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291: Happy Anniversary, Baby….

May 5th, 2011

22 years ago this day …..

May 5th 1989….

I asked this girl to marry me….


and she did….

(this shot from our 20th anniversary trip back in 2009)


I asked her yesterday if she would say yes again…

it took awhile….

but she said,    sure…I guess…..

I love that girl!

entropy and rebirth

February 18th, 2008

It was a beautiful day today.  So why am I so “blue”????   I don’t exactly know.  We went to see a wonderful movie today: The Spiderwick Chronicles…..simply spellbinding….lots of excitement, suspense, and surprises (for me, since I never read the book)…and it even made me cry at the end (there was a “father” issue thread throughout the flick….all of America has the “father” issue going on I think)….I have been doing my own 365 day project apart from the Flick’r phenomenon, and I have just wasted an hour (at least) this evening browsing Flick’r’s 365 day pool of people doing the same thing.    I really wanted to sew today, but all afternoon it was so sunny, that I couldn’t bear to be inside, but outside, I just became overwhelmed by the entropy of the winter season….and yet sensed the burgeoning of spring as well….with the destruction of winter comes the hope of spring……I am totally exasperated with my children whom I love, but don’t ever give Linda or I a moment to think.  Today they just drove me nuts…..

Doesn’t help that I am feeling very up in the air over the whole changing jobs thing… definitely would be easier to stay in a job that bores me and drives me insane, at least it was stable…..but I don’t think that would be best…but maybe…

Linda found moles had infiltrated the vegetable garden, and she was very sad about this…..she wanted to give up, but she has decided to try another anti-mole campaign…..I don’t want her to give up…..

I am empty now…I had much more to write, but I am worn down to the bones….This entry has been much more “diary” like than I wanted it too…..

Did have a nice breakfast with Noel for his 15th birthday tomorrow though…..That was a great start to a less than lovely ending today…

Here is my very handsome son at breakfast….  with the look I love from his mother noel 15 birthday breakfast.jpg

Tuesday, Tuesday….(sung to the tune of Monday, Monday)

December 12th, 2007

disney for site.JPG Our Christmas card picture this year….do we looked tired? We were exhausted! This was our last day at the happiest place on earth. We were tired, but boy were we happy!

S3010598.JPG My latest shopping trip at the craft/fabric store where Linda works.  Employee shopping night 40% off….I know this wasn’t very much for such a good price, but we are on a VERY tight budget, and I really shouldn’t even have spend this much…..but I NEEDED the loft 1800 fabric at the top of the stack, and well the rest of the fabric just jumped in the cart…(after it had itself cut off the bolt and all)  smile!!

richard brimer dl.JPG My friend Richard in California saw my driver’s license study, and did his own.  I asked him to send it to me and he did, then I asked him if I could post it here.  He said sure, and that I should start a collection online…..starting with mine, his, and my wife’s…I asked Linda, she said no, but that Richard’s wife could send hers.  I emailed Rich, and he said his wife wouldn’t unless my wife went first.  If anyone else is brave enough to share them, let me know, and I could start a brand new page for the brave, the silly, the few.