168: Brief with no pictures

May 18th, 2009

I just wanted to say that Market was BLAST…and I met MANY wonderful people.   But Today I had to drive up to my Mother-in-law’s house to clean out her gutters, and I have still got to finish unpacking and organizing all the business cards I collected  and get the reciepts for all the treasures I bought in the Accounts, and clean up the studio from the tornado like after math I left it in when I left…and get the jungle lawn mowed….so there may not be too many pix here for a while….But for some great coverage of Market check out Jona’s blog or True Up so far…But I am quite sure there are many more very wonderful posts going online as I type and as you read now!

Oh, and I have some exciting news, but I can’t share it yet, and it may be awhile, but hopefully soon I can share with you something pretty cool!

So I am off to climb the stairs to clean in the studio and sort the treasures….I suppose the bills and lawn can wait, right??


118: Let the fotos flow….

September 22nd, 2008

There is so little time these days!  I have a backlog of photos piling up higher than a big night of lasagne-fest followed by a breakfast of bran muffins….  Okay, too much metaphor?  

Let’s see if we can get some photos on here for you:

From August for crying out in a bucket…..here is my MIL’s new little venture…turning an old shed into a little garden shop….       She’s 72, folks, and built that porch herself.  She is awesome.  She got this planter at WalMart!        Currant bush at MIL’s.

Leavenworth, Washington from a week and a half ago…and you know what, there are so many bloomin’ pictures they ain’t getting no comments from me…YOU people will have to comment on them, cause I am tired just getting them ready for this post, and there are actually some more to post tomorrow….so enjoy and COMMENT…if you dare :)

                            These cows need some comment…they certainly are more festive than the dairy cows MY dad used to milk…and people thought he fauned all over them!

Okay, well I have to comment on the organ grinder…It was pretty fun to see, but the monkey is stuffed if you look carefully….poor monkey…    Now onto more of the town..               There are more pictures where those came from, but I really need to get some sewing done on something tonight….More pictures of Leavenworth, my studio redecor project this weekend, my good attempts at using my “new” old quilting machine, more quilty stuff, links, pictures, true love, etc….

Oh, and speaking of true love, what do two middle-aged artists who feel young again through their art buy each other for their 19th wedding anniversary?  Why a really good digital camera of course…so if you have any suggestions we are looking at the options out there now….

TTFN, Scott

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy, dude