Windham — Desk Job

Onto another day of CatchUp-2015! You can tell I took these pictures months ago. We've had a VERY dry summer here in the Pacific Northwest, and everything is pretty crispy French Fry colored out here in our back field now. I hope I don't lose too...


Windham — Bake

Let's just call July the Catch Up month here at the Blue Nickel, shall we? And since it's more than half over already, the "catching up" will likely go into August! So today's featured fabric line is Bake, a small set of prints by Julia Rothman...


Sticks and Stones…..

I love getting published in American Patchwork and Quilting. They really are a first class organization, and this is the second time I have worked with them. I am looking forward to more projects with them (hint, hint, early next year! :) ) This issue hit...