forget easily)  If you already are a blog follower of  one of us,  then sign up for the other and tell me in a comment,  or if you already follow us both let me know that too….

Did I just make that too complicated?

Once more…simply put…

three ways to win:

1. Comment here telling what inspires your sewing?

2. Follow Bari and Blue Nickel Studios on Twitter and comment letting me know you do now or already did.

3. Sign up to get Bari’s Blog post and Blue Nickel posts and comment letting me know you do now  or already did.

I will have Random Number selection next Wednesday the 20th at like 4 AM  Pacific time…(or a little later)

One almost last thing, I have to say that one of the reasons that I think this book was done well is because Bari’s publishing company was C & T’s new imprint Stash Books.   I have been very impressed with this company from one of their first books, Cherri House‘s City Quilts last May.  Stash does a great job on making sure things are very clearly instructed and they have excellent illustrations and photography going on.

And speaking of Stash Books,    I was lucky enough to get myself  a spot on Amy Adams‘ Blog Book Tour of  her new book by Stash called:

Here is the line up for this great tour!!
monday 18th april – whip up – (kicking off with a brand new, not in the book, free pattern)
tuesday 19th april – bari j –
wednesday 20th april – blue nickel studios –
thursday 21st april – fat quarterly –
friday 22nd april – ric-rac –
saturday 23rd april – skyo –
sunday 24th april – lucykate crafts
monday 25th april – treefall design
tuesday 26th april – i heart linen –
wednesday 27th april – sometimes crafter –
thursday 28th april – plush you –
friday 29th april – allsorts –
And even better??  You can enter at everyone of these blog stops to win a copy of Countryside Softies for your very own!!
But wait, there’s more….all of those winners are also eligible for the grand prize of an original Softie made by Ms. Adams herself!!
So make sure you stop by here on the 20th for that post and chance to win as well.
So are you still here? Thanks for not giving up on me and my unbearably long absence (at least in the bloggy sense of time)…Hopefully this post made up for some of that lack of my electronic presence in your life!
I do have some more posts lined up and actually quite a few giveaways coming up… maybe that will make up for my previous silence too…you may even want to wish for a little peace and quiet so you can sew something, huh?
Piece out!!

256: Blue Nickel Archival post #2…

November 7th, 2010

So let me preface this by saying ….since my last post…life has been very full of sewing up quilts for Fall Quilt Market and absolute crazy times at the Day Job…so this post that was started in early October as part of my “archival” series of posts…..well, it sat in the cobwebs even longer than I expected. … I think it is still a decent post, but it’s just later than late….I’m just sayin’…..

Last May when I was at Quilt Market, I came back with a bunch of books…all authored by friends of mine.  I was going to “review” them all and give the low down on them all, but to be honest, I just haven’t had the time to do a very thorough review, but I did look at them all quite a bit, and have some things to share about each of  them. 


  I don’t even know where to start….I guess I will just start.   First there is City Quilts by Cherri House. I have looked over this one the  most I think because it is the only one of two strictly quilting books that I picked up.  And Cherri pretty much works only in solids, which I find interesting.  What I love about this book are all the quilts that Cherri has come up with that are inspired by everyday things and places.  The world is FULL of inspiration, and Cherri really gets that!  Also City Quilts is one of the first books out under the new fresh division of C&T Publishing called Stash Books.  They really have a great line up of all sorts of sewing books that aren’t just for quilting but for all sorts of sewing projects.  Stash has a great blog to follow along too….check it out, and tell Susanne that I sent you!!  :)

Okay the next book is by my friend Sheri Howard. Titled Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt,  this book is very traditional with pieced blocks that are simple to make and then Sheri through some of her great applique on top giving a fairly simple pieced quilt a little zing!  Plus she has added some great recipes to go with each quilt, as well as some great little “lifestyle” photos and domestic eye candy.  I met Sheri here on my blog a few years ago, and then in person at Pittsburgh Quilt Market 2009, and really you couldn’t meet a nicer lady.  She is such a sweetheart.  If you like applique and need something quicker than a Baltimore album quilt, go pick up Sheri’s book!

Okay next on the list is Sewn Spaces, by Joel Dewberry, who is a quiet, but very genuinely artistic fellow!  This book has a lot of different projects, not many quilts, but great photographic vignettes that will inspire you if you are into the Eclectic Modern look and numerous creative projects of really quite a variety.  My favorite project I think would have to be the little birds that Joel and his wife Laurie designed.  I haven’t made one yet…but they are so on my To-Do list!!  We’ll see when that happens!  Oh, and I just read on Joel’s blog as I am writing this, that he is coming out with a new line this spring!   I can hardly stand that!  I remember when I first saw this print I had to have some….and I said to Linda…I don’t know who this Joel guy is, but I sure love this print!!  And now I know him, and have even chatted with him at two different Quilt Markets (and he remembers me!! even better!!)

Next up…..Small Stash Sewing by Melissa Averinos.  Lots of very creative little projects that, like Melissa’s outlook on life, give a different twist on things.  Nothing looks too complicated, (again I haven’t done more than a cursory look) but many things look fun to add color and help use up some of your stash!   Melissa’s blog was one of the very first “quilty” blogs I discovered…and she isn’t even really a “quilter” so to speak, but her love of color, fabric, design, and among other things, rust, have delighted me from the moment we met online.   And I was doubly blessed with meeting her at this Spring Market in person along with her filmography co-hort, the very accomplished Miss Beth Dunn


 I particularly like the Shoestring project and the Unicorn and Moon embroidery patterns. 

I also very much want to make the Owlie McPillowpants project shown here…the “stuffy” and its name just crack me up!  


 And the last book in this post, but certainly not least is Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits and Pieces.   Sandi has a great eye for the details, and it is quite apparent in this her first book.  


She has got a TON of little projects thrown in here, some that look quick and easy and others that take more time, but look well written.  Sandi also has an owl of her own that I think would be fun to make….in my spare time! HA! 

Speaking of Owls….they were all over at Spring Market….and according to Charlie, he seemed to think they were big at Houston Quilt Market this fall too!


Oh, and back to Sandi Henderson again…you should check out this video she has on her blog about the Michael Miller gang setting up at Market….Very Fun!!  This book of her also has a ton of great photography to inspire you in many ways.

And last, and oh so very late to tell you about … I had a quilt in Quilter’s Home back in May, that I didn’t even know was going in there!  It was my Sundae’s Best quilt that I designed for Free Spirit featuring Heather Bailey‘s Nicey Jane line.  It was in an article about the Modern Quilt Movement or whatever we are calling it these days.  Very nicely written article!  Thanks Jake!


Okay, so THAT was my VERY late post about Spring Market 2010….at least I got it posted before next Spring, if not before all the great fall Market posts going on out there right now….and I swear I am exhausted just finishing this post up with all the links and pix…sheesh….that was a lot of work….hope you all enjoy it!! 

And seriously think about getting any and/or all of those books….I don’t get any commissions telling you that, so you can know I mean it!  

Peace out, Peeps!   S.

236: The Utilikilt has landed……

July 14th, 2010

well, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been thinking and plotting to get this unique garment from a Seattle-based company…..and because Linda saw them demonstrated at a conference awhile back and has repeatedly told me that she wanted to get me into one…..

so she won…..I think that most of these pictures are actually horrendous, and that 5o pounds that I really wanted to lose has now turned to 70…but neither figure is probably super realistic…..and it requires more conviction than I presently possess….which I say because I just polished off a couple 3-4 larger scoops of vanilla ice cream


Some of my Twitter pals had alternate views on me getting it, but most were for it, okay most who said anything directly regarding this purchase—-there is no accounting for those who followed their mother’s advice about things “nice to say” and silence, etc……and Monica told me I must show them SOON….so I am doing so right now….fresh back from the trip to Seattle.  So there  you have it….and don’t call it a skirt, okay, or something like this may happen to you…..I’m just warning you that’s all…

But just so you know we did a little more in Seattle than this (though not much I must admit)  We happened upon a couple treasures I’m going to share with you.

Found these wonderful books for sale in an antique “paper” store…really neat shop, side street…I did not write down the name….sorry kindly shopowner…


I got them mainly for their covers and the inside art…and just their overall look…even the lovely old book smell…


I love Joe’s outfit on this cover….I think would need to lose half of me to pull it off though…and about 25 years…  :)


I liked the title of this one, and it reminded me of what I am trying to do in the world of textiles and quilting….the swim part of course is  the actual goal…


I liked all the bindings, but this one in particular caught my eye….


And earlier at the toy store, along with bacon lip balm and bacon soap for the boy’s Christmas stockings, I got this little guy….

  and his box    

and here’s this sad little guy’s story…I looked at the display model, and saw it work all wound up and all….and didn’t take this guy out of his box til I got home….when I did, his arm promptly fell off, and though we got him back together his arms don’t move, and I am pretty sure they did on the model, and he doesn’t really walk too good either….so goes the phrase buyer beware….

That’s it for today’s 2nd post…..(haven’t done two posts in one day in awhile!)

Oh, and I might even read those books……….eventually……..maybe…….


178: In the library with….

July 19th, 2009

…….Mr. Fassett and his upcoming book Quilt Romance.  I got to see this book in it’s raw form….(mostly the pictures and not all the words) when I was at Quilt Market 2 months ago (was it really only 2 months ago? seems like a long time ago already…

Anyway back to Kaffe Fassett’s newest book.  Here is the cover of the American version

quilt romance US version  and it is alright….But…..

 I actually liked the cover I saw on Kaffe’s copy at  Market, but he of course had the British cover. This is that cover:

Yummy, huh??!!     quilt romance uk version    I am trying to see if I can get this UK version instead. It will probably cost me more for shipping and the book even, and the insides will be the same but I REALLY liked the UK cover much better.  You see, this cover is more indicative of what the insides are like…lush and exquisite settings with simple but incredible quilts in luscious fabrics…..yeah, I just love Kaffe’s books…

And speaking of books….one of my quilts made the cover of another book, this time in front and center.  The book is Oh My Stars and should be out sometime this late summer I am thinking. Marci asked me to interpret her idea in quilt form for her book and the center quilt in this photo is what I came up with.  oh my stars book cover It was quite involved and took a lot of time, but Marci and crew really liked it, and I was happy to have helped them out, and equally happy to have it on the cover!

Okay and remember my first quilt for Free Spirit? Well I just saw that it was in France recently. 

                                                                   good folk flowers in france

I knew it had been to Germany (was in a German magazine ad too, I was told, but I haven’t yet seen that ad; still hoping to though), but I saw my quilt in slide #14 of this slideshow.  Pretty cool I thought..I should have embedded a camcorder in that quilt so I could see the world with it! 

And this next piece is just so cool I had to share it with you. I discovered it on DudeCraft, and got the embedding code from there. I was so excited that I figured out how to embed a YouTube video….with a little computer help from my web guru Richard.

    Now tell me …wasn’t that cool?!?!?!

Okay….now a Blue Nickel Post wouldn’t be complete without some completely random shots of something do with color, design, art….or just life in general…so here are a few of the backlogged photos.  

This is closeup of garage sale pix in previous post…garage sale drawing 

This is really old from the spring…love these little grape hyacinths  grape hyacinth 

My friend Jona sent me this order from her store Fabritopia…..and all the little snippets on the right? they were thrown in for free!!  I cannot tell you how much that little extra touch totally made me want to shop with Jona again!  Thanks Jona…(oh, and that is “john-na, not “joan-ah” everyone!….don’t even try her last name!!  :) )snipsnip order

Oh, and some Sis Boom Laundry…at least I think it is all Sis Boom…if not it must be Free Spirit!

sisboom laundry sisboom2 sisboom3 sisboom4 sisboom 5   I haven’t yet cut into this batch…I really need to…I just love it SEWmuch!!  :)  

Well that’s it for today…this post took quite a time to get up….I want to sew and PAINT the rest of the day…I love and hate computers…and right now, I am really getting tired of  being so “plugged in”  I think I am becoming addicted….but that is another story altogether.

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