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World Mystery Tour …. #1

April 30th, 2013

So the folks over at Free Spirit wanted to have some fun with Dave’s new World Tour line in conjunction with the quilt that I am wrapping up for them.  The quilt was designed by the fabulous Mr. B, and has a really unique feel to it, well branded into his Parson Gray aesthetic. The center of this quilt has something in the center that the Free Spirit peeps thought it would be fun for you to guess what it is…...AND give you a cool prize to boot!

Here’s the deets:

For the next few weeks before Quilt Market,  I am going to be posting some successively “revealing” photos of the quilt here on my blog, and then you get to go over and  make comments on Free Spirit’s Facebook page guessing what is in the center of the quilt.  Each post will reveal a bit more about the quilt, and on the Friday of Market, you will get to see the full thing here at the Blue Nickel, if you aren’t already down in Portland, Oregon for Market.  If you have the correct answer to the mysterious center of the quilt, then you will be put in a drawing for a fabulous gift package from Free Spirit!

world mysterytour1

world tour mystery9

world tour mystery 010

 So go ahead make your guesses over on Free Spirit’s Facebook page on this link.

Good luck, happy guessing, and all that good stuff!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Dr. King and a winner!

January 24th, 2013

Thought this little picture of this fabric from the awesome design house of Tula Pink would cheer you up on a Monday...
(actually Thursday is when I am getting to this….and ACTUALLY this is the SECOND time I have typed this….I had this post all prepped to add the winner info to Monday morning, finally sat down this morning to add in all the winner info, etc…had it done….posted it….AND none of my morning edits went through….so yeah, it’s already been a Groundhog Day kinda morning around here….sigh)

saltwater by Tula

Last fall I was asked to make a quilt from Tula’s book for Free Spirit’s Fall Market 2012 booth.  Was that a no-brainer or what? I didn’t have to work up a design, I had wanted to delve into Tula’s book from the day I got it, AND I was given enough fabric to make the quilt WITH these lovely leftovers….which all on their own have inspired a new quilt design that I can’t wait to get to, but must soon.  This new quilt concept in my head has the beguiling working title of Paris by the Sea...and is a modern wonky wonderful concept… my head it is at least….(oh, and the marvelous Miss Tula has another book coming out too! Check it out here and here!

Oh, and Belated Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King….even though he has gone on his efforts did not, and there is a lot of Dreaming going on out in the world for that which is good!  And with the good doctor’s birthday, I have a winner to announce from this post on Friday.

Robin  said Oh fun! I love Seven Wonders. :)

I have sent Robin an email, so as soon as she gets her address to me AND I cut into the Seven Wonders a package will be going her way!

Oh, and also today is:

local quilt shop

I am headed into Seattle to meet with the owner of this lovely shop and the peeps at In the Beginning Fabrics and then if I have time, I am headed over to this shop...Neither of which are “local” to me…but I am sure I will have a fun day!!

So have fun too and go out shopping locally!

Fabric Sweep!

January 18th, 2013

Or Eye Candy!  as I might call this post…

I have been SOOOO overwhelmed with the two dayjobs over the last few months, and I haven’t been able to show you some of the fun lines that I have received from some of those wonderful manufacturers out there…

So here’s what I have already played with:

Cloud 9’s Happy Drawing, Too! by Ed Emberley.

happy drawing too!

Pattern coming soon in downloadable PDF form here at Blue Nickel Studios for a very reasonable price.

Birch Fabric’s Camp Modern/Camp Sur.

camp sur and camp modern

I made a quilt for Fall Market with this fabric and that quilt is going to be redone in another line for a magazine this year, so I can’t show the quilt, but it is fun and easy….

also I started a project with Thomas Knaur’s Flock last year and I think that I am going to add some of this line to it.  I really don’t like doing one-liner quilts anyway, and this palette goes very well with Flock in my opinion, so there you have it.   That pattern should also be available here in awhile as well.

And here’s what is coming up to play with!!

Here are two really “guy-style” prints

Free Spirit’s  Seven Wonders by Parson Grey.

seven wonders

Cloud 9’s MicroMod  by Rob Bancroft.

micro mod

I have this grand idea for these two mixed with some solids and other equally ‘rugged’ prints that may eventually spawn a second book  (when I ever get this first freakin’ book done!)
This sweet line is going to be a project done in connection with GenerationQ soon too.

Clothworks’ Little Village by Kinkame

little village
And this one? oh…just love this so much…..I have something planned with a nice solid orange….and maybe a little grey…..Hoping to get it in a magazine too, but the fabric may already be too “old” for a mag, so you may be seeing it here as a pattern as well.

Kaufman’s Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander.

Big plans? oh yeah, as always?  So much fabric, so little time…..

What are you loving here the most? Leave a comment and I will send a random winner some scraps* from their favorite line listed above.  I will draw a name next Monday on Martin Luther King Day.  That seems an appropriate day to win something, huh?

*Some scrap bags will be larger than others based on what I have left and what I can bear to part with…..

15 Minutes…..a Blog Tour…

December 6th, 2012


Welcome to today’s stop on Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Blog Tour for 15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts!

I first met Victoria a few years ago at a Spring Quilt Market.  She had heard of me, but I hadn’t heard of her, and I was sure glad to meet her because we have become good friends ever since! Victoria’s book takes the traditions of crazy quilts and melds that style into OTHER traditional and modern settings.  Her book isn’t really big on a lot of patterns and instructions, but is HEAVY on inspiration, freedom, and fun.  I particularly like this quilt among the many delights she has in there.

But see, I have been doing this type of  quilting for many, many years, so I am naturally drawn to it.

See case in point, my sewing machine cover created many moons ago, for example…....

Yup,  “made fabric,” as Victoria calls it, has been deeply set in my sewing room antics for many years now. I love that other peeps are into it now too! Victoria’s book is right up there with The Collaborative Quilting books by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston for inspiration into color and design in my humble opinion.

Another delight that I found in 15 Minutes was Victoria’s Grandmother and her quilts. She was a big part of Victoria’s inspiration, and I love how her influence is honored and many of her “vintage” quilts are shared in the book as well.  Makes me wonder what my grandkids will do.  Not that I am in a hurry to have any right away or anything….. :)

So I decided to do some of  my own playing as part of today’s post for the tour.  I started playing (pictures of some of that play here and here) and then chose to make some blocks that I think I may turn into pillows for after Christmas to brighten up the gloomy Pacific Northwest winter here. But I can’t decide a setting for them.  That’s where you come in.  To win your copy of Victoria’s book, tell me your choice from the 5 options below for setting in a border of green for a pillow top.

15 Minute Play No. 1

15 Minute Play No. 2

15 Minute Play No. 3

15 Minute Play No. 4

15 Minute Play No. 5

Pretty simple, huh?

I will choose randomly for a winner on December 12th and then C & T will send a hard copy of the book to a US winner or an electronic copy to an international winner.

If you haven’t been to the previous stops on the tour, be sure to do so for your chance to win.  And make sure you keep hopping along to those after today as well!!

Nov: 26: “Victoria Findlay Wolfe”,
Nov 27: “Bonnie K Hunter”,
Nov 28: “Alissa Haight Carlton,
Nov 29:  “Pat Sloan”,
Nov 30: “Kimberly,”
Dec 1st: “Karen Griska”,
Dec 2nd: “Angela Walters”,
Dec 3rd:  Generation Q,
Dec 4th: “Tonya Ricucci”,
Dec 5th: “Michele Foster”,
Dec 6th: “Scott Hansen”,
Dec 7th:”Amy Ellis”,
Dec 8th: “Rachaeldaisy”,
Dec 9th:”Jackie Kunkel”,
Dec. 10th:


LAST Spring Market Giveaway!!

October 29th, 2012

I am super sad that I didn’t get to go to Houston for Fall Quilt Market this year….but so far, I  have never been to Fall Quilt Market, mostly due to Day Job conflicts.  Same reason this year, but I am thinking maybe in 2013 I might finally be able to pop down there at least for a few days….that decision is waiting for another day. (Of course I heard last night that a lot of people were leaving early because of hurricane Sandy.)

I did get to Kansas City this past spring for Market though, but I never really offered you all any gift prizes or anything.  Mostly because I was so busy with Generation Q stuff, that I didn’t really get a chance to gather up prizes for you.  I did get a few though, and I have picked up a couple things since then, so I thought I would offer you a little Last Market prize pack for you….so if you missed it like I did and win, you might not feel quite so bad about it.

Here is your little prize package:

Now to win, you just need to tell me about your latest project or what you think is the best new trend, book, or fabric line out there!

Pretty easy, huh?

I will draw names next weekend sometime or thereafter and get your prize pack off to you!  And regarding the other giveaways earlier this month, I will be announcing those tomorrow, so stay tuned!

So comment away, I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Giveaway Day!

December 12th, 2011

The great folks at Sew Mama Sew! are hosting Giveaway Day

  and I have finally gotten my act together and have something prepared ahead of time.  I have seen this event come and go many times, always after the fact, so I am glad to be participating this round!

If you are new to Blue Nickel Studios, welcome! If you have been visiting before, thanks and welcome back! this is one of those posts you need to stop lurking around and drop a comment into win…..if you want to that is…if not, happily lurk away, I know how time is precious, and heaven knows I lurk at many of my favorite blogs.

Simple post today because we are all so crazy busy….well, I am at least…I bet you are too!

Here are couple pictures from the studio and some projects I am working on:



And some shots of the holidays around the house:




And here is a picture of today’s giveaway:


A fun little bundle of  Flurry by the amazing Kate Spain—6 fat quarters and a few trims, buttons, and beads to go along with them.

And even though, I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to my blog posts….all  you have to do to win is comment. And for fun let me know your favorite Holiday Song.  That’s it…and no it doesn’t have to be Christmas or a Winter Holiday song…..I’d even take “Little Bunny Foo-foo”  (I “suppose” you could call that an Easter song….I suppose….)   I will ship internationally…but it could take awhile from here.  All postal services seem to be slowing down lately I think.  Drawing will close on December 16th and winner will be announced here by the 18th.

(Also while you are at it, we are signed up to give something away at Generation Q as well today, so head on over for that prize as well!)


Winner of this prize is camelama who wrote:

Fun giveaway! My favorite holiday song is “Hacia Belén va un borrico”, a Spanish carol about a burro and a pot of chocolate!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by!!

Blog Hop Party!

December 8th, 2011

Welcome to the Blue Nickel stop on the Blog Hop Party tour!  I am helping Michele celebrate Quilting Gallery’s 4th Birthday party!

So welcome to the party.  Hope you enjoy what you find here at the Blue Nickel.  please feel free to check out previous posts and other pages here.  I know that I am not the best at some upkeep things on the extra pages here, but I have been doing some fairly regular posts.  Mostly quilty stuff shows up, but there is more to me than quilts so there are other posts too…

I know you are busy running around these blogs all day today,  most likely along with a few other things you might be doing this month. So I don’t intend on taking a lot of your time.  I am just posting some  pix from our studio and home and then at the end the picture of the giveaway pack


And here is the Blue Nickel Prize for the Blog Hop Party, an assortment of springy type fabrics for those in the Northern Hemisphere to dream about  coming, and for the Southern hemisphere to enjoy right now (12 Pleasingly Plump Fat Quarters):


Please leave a comment telling me either what is on your kitchen table today or what is your favorite holiday ornament.  I know, two very random and different choices there.   I will randomly pick from the comments next Saturday the 17th.   Also stop by here again on Monday the 12th for the Sew Mama Sew! giveaway as well, with a different prize to choose from!

Holy Happy Haul-iDays, Batman!

November 27th, 2011

Okay, so this is an Incredible giveaway that one of You and I and my local Library can really cash in on!!

Happy Haul-idays is this Uber-cool (yes, I love all things Uber, okay?)

Here’s what’s going down….

I write up a  list of my wishlist from Chronicle Books and post about it.  Then YOU comment here about which books you like or the holidays or whatever…then my post gets thrown in the hat with other peeps who post about it…and then sometime in the magical month of December, Chronicle draws a name (presumably, mine, right?) and then if I win, I draw one of YOUR names, and that person wins!  AND to top it all off, the charity I choose ALSO wins!  Win. Win. Win.  Don’t you love it?

But wait there’s more…..

Yup…You want to know how many books we all win?  Well, get this….enough books to take out a $500 gift card…

Not 5 dollars worth…


Are you excited for us to WIN? I am sure hoping we do!

And I am thrilled that My library here in Sultan, Washington will win the same books as well.  When you live out in the country, the library doesn’t always get the newest books, and with the recent economy woes, there are even less funds to support the library.  We have  a great system in our county, but still it is nice to get freshness in!!


Here is my list of titles:

Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets $18.95

Textile Design $35.00

The Pattern Sourcebook $35.00

The Rest is Up to You $24.95

How to be an Illustrator $24.95

Plants and Their Application to Ornament $35.00

Rex Ray $35.00

Pattern Making $40.00

Little Bits Quilting Bee $24.95

Creative, Inc. $16.95

French General: Treasured Notions $24.95

Embroidered Effects $24.95

French General:  Home Sewn $24.95

Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing $24.95

Sublime Stitching $19.95

Amy Butler’s In Stitches $24.95

Subversive Cross Stitch $14.95

Denyse Schmidt Quilts $24.95

The Moustache Grower’s Guide  $9.95

Beard $14.95

Adds up to $500.25 … I think Chronicle will let you and I pay the 25 cents, don’t you?

So even if you don’t want these yourself, you can give them away to friends or even your own library.  So get going and sing up here for a chance to win if I win!!  Here’s hoping!!

Finally some winners!

October 25th, 2011

I am so sorry folks that I haven’t gotten to this before.  I had such a good start to blogging this month, and then life just got so full of  “stuff” some good and some not so good, but even that will work out…. I will write more about that later.

But let’s get to those giveaways I have had in the last month, huh?

Okay so the winners of 10 Fat quarters from my stash from the Bumble Beans Basic post are:

Hilary Stillman  and Melissa Peda….I will be sending your prizes out later this week.  I have  your addresses already because you so generously sent in blocks for the quilt drive.  I would like to also thank all the others who sent in blocks.  so many generous souls.  I received a total of 86 blocks and it will be enough to make up two quilts for the drive…..every one counts.

and then we have the winner of Jessica’s book Modern Mix...

#116 out of #118 makes the winner Flaun!    Please send me your mailing address via email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) com

And then we have the FIVE  winners from Emily Cier’s Book Tour for Scrap Republic... these were number 97, 196, 24, 161, and 197 out of 218 comments (a record here for sure!!) ....Now I have no easy way of counting these up ….so I started trying counting….then I gave up …and Just randomly went through and picked some…even more random than probably….but its my blog and I can do what I want to….(do I hear music?)

Winner of the Book Scrap Republic  is  Billie K.

Winner of the Scrap Republic Eco Tote from C&T Publishing—(US residents only)   is  Deb (10-12-11 8:06am)

Winner of the Bag o’ Scraps from Robert Kaufman is  Susan

Winner of the ROY G BIV Essential Cotton Thread in Red, Pumpkin, Butter, Lime, Cerulean, Midnight, and Red Violet from Connecting Threads—(US residents only) is  Judy C in NC

Winner of the Mrs. Roy G. Biv Pattern from Carolina Patchworks (the pattern that inspired the book!) is  Betty (10-12-11 9:28am)


and I think this is the last one….the winner of scraps from my upcoming projects with Curious Nature by David Butler is  none other than my friend Elaine at Tinkerverve!  Elaine, you are going to have wait awhile because I don’t even have any fabric yet.

Everyone please send me your addresses to bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net….if I don’t hear from you, I will go hunt you down through the comments, but it would make it easier for me if you just send it.


Oh, and I left you with a bunch of  2-truths-and-a-lie mysteries, didn’t I?

Okay so here they are:

David Butler digs Gaga and Chris Cross, but not REO Speedwagon

Emily does have blue toenails, and did find bears on her honeymoon, but no tattoo…

Jessica has never worked in a fabric store, her first quilt was teal and rose, but she didn’t make costumes for the college cast of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..(although she did do some for Alice in Wonderland)

So there you have it…the wrap up of a very busy month at the Blue Nickel.  Looking forward to sending out these prizes and sharing the fabric love.

and remember, you can Uberfest whenever you want …. We’ll always be here for you!!


that kind of sounds like the closing of a chapter, doesn’t it?  Well, there may be a break or two here at the blog, but it’s still running,   I may  or may not post all that often, as I am really busy, but rest assured, the Blue Nickel is still here, whirling away with something creative.  It is too deep in my core to disappear…..


Happy last few days of October to you…..Here’s to a Lot to be Thankful for next month and beyond as well!

Piece out,





October 9th, 2011

Thanks for stopping by for Emily’s Scrap Republic Book Tour!

You didn’t know you were coming to the Blue Nickel on a tour day?? Oh then it is your lucky day…there’s a fun little interview….a little delving into the book…and a whole lotta blue pictures….AND a WHOPPER of a prize offering….I mean seriously….FIVE prizes to FIVE people! That rocks!!

Emily wanted all of the stops along the tour to reflect a particular color as the book is such a celebration of color!  I tried to get my favorite color which is red, but for some reason I was forced into getting blue….probably something to do with branding and keeping me in line, but whatever!  :)  :)

So I have been looking for my favorite blue stuff, and the good thing is that like Emily, I also love abundant color and therefore had no problem finding a lot of blue around here…as evidenced throughout this post..

I also thought it would be fun to give Emily a mini “blue” interview about …well..blueness….

What 3 songs make you Bluer than Blue??

  • - Red Rain

  • - We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

  • - Black Hole Sun

and here’s the song that inspired that question  ;)



What 3 things make you as Happy as Blue Skies?

  • - grey skies

  • - finishing up a big project

  • - and seeing happy little smilie faces belonging to Maeve & Liam

Pick one of these three: Blueberry shake, Blueberry muffin, Blueberry pancakes…

None of the above. Blueberries are the worst things to ever grow on a plant. Strawberries on the other hand…

(we obviously have a rule breaker here!)


Two truths and a lie:

  • —Actively sought out grizzly bears (to photograph) on our honeymoon

  • —Sewing machine shaped tattoo on my lower back

  • —Toenail polish of choice: blue with rainbow sparkly sprinkles

Okay….and I should talk about the book too, huh?  Simply put….buy it! That is if you love color and have a ton of scraps and love good instructions and don’t like to toss out even the tiniest bit of THAT favorite print, or THAT one, or THAT one either.  You can use them all!!

What’s more even if you don’t have a ton of scraps, each of the scrappy quilts shown has an alternate version that you can use for that incredible fat quarter pack you bought back in 2009 but can’t figure out what you want to do with it.  You know the one I am talking about.  If you get this book, you can finally get some use out of that pack AND be on your way to the obsessive compulsive hoarder collector of a great start on the scrappier versions!

Are you ready for the prizes? Check it out!

  • - Scrap Republic from C&T Publishing—printed version for US residents, PDF for international

  • - Scrap Republic Eco Tote from C&T Publishing—US residents only

  • - Bag o’ Scraps from Robert Kaufman—US and International


  • - ROY G BIV Essential Cotton Thread in Red, Pumpkin, Butter, Lime, Cerulean, Midnight, and Red Violet from Connecting Threads—US residents only

  • - Mrs. Roy G. Biv Pattern from Carolina Patchworks (the pattern that inspired the book!)—US and International

All you need to do is tell me about your favorite blue, however you interpret that! oh, and try to guess what Emily’s lie is from above.  I will let you know when I announce the winners next week!

And in case you missed the schedule, here you go…remember this prize package is at EVERY stop of the tour! is that incredible or what?!  Tomorrow my friend John has a cool group…Indigo, Black, Brown, Grey…...hhhhmmm that sounds like an awesome quilt, doesn’t it?

Monday October 3: White
Rachel Griffith @ p.s. i quilt

Tuesday October 4: Pink
Kathy Mack @ Pink Chalk Studio

Wednesday October 5: Red
Kimberly Jolly @ Fat Quarter Shop

Thursday October 6: Orange
Jake Finch @ Generation Q Magazine

Friday October 7: Yellow
Pat Sloan

Saturday October 8: Green
Connecting Threads

Sunday October 9: Blue
Scott Hansen @ Blue Nickel Studios

Monday October 10: Indigo (grouped with Black/Brown/Grey in the book)
John Adams @ Quilt Dad

Tuesday October 11: Violet/Purple
Allie Heath @ Robert Kaufman









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