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287: Inspired …..

April 13th, 2011

It has been a rough three weeks since I have been back from Disneyland….

Okay “rough” may not be exactly it…..Uninspired…bogged down by the “normalness” of Workville….Rained on what seems like FOREVER…..those words would be what best describe the last 3 weeks.  I don’t think I even posted anything here, did I?   When I would get home from Workville, I felt like a vegetable… like an overcooked carrot or green bean to be exact, rather lifeless and mushy.  And it’s not like I have TIME for this nonsense.  Quilt Market is coming up in a relatively VERY short amount of time, and I have a ton of projects to be working on.

So let’s get some inspiration going on here, shall we??

I have been wanting  to share some inspiration with you from my friend Bari J Ackerman for a REALLY long time now, but I just have not gotten a round to it; finally I am!!   Bari is a fabric designer extraordinaire for Lecien now and Windham in the past,  and she also has her own line of patterns aptly named “Keeping It Real” ….and well, she is just one productive lady!!  and this book of hers….wow!  Great projects, great drawings & photos, and all in all wonderful encouragement throughout!

Inspired to Sew is packed with very inspiring photos and 15 projects that span the board from Home Decor to Fashion and everything fabricy in between… even just her “ambiance” shots give decorating ideas for lovers of textiles like you and me….A nice little extra.  I have included some snaps of my book just to entice you to go out and get your own copy……as you know you need it now, right?!

I am not going to tell you all about the book because that would ruin the surprise and delight for your own discoveries….but I must tell you that Bari’s dedication to her Grandpa Danny made me cry….How many craft and art books have made you cry, huh??  Bari’s love for her grandfather and his wonderful encouragement made me think of my maternal grandmother who was SO fun from the grandkid’s point of view.  She was so just there and loving and I think she loved color and design like me, but back then it wasn’t something that  was really encouraged all that much…I always felt like other adults thought she was silly….but boy do I miss her….

Oh great, I think I am crying again….THANKS Bari!!   :)

Here is a very ironic thing that I found in Bari’s book…..Bari is not a huge “quilter” as she is more focused on bags and embroidery and home and fashion accessories ….but she has this little tidbit on binding.  There is only one part of  my binding process that I really don’t ever like.   It is finishing it off.   I have never been quite satisfied with that part, and I have never quite liked anyone’s directions for it either….but in my “not really a quilter so much”  friend’s book,  I found something that I think I can wrap my brain around.   I have tried it once, and it didn’t quite work…but it was close,  so I am going to try it again and see if I can get it better.   THANKS Bari!!

I would have to say that Part of the reason Bari and I get along so well is that we follow the same aesthetic that MORE color and MORE prints are definitely Merrier!!  I love how she piles on the color….Very Inspiring!!

This little house pincushion is one of the things I want to make right away.  I just haven’t had the time to get to it….but someday I will….

I really love how Bari calls what she does with fabric “Fabric Mixology” and just to prove she’s not only talented in art, she’s also very smart because she trademarked that phrase to her method of mixing so many fabrics together!! I told her she was a dog because that’s what I think I do…and now I would have to pay her to use the phrase! She just laughed at me….that’s what is so nice about being friends, you can have little bantering conversations like that and it’s all in good fun!  If you get the wonderful opportunity to ever meet Bari in person, you will know what I mean.  One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.   And in this business there are a lot of them!

To help celebrate my friend Bari’s new book (relatively new, it came out in January), I am having a little giveaway of some of her County Lane fabric and one of her fabulous patterns that she has generously donated to us today.

All you have to do is leave a little comment about what inspires you to sew…simple right?  and then if you want more chances to win, go to Twitter and find both Blue Nickel Studios and BariJ there.    Follow us there and come back and tell me.  And for a third chance to win sign up for both of our blog subscriptions.  We both have them set up as email subscriptions where you only get an email  when we post…or if you want to put us in your RSS server instead that’s fine too (I just don’t get that whole deal, so if someone doesn’t have an email subscription, I don’t hit their sites as much because I forget easily)  If you already are a blog follower of  one of us,  then sign up for the other and tell me in a comment,  or if you already follow us both let me know that too….

Did I just make that too complicated?

Once more…simply put…

three ways to win:

1. Comment here telling what inspires your sewing?

2. Follow Bari and Blue Nickel Studios on Twitter and comment letting me know you do now or already did.

3. Sign up to get Bari’s Blog post and Blue Nickel posts and comment letting me know you do now  or already did.

I will have Random Number selection next Wednesday the 20th at like 4 AM  Pacific time…(or a little later)

One almost last thing, I have to say that one of the reasons that I think this book was done well is because Bari’s publishing company was C & T’s new imprint Stash Books.   I have been very impressed with this company from one of their first books, Cherri House‘s City Quilts last May.  Stash does a great job on making sure things are very clearly instructed and they have excellent illustrations and photography going on.

And speaking of Stash Books,    I was lucky enough to get myself  a spot on Amy Adams‘ Blog Book Tour of  her new book by Stash called:

Here is the line up for this great tour!!
monday 18th april – whip up – (kicking off with a brand new, not in the book, free pattern)
tuesday 19th april – bari j –
wednesday 20th april – blue nickel studios –
thursday 21st april – fat quarterly –
friday 22nd april – ric-rac –
saturday 23rd april – skyo –
sunday 24th april – lucykate crafts
monday 25th april – treefall design
tuesday 26th april – i heart linen –
wednesday 27th april – sometimes crafter –
thursday 28th april – plush you –
friday 29th april – allsorts –
And even better??  You can enter at everyone of these blog stops to win a copy of Countryside Softies for your very own!!
But wait, there’s more….all of those winners are also eligible for the grand prize of an original Softie made by Ms. Adams herself!!
So make sure you stop by here on the 20th for that post and chance to win as well.
So are you still here? Thanks for not giving up on me and my unbearably long absence (at least in the bloggy sense of time)…Hopefully this post made up for some of that lack of my electronic presence in your life!
I do have some more posts lined up and actually quite a few giveaways coming up… maybe that will make up for my previous silence too…you may even want to wish for a little peace and quiet so you can sew something, huh?
Piece out!!

150: Taking the babies out for a walk…

March 12th, 2009

Okay, well I don’t really treat my thread like children, I actually am not as picky as I probably should be when it comes to thread…these are featured here, just cause I liked Anna Maria’s idea, and like a crow, I am drawn to brightly colored (and shiny) objects.  I especially like them contrasted again the brown-green of a Pacific Northwest late winter.    This is basically a continuation of my past photo tour of the backyard.

                     Two different arbors, Last week before the March snow….that’s when and where they were taken…Some of them may look really similar, but I just liked them so they are here!   Tomorrow its a GIVEAWAY and Special Guest!  Come back real soon, y’all!

130: The world is going to sleep…..

November 8th, 2008

…….I had this thought when I was driving home the other night.  Fall is here bigtime, in fact, it is going into phase two already — the rainy part.  We had a wonderful indian summer here in the NW, as I rather expected after the coolish summer we had for the most part.  But now the hush of winter approaches, and as I drove home, it seemed to me that the world was snuggling in for a cozy nightcap, shedding all the extras and froufra for a nice long winter’s nap…and I got excited because to me that means most of the yard work is at a minimum, and I can get to the sewing stuff!    I haven’t been sewing as much as I would like, and that makes me kinda blue…I have not been feeling well lately, and I think it is either because I spent too much time trolling the internet looking for Quilt Market news, or the stress of another retail 4th quarter is hitting me, or my current 98 mile a day commute, or the two (now) trips to the ER for some sort of allergic reaction I have been getting…I finally am getting to an allergist soon, now I am just pretty afraid to eat anything…(great diet plan, not!) but ENOUGH whining already Scott!

Today I have some random shots for you from some things I have been working on…or collecting….or whatever….so here you go:

 the part of me that was at Quilt Market.

      a great flag that Linda made for me for last Christmas or the Christmas before….

          pages from the journal I started in 1001 Journal project  someone else is adding to this now, and I am excited to see what others add to my little book…..HOPEFULLY I will really get it back…sometimes these things get lost….

  a great turkey from Dover  and another batch of turkeys from Pokey at Quilting Arts:      I am thinking I have to do something with these…I love them…Real turkeys, I guess, can be quite the nuisance, but I hear about them a lot, they don’t seem to be here in the NW, but someday…I do have the neighbors peacocks infiltrating our yard sometimes….beautiful but annoying creatures….mainly the peacocks and sometimes the neighbors ….  :o)

   a snippet from my wife’s and my friend Elaine over the mountains in WA state.  I just noticed she calls me Mr. Mabel in her links…cause she found my wife’s blog before mine!

  a cool black and white photo found in a standard clip art set and the Blue Nickel version below:


and finally one of the round robins that I signed myself up for is ready to go to its next round.  This quilt will belong to Denis in Canada when it is finished…this is from my all guy quilt round robin project that we have been doing for over a year now…

     My part was the last border around the circles…it was applique, and well, I take forever on that sort of thing…so I was way behind on this round…I have another one to work on today…I am almost done with applique, so much faster for me!….

so that is it for now…still feeling “restless” and not sure about a lot of things ….as Linda calls it I feel rather “scribbly” inside……Hope all is well with you out there and that your “nestling in” time is just grand!  And don’t forget leaving comments always cheers one up….it’s nice to share….

112: Shop Up!

September 6th, 2008

So I did it!  Our Etsy store is up on the right hand side.  So if you wanna go shoppin’ there you go.  It’s kinda like sending you to the Mall, ’cause once you click there you can go Etsy hoppin’…..just make sure you come home at a decent hour ok?  Linda just got home, and reminded me of the other print she bought on Etsy.  It was from a shop called Art and Ghosts.  

 Here is what she picked up there:    

Aren’t you priviledged?  Two posts from me… with great pictures too.

Post Father's Day

June 17th, 2008

           This the collection of cool stuff my family picked up for me for Father’s Day.  The skull t-shirt is designed out of music-related images, pretty cool stuff for such a “stuffy” old man like me!!   Next pictured are “martini” animals…..I have no idea how they really work, but they will likely get used in art quilts, and that is why I got them……Next….remember I like musicals, and I have to say that Hairspray is a great one.  I am a little young to have really ever heard too much about the original movie/play.    But I really like this one.  John Travolta plays a very convincing Mrs. Turnblad.   And the last picture shows the beads that each kid and LInda picked out.   They are very cool beads, not sure what I will use them for but they are so cool.

Last picture for the night, the ducks were released out the poultry yard for the day.   Here they are relaxing  in the shade. 

Post Father’s Day

June 17th, 2008

           This the collection of cool stuff my family picked up for me for Father’s Day.  The skull t-shirt is designed out of music-related images, pretty cool stuff for such a “stuffy” old man like me!!   Next pictured are “martini” animals…..I have no idea how they really work, but they will likely get used in art quilts, and that is why I got them……Next….remember I like musicals, and I have to say that Hairspray is a great one.  I am a little young to have really ever heard too much about the original movie/play.    But I really like this one.  John Travolta plays a very convincing Mrs. Turnblad.   And the last picture shows the beads that each kid and LInda picked out.   They are very cool beads, not sure what I will use them for but they are so cool.

Last picture for the night, the ducks were released out the poultry yard for the day.   Here they are relaxing  in the shade. 

studio shots II

March 28th, 2008

guys to help lighten the load.jpg   These little guys get forgotten on top of my cabinet of lights/neutrals, but they are great little buddies that hang out in my studio. I think three of them are Jeff Goldblum from his Jurassic days, but the Wolfman is my favorite.   Somewhere else in the studio jungle Tarzan from the Disney movie is hanging out, but I don’t know where I last spotted him.  These are some photos of the main area of my creativity. Needs cleaning still, but I thought I would post these fresh pictures.

studio1.3.jpg studio.5.jpg light cabinet open  studios.4.jpg  main stash area    

  studio1.jpg  this shows both the stash area and the sewing area 

  studio1,2.jpg  This highlights the sewing area.

 So inspite of this plethora of fabric and supply, I acquired this assortment of fabric fabric aquirement.jpg   from my friend Jovita at Peawink and Periwinkle when I helped her take down her shop at the Quilters Anonymous quilt show a couple weeks ago.  Jovita is dear woman, who is always happy to see you and tells it like it is, and I really like her genuine-ness.  She lives in Belgium now for the most part, but she has an American showroom here locally…I think I may tootle over there this weekend if I get a chance to see what she has in there.  She normally has great woven ribbons and duponi silks as well as some great actual European fabrics not found too often on this side of the water.


oh yeah Birthday stuff

February 7th, 2008

Yesterday I made a very rambling post…I will try to be more coherent here…..good luck with that !!!!

it is early morning, I have GOT to get a little workout in and I start a new job today that pays a little over half my old wage, and I want to show you what my loving family gave me for my birthday on Punxatawyn Phil’s big day….The little ground bday hog!…..and introduce you to a new blog besides Michael5000’s…..

see too late, I already started the rambling bits…..should have never read stream of consciousness in college!!!  

anyway, here is the photo of my family’s gifts to me this 44th bday…..A quarter of Philip Jacobs newest fabric from the house of Westminster from Linda (along with 25 $$$ for my upcoming tattoo)….and some great dingle ball trim and GIANT rickrack from the kids in great colors…..

birthday present.jpg

 Then you must read Feed Dog’s blog when you get a chance.  He is a very clever man, and I love his creative ideas….I am probably, eventually, possibly, going to incorporate some of his ideas into my work…..maybe….

Now I really got to go work those leg lifts …..haven’t worked out for two or three weeks due to the cold weather…cannot get lazy….I already feel fat greedily trying to take back ground it has lost over the last couple of months…..


February post Birthday

February 7th, 2008

Funny, I am grieving today over the last 20 plus years I spent at my previous employer.  I was struggling with things there for the last 5-9 years so much, you would think I would be happy to be “retired” and moving on to a new place.   …..this would probably go under the heading of “like you care” that my new quilting e-friend Michael refers to in his blog State of the Craft  …..I am in the process of being 3 on the ring of Male Quilt Bloggers he has started…hope I will be on that soon….

Anyway, on to posting some pictures here that I posted on my two yahoo groups QuiltGuy and Pickle Road Studio  a couple days ago.

Here is my quick “decor” thingie in the stairwell window which was woefully nude until this display knobs.jpg     

then this is my “country living” photo of my display of sink stoppers in the guest bathroom that Max calls “weird”  aqua setting.jpg   I think this shot is so good….I am planning on making cards for sale with this photo…so look for some nice hand and computer crafted cards for sale here in the next month or so…or for sale on our Etsy site  …..

And then a whole week and a half ago we had snow…. and this is the arbor on the edge of the woods at the end of the day…it looked much more marvelous early in the morning, but I didn’t bring my camera out in the AM  arbor in snow.jpg

one more post and a record.

January 22nd, 2008

This is the 6th post this month, so the next time I post, I will have my top posting month!!! woohoo…like that means something to anyone.  I can’t get you people reading this to comment, so how do I even know that anyone is listening… :) :) :)

 valentine atc set of 3.jpg  these are also on my ATC page…Valentine ATC’s for a class I am teaching.  I still can’t get my 21st birthday picture loaded…that may be my 7th post this month if I can figure out how to get that picture loaded!!!

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