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Aurifil Designer of the Month — Amy Gibson

February 21st, 2014

And it’s time again for the 2014 Aurifil Designer of the Month…..actually,  it’s past time, but I am getting the word out before the month is over, so for me, that’s a win!

2014 Amy Gibson Feb Aurifil designer button

February’s featured designer is Amy Gibson of Stichery Dickory Dock.  Read all about Amy in Pat Sloan’s interview with her here.

Click on Amy’s Mother’s Day block below for the instructions.

Mother's Day 1 Feb aurifil DOM

And here is my version of Amy’s block. Again I used the Liberty prints I have been hoarding saving and some Wish Voile from Valori’s past line with Free Spirit. And yes, I used one of the Liberty prints for part of the background as well.

liberty February Aurifil BOM

So if you don’t know the deal with the Aurifil DOM program here it is… Make the above block, take a picture of it, post it here on Flickr and then you could win a big box of Aurifil thread ($120 value!). Pretty easy, huh!?

and I think I missed this last month, but I got it tossed on here today…Each Month Natalia Bonner will share a little tip on Machine Quilting. So here is Tip #2… I am still hiring out my quilting mostly, so I dont’ know much about the actual quilting proces….not even sure if I “like” that part of it….so this tip is for all of you who do that part yourself…..(I am working on some ideas on how to get some of it done here myself. I don’t really have room or funds for a long arm yet, so I am thinking about getting a table top machine to for the purpose.)

2014 aurifi feb machine quilting tip button


Here’s the list of ALL of the 2014 Aurifil Designers of the Month….make sure to stop and say hi on their blogs!

Jan – Brigitte Heitland

Feb – Amy Gibson

Mar – Emily Herrick

Apr – Angela Yosten

May – Amy Smart

June – Heidi Pridemore

Jul – Camille Roskelley

Aug – Michele Foster

Sept – Pat Wys

Oct -Jane Davidson

Nov – Scott Hansen    Hey you’re here already! Hi!!

Dec – Carrie Nelson

Monthly Machine Quilting Tip – Natalia Bonner
Host – Pat Sloan

So that’s it for today. I have pretty much booked the rest of my projects sewing and writing wise until Market now. I am pretty sure I have 3 quilts to make for fabric companies, FOUR of those patterns to write up for my Quilters Affair classes PRONTO! ( I was planning on having them done by February 1st…..and now I am looking at March 15th …and still not sure I get them all done by then!!.....good thing QA isn’t until July!! sorry future students for the wait!!) (Oh, and there is still some room left in my Monday and Friday classes there! Sign up while there’s still room!)


#NGAQB — February!

February 11th, 2014


And here is the February Installment of the Racuous Boy’s Club I have found myself in this year.  I have been really enjoying this bee because as all guys, we talk about quilting in different way  than we would talk about it with women I think. Well at least our off-topic topics are different.  We seldom talk about shoes.

So for February our Calendar Man is Andrew Joslyn from Pennsylvania:


I’m Andrew Joslyn, also known as Mr. February of the #NGAQB.  I grew up with an older sister and my parents and my family went back-and-forth between the Philadelphia, PA area and Tokyo, Japan.  Although more of my time was spent in the US, I always felt like Japan was a second home (maybe my “real” home?) to me.  I spent 4 years of high school at the American School in Japan and they were some of the best years of my life.  I am still extremely inspired by Japanese culture and art.

I owe my life of quilting to my wonderful partner, Chad.  He has an addictive personality, so he’ll get stuck on something and will put all his energy into that one activity for a relatively short amount of time in an obsessive way.  He usually drops that activity and moves on to a new hobby pretty quickly.  But a number of years ago, Chad began knitting.  He found a great group of other knitters to hang out with and he became hooked!  It’s the first time I’ve seen him stick with something for so long!  He was making such beautiful knitwear and I became quite jealous.  I tried my hand at knitting, but I absolutely HATED it.  I mean, it made me so frustrated I just completely gave up.  This didn’t really surprise me because I’ve never considered myself much of an artist or “maker.”

I didn’t want to give up on the making, though, so I started wondering whether there was something else that was more my speed.  I began with sewing, just making little things like zippered pouches, coffee cup sleeves, knitting needle “roll-ups” etc.  Although I enjoyed it a bit, I didn’t like the finicky work associated with this type of sewing.  I somehow got it in my head that I should try making a quilt.  When I found out that my sister was pregnant in early 2010, I thought that perhaps a baby quilt for my soon-to-be niece was a good place to start.  I taught myself using Alex Anderson’s “Start Quilting” and I got a lot of great help from my co-worker, who had already been quilting for a few years.

That first project was a challenge for me and I made some incredible mistakes and got extremely discouraged at numerous points in the process.  Normally this means that I’ll never do that activity again, but for some reason, I was so happy with the final result, that I kind of forgot all the pain and decided to push forward with more quilting.  My co-worker quickly convinced me to join a relatively new group called the “Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild.”  I met some amazing quilters and made many new friends through Philly MQG and within about 1 year, I became the president of the group!  I have been president now for a couple years and it is still a ton of fun.  I’m presently spending quite a bit of my time organizing a modern quilting retreat in Lancaster, PA called “Mid-Atlantic MOD” with a couple other awesome quilters from the Central NJ MQG and the DC MQG.

For my month of February, I asked the boys to make me blocks of their own design that incorporate flying geese of any size and color placed in negative space composed of solid neutrals, such as creams and grays.  A number of the blocks have already arrived and they are looking fabulous!  I absolutely love flying geese …

You can find me at the following places on the web (I post most frequently at Instagram).  You might notice on my blog that I do a bunch of other making too, like jams/jellies, pickles, and now I’m brewing my own kombucha and hard cider!

Blog   Momotaro Makes

Instagram:  andrewjoslyn

Twitter:  andrewjoslyn


 Here is a link to the block that was my initial inspiration.


So that’s what Andrew wrote about himself and his quilting life so far.

And here are the blocks that I sent to him last week:



It was fun just making different geese fit together every which way….and using assorted grey solids for the back ground. Every block in Andrew’s quilt will have different grey and light solid backgrounds, so I thought I would help out the variety and add some to my blocks as well.   The lighting was not so great in these photos, but I think the first block has 4 greys in it… Some of the guys have been showing their “geese” blocks in the group, and all I can say is this quilt is going to be very fun when it’s done!!

That’s it for today peeps!   Don’t forget to sign up for one of my remaining open classes in Sisters this summer.  Last I heard, Friday’s class had plenty of room and Monday’s was getting pretty full up now.

Quilters Affair 2014

February 7th, 2014

Quilters Affair street-462x306

I am so sorry that I didn’t post about this sooner!! I just found out that three of my  classes for the Quilters Affair this summer for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show are already full.
The good news is there is time for you to get in the other two classes still…..Both of which are my own patterns (soon to be available as a downloadable PDF….)

I am so excited about this great event. I taught there in 2012 and it was a blast!!

So here’s a quick blurb on the two classes left open….

Monday  July 7th—Flame On!

Flame on!

This  is the one pattern I taught there in 2012 from my very, very delayed book that I have been working on forever!! (and I am doing a sample of it in “cool” colors as well to show you that is has great potential in any palette) It is available again as this pattern (the book is finally back on track this year, after a two year “holding pattern” (no pun intended…well, slightly intended)

And Friday July 11th—New Glory

New Glory

I designed this quilt for the Quilted in Honor project that is touring the country right now.  I think that design is a fun, strong one even if you don’t use red, white, and blue.  I am hoping to whip it up in spring/summery colors before this summer to show how different it can look in another palette.


And here are the classes that are full, but I am sure you might be able to get on a waiting list??  (next year, I will try to get these posted earlier so you have more of a chance to get in!!)

Tuesday July 8th—Painted Forest

painted forest

Oh, I cannot tell you how much I am sorry I didn’t get to post about this before it filled up….Such a joy to create and so simple and versatile.

Wednesday July 9th—Fireworks

NLC Fireworks

This one is from the book Not Your Grandmothers Log Cabin and the only one that is not my own design. But it is always popular. I taught it in 2012 to a sold out class too…..way easier than it looks too and a great lesson in color and value.

and Thursday July 10th—Beauty in the Bark

Beauty in the Bark

I just love this one so much! Great exploration of value and color. Totally based on my love of birch trees and aspens and this print by Valori Wells.

So yeah…that’s it…I still have so much to share with you…and so little time it seems….but keep coming back. I have some giveaways coming up, and some more catching up with some fabrics from this last fall to share with you…Love, love this place where we can “get together” and enjoy this current golden age of quilting….I am hoping it lasts a really long time, don’t you??

NGAQB — January!

January 31st, 2014


so my friend John asked me back in late November if I wanted to be in an all male quilt-bee-swap-thingie… I was hesitant to do so because I have serious overcommitment issues already, but I thought this might be doable because I only had to do two blocks every month.  So I said yes…and I met a cool bunch of fellas….And we talk about more than quilting.  We also talk about “guy” stuff which is nice to have that opportunity to talk to men about our lives and quilting from a different perspective than most of my conversations with the more female demographic of the quilting world.

The group was headed up by Joshua Helms….better known in the quilting world as Molli Sprinkles (no idea why, but that’s the name of his blog) You can read more about the formation of our testosterone Q-team here.

ngaqb Sandy2

The blocks pictured here are my contribution to the first set of NGAQB blocks which are for Sandy Greenburg. Here’s a little bit more about him in his own words.

1. I’m Sandy Greenberg. I was born in 1969, while men were walking on the moon, in the suburbs of Chicago. Being an only child I was given lots of attention and, since both my parents were teachers, my creativity was encouraged. I studied art in high school, at Illinois State University and finally got my degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I didn’t do much with it, other than get a job screen printing t-shirts. The creative bug was pretty much burned out of me.

Fast forward a decade or two and after a pretty serious work accident (I sliced open my wrist cutting 9 of 22 tendons, 1 of three nerves and one of the arteries) I met a lovely Yorkshire lass online. Days and sparks flew and I moved to Leeds, UK and got married in 2002. We have a lovely 4 year old boy who has been with us for 2 ½ years now. We also have three cats called Jimmy (13 ½), Maggie (5) and Norman Price (14 weeks).

I like reading and watching Science Fiction, watching motor sports, traveling, and having fun with my boy.

2. I am married to the super talented Brioni Greenberg, aka Flossyblossy. She’s been a quilter for about 6 years. She is one of the founders of Fat Quarterly ezine and is co-author of FQ’s first book (the second is on its’ way). She also had her first solo book come out this summer, “25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs”. Having this influence in the house, and being constantly surrounded by fabric and projects it was pretty hard not to take an interest.

I approach quilting as a technical challenge. I am less bothered by the outcome and am more interested in the process. I LOVE paper foundation piecing! I have no interest or love of fabric however. I pay no attention to lines or designers, just pretty colours and patterns. I’m a fearless skilled amateur. My second ever project was a pattern of curved flying geese of my own design and everyone thought I was brave and crazy. I just did it because no one told me that I couldn’t.

3. I’m probably a modern quilter, I don’t really know. I tend to like uber complicated patterns with small pieces and bright rainbow palettes.

4. I chose the Lone Starburst block because I love it but didn’t fancy making enough for a whole quilt. You can find it here and here.

5. You can find me in these places:

Curly Boy Blog

Instagram:  Curly_Boy1

Twitter: @Curly_boy1


ngaqb Sandy1

Here’s a list of all of the guys in the club:
January – Sandy Greenberg

February – Andrew Joslyn

March – Andrew Youngman

April – John Q. Adams

July – Ryan Walsh

August – Shaun Abels

September – Giucy Giuce

October – Nick Ball

November – Scott Hansen

December – Joshua Helms

Floater – Chris Jones

Whip Holder – Andres Rosales

So that’s it for today! And just cause I joined the boy’s club doesn’t mean I don’t love all of you! It’s a just a place where men who quilt can be men…..or something like that!

Meet January Aurifil Designer of the Month — Brigitte Heitland

January 27th, 2014

So better late than never right? I have already told you that I was honored with the opportunity to be a Designer of the Month with a great group of wonderful ladies for Aurifil this year. And here is January’s Designer, Brigitte Heitland.  Find our more about her in this interview with Pat Sloan.

2014 Brigitte Heitland Zen Chic Jan aurifil designer button

And here is Brigitte’s Awesome Block Chez Claire.  It is pictured here in the line we are all using for our block designs, Wishes for by Sweetwater by Moda.  Click on the block for the directions!

Zen Chic BOM

Pat also suggested the rest of us Aurifil Designers of the Month for 2014 to do the block up in our own fabrics to show each block off in our “own” light. Since I don’t have my own fabric lines to promote (yet! :) ) I first thought of just hitting the stash but I wanted to have it somewhat controlled, so I thought I would make these blocks in a limited palette of Reds and Neutrals (including: cream, white, grey, black, tan, etc).  But then a group of friends on facebook did a Liberty Swap that I managed to get  in on, and  I had already been collecting some small bits of Liberty fabrics to go along with a bunch of Wish Voiles from my friend Valori, so I decided to go that route instead…. (I will do a red and natural quilt down the road, just not in this series of blocks)

So here is my version of Brigitte’s block:

liberty January Aurifil BOM

You can see that I just acted like I knew everything and didn’t pay attention when I sewed the four sub-units together, because I did them backwards.  I just checked out the Aurifil flickr group though, and I see that I wasn’t the only one. What I DID do on purpose (because I couldn’t resist it) was emphasize the twisty-bit in the middle of the block by using two background fabrics. Once I noticed that shape in the middle, I had to do it!

Also I had to do this with the scraps cut off…Liberty is too expensive to throw ANY of it away….

Liberty scraps

Now the Aurifil deal is the same as last year. Post a photo of your block in the Aurifil flickr group here and you will be eligible to win a free box of Aurifil thread….. $120 value as I understand it.

So go sew, photograph, and post…You could win….and you will at least have one block down towards a fun “modern” sampler quilt.

Until the next time…..

Winner Lists and Birthdays

January 22nd, 2014

Hey there, peeps, I just spent most of the day packaging up packages and at the post office trying to get all of the winners and a few blocks for some collaborative projects out. It was a lot more work than I expected!! But so satisfying to share my love of fabric, color, design, and quilting with so many people. I received the last address from the last winner from my #12daysofcolor series of posts today. All of those packages went out today, the furthest one went to Sweden.

Here are the winners’ lists: The daily prize winners:  Kelly S, Kimerlee, Sarah Vee, Rachelle, Allyson, Rose, Janice, Melissa, Lori M, Lynette, Jodi,  and Anne J.

The Grande Finale prize winners: Michelle, Dianna, Sue, Nadia, Judy, Jo, Laura, Kristel, Becky, Lonormi, Lizzie, Maryellen, Mary Beth, Amy, Audrey, Cindy, Auntie Pami, and Rosalie.

I just want to say again Thanks to all of you for all of the kind words and comments during the #12Days of Color series. I just loved hearing what you had to say!  AND I want to thank the sponsors of the event again as well:

Robert_Kaufman_Fabrics  Free Spirit_Logo_300_170moda-logo mmf2  aurifil logo

And now onto the second topic in this blog post’s title – birthdays….. I wanted to share with you really briefly (and for that pesky photograph I essentially tell myself is absolutely required for a post) this photo of the block I just sent off to my friend Pat Sloan for her 55th Birthday quilt.  I had so much fun making this silly block, and I hope it makes it there in time to at least get on the back of the quilt!

pat sloan birthday block

So that was the block I made for Pat’s 55th birthday.  I was talking to her in an email, and told her my 50th was coming up in Early February…and I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of blocks here, but I felt kinda weird about asking.  But Pat encouraged me to go ahead and let you know that I would love to have a simple little block from you to put into a quilt for myself…a just for the fun of it quilt….(something I do rarely make these days!) So I am doing that right now. Feel free to send me any size block with these loose rules:

  • I would like this quilt to be done in the colors of the woods….I was raised in the woods and I feel like that is really where I am the most at home.

  • the blocks can be trees or have trees in the prints, or just be in the colors of the woods…..(they do not have to be tree blocks!)

  • remember the woods can go through many stages through the year.  So while brown and green are the main colors, there can be red, gold, orange (autumn), purple (think wildflowers) white (lichen and snow), black (dark, wet, winter wood), blue (the sky peeking through)

  • any size will do…..the smaller the better probably….little churn dashs, 9-patches, flying geese, etc.

  • Even embroidered blocks if you want…

Just send them to:

Scott Hansen

1315 Gohr Road

Sultan, WA 98294

I will post pictures of them as I get them and share them with you all.  I look forward to seeing what comes to mail in the next few months. I want to look at this  next decade with all the changes that will inevitably come along with great hope and excitement. As I get older, I get more tired, but just the other day, as I was contemplating this milestone birthday,  I realized that I feel that I have also gained a new perspective on life that I never really had when I was younger. I am learning to enjoy each day as it comes. That outlook is becoming more of a reality than it ever used to be.  And that is a very reassuring feeling.

So along with my birthday, I wish you a very merry unbirthday as well, and I will see you here at the Blue Nickel soon.

#12Days of Color Grande Finale!

January 8th, 2014

12 days of color logo

Well, peeps, I have chosen the winners and I am sending out emails right now. As soon as I get mailing addresses from everyone I will make the final announcements of the winners here on the  blog.  So be hopeful and look for an email with the heading #12daysofcolor (or something like that!) in your inbox.  I will wait a couple of days to hear back from everyone, so please email me back asap, so I don’t go onto the runner-up for your prize!  I was going to draw names on Jan 1st, but it took me most of that day to get Motivated to De-Christmastize the house and then a few more days to really finish that process up!

So for NOW… are some pictures of the blocks in big groups with their siblings. A lot of you wanted to see them like that. They are in no certain order and just laid loosely out on the back patio without a lot of care or precision. It was cold out there, and I had to keep chasing the cats away.  It has been pretty dark and wet and dreary here, so the lighting is not the best, but you can get the idea… (and on one of my monitors they look all pale and the other one they look fine….so I hope you have a great monitor!)

The Kona Blocks—and yes those two aqua and grey blocks are DIFFERENT aquas and greys, in fact all of those blues that look like each other, are actually different, some more noticeable than others:

D12days all Kona blocks

The True Color Blocks:

D12days all True Color blocks

The Michael Miller Blocks:

D12days all MMF

The Grunge Blocks:

D12days all Grunge

So thanks again to the great companies that helped make this event possible:

 moda-logo mmf2aurifil logo Free Spirit_Logo_300_170Robert_Kaufman_Fabrics

And I will have the list up of the winners, but you should know by the time the post goes up who is a winner.  Lots more to come this month, so stay tuned!

Day Twelve #12DaysofColor!

December 31st, 2013

12 days of color logo

So It’s the last day peeps! of the year and this series. Thank you so much for tagging along this whole time.
And a BIG thank you to the following companies for sharing their goods with me and some of you soon!

Robert_Kaufman_Fabrics Free Spirit_Logo_300_170

mmf2moda-logoaurifil logo

I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have! It was a lot of work, but I really was happy to share my love of how color and value changes the look of things with such ease. A lot of you have written so many nice things, and I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels. I think probably what I noticed the most in the comments was that some of you can get intimidated by the choices before you and that’s where you feel stifled.  I think that may be something I do different. I actually never really “think” to much about a block when I am doing it.  I do think “what if” a lot and then play with that, but I don’t overwork it.  As I said a few days ago, I sometimes like a “blurry” block. If the quilt is all the same block, those blurry ones add interest and get you to look a little deeper into the work to see what’s going on.  Also, I love color. A lot of color. You probably guessed that, huh?  When it comes to color, I look at it in a couple of different ways. Sometimes, I look at the contrast between Hot and Cold Colors. You know what I mean right? Hot colors are the reds, oranges, yellows, pinks.  Cool colors are the blues, greens, purples, etc. I also look a lot at the Value of colors, whether they are light, medium, or dark. That is a little trickier, and sometimes they don’t always work out the way I see them in my head. And that is probably the trickiest thing I do. I don’t let things bother me too much, I go with what feels right to me. There is no wrong or right when it comes to quilting.  I believe wrong and right are very important for a great many other things, but not quilting.  I have made plenty of quilts that later down the road, I wonder what was I thinking?

So after that brief look into my head, let’s go onto the last block.  This block is Pat Sloan’s block and her interview (questions were given to her from her readers!) is here, and her block is here.

Here is the Kona block done up in—in Stratosphere and Sunny (the points ended up differently than the original block totally by “mistake.” I was going to make a blue star on a yellow background, but when I plopped them down next to the sewing machine like this, I thought,  hmmmmm….and I tried them out that way. Fell. In. Love.):

D12days Kona12

Here is the third Anna Maria Horner True Colors  from Free Spirit Block (I am totally gaga over this shade of green, and the “coral” and black in the center…Incredible combo!):

D12days AMH3

Here is the fourth Blue And White from Michael Miller Block (I love the vibe from that deep Navy background….yep, even though it is navy, I love it!):

D12days B&W4

Here is the Grunge from Moda block (I was down to two browns after using all of the grunge sample colors I had, so I dug into the scraps for the rest this.  Love it! {note, in the corner four patches, there are actually three different browns…hard to tell, but it’s true!}):

D12days G12

And here are the Aurifil threads of the day (2880 and 2715):

D12days thread 12

So go ahead and comment as you have been doing. You have until about 1 pm on New Year’s Day Pacific Time.  Tell me about your New Year plans, your opinions on today’s blocks, colors, fabric lines, news of the day, etc. Love hearing everything you have to say.   And remember to come back to the Blue Nickel next year as well.  There will be a lot going on throughout 2014, and I can’t wait to share all the Love of Color, Fabric, and Threads with you!!

Happy New Year!


Day Eleven #12DaysofColor!

December 30th, 2013

12 days of color logoAlmost the end of the year and almost the end of the 12 Days of Color.  Looks like they are going to pretty much align themselves, huh? So today I have these pictures of the prizes packs.  These are the main Grand Prizes that I will pull winners from all comments on New Years Day in the afternoon after I take the Christmas decorations down (minus some chunks for daily winners as needed {see below}).  These packs are mostly Fat Quarterish chunks…some are larger, some are smaller, some are only Fat Eighths. They were just cut from what I received, and all were not even.  There are 17 fabric packs of various sizes and the one Big Aurifil pack.


In addition to the Grand Prizes pictured above, two Fat Quarter packs of Kona solids will be sent directly from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

For the “daily” prizes I will pull one winner from each day’s comments to win one of these Aurifil Big Spools:

Daily thread prizes

Along with the thread,  I will pull a fat quarter-ish piece  or two from the above bundles.  Some of the Daily prizes will get scrap packs from this pile (mostly the fabrics from the 12 Days of Color, but I see a few in there from the previous Maple Leaf posts) instead of the big chunks, it will be the luck of the day.

12days+ scraps

So if you missed a day be sure that you go back and catch it. Please try to not double comment on each day out of fairness to others. If I notice more than one comment, I will try to combine them into one…..but honestly, I am trusting you all to be honest about this as well….

Okay so Today’s block is by Laurie Tigner, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Houston this last fall, ever so briefly.  Here is her interview with Pat Sloan and here are the directions for her block.

Here is the Kona block done up in—in Pewter and Pool (I messed with the color placement in the corners on this one):

D12days Kona11

Here is the second Anna Maria Horner True Colors  from Free Spirit Block:

D12days AMH2

Here is the third Blue And White  From Michael Miller Block:

D12days B&W3

Here is the Grunge From Moda block:

D12days G11

And here are the Aurifil threads of the day (4648 and 4012):

D12 days tread 11

So now you know the prizes….are you even more excited than before!? I hope so! Okay… so comment away! And remember tomorrow’s the last day of the series and the year…BUT That doesn’t mean you have to leave me all alone!! In January, I am going to be busily cleaning up around here as well as writing up my first three patterns to sell which just happen to also be for three of the classes that I will be teaching this coming summer in Sisters, Oregon. A Shangri-La of quilting events if ever I’ve been to one!

Day Ten #12DaysofColor!

December 29th, 2013

12 days of color logo

Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement as we wind up to the big finale of the 12 Days of Color?? I can! Well, excitement and a sense of accomplishment (and relief!) may be more like it!  I am looking forward to packing up the prizes and sending them out  for sure!

Some of you have been asking what I will be doing with the blocks when I am done. To be honest, I am not sure.  I probably will make some of them into quilts to donate or sell for charity.  My daughter was checking out the Wee Wonder prints with great interest, so I may make something from that for her.  We’ll see as time goes on.  Maybe I will have another giveaway and give a bunch of the blocks away.

I do plan on taking some pictures with all of the blocks together in groups so you can get an idea of the overall impression they make. That should be fun!

Okay onto today’s block. This one is called  Stairway and it is by the amazing Allison Harris of Cluck  Cluck Sew.
Her interview with Pat Sloan is here, and the directions to her block are here. I loved the simplicity of this block. After all of the star ” type” blocks, I was ready for this simple little rail fence variation. And I had fun with the colors…again!

Here is the Kona block done up in—in Oasis, Fog,  and Breakers ( I followed Allison’s instructions, but I used these three colors very randomly):

D12days Kona10

Here is the first Anna Maria Horner True Colors  from Free Spirit block (the strip sets were random, but do you see the T’s that I found while laying the subunits out?):

D12days AMH1

Here is the second Blue And White  from Michael Miller block (this is actually very planned out but one of the prints had so much variety, it looks more random than it really is):

D12days B&W2

Here is the Grunge from Moda block (and for the Grunge, I stuck to a very, very controlled arrangement!):


And here are the Aurifil threads of the day (2605 and 2780):

D12days thread 10

You know the drill by now! Go ahead and comment on the blocks, the fabrics, the threads, your hopes for the New Year, what you’re snacking on right now, etc….A comment a day makes you eligible for the daily small packs and the big prizes at the end as well!

I know I keep teasing you with saying, “oh, I’ll post those prize photos tomorrow…blah, blah, blah…..” but Tomorrow I think I may actually get that done….maybe…. (I know you don’t believe me, but thanks for humoring me all the same!)

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