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Mr. September for #NGAQB — Giuseppe Ribaudo

November 28th, 2014


Time for another installment of the #NGAQB…..I am happy to say that I am all caught up in the sewing of the blocks for the #NGAQB and only have to do December’s blocks next month! Yeah! But I am behind in sharing the blocks and the guys who they are for.  So today it’s September and the many who goes by Giucy Giuce.

Giuseppe Ribaudo is his real name and he’s fairly quiet on the Social Media scene….although he seems to have a great many friends on his Instagram page! And rightfully so, because he does share some fantastic photos full of color and design! He loves color that’s for sure!!

I don’t have a mini bio for you from Giucy, but I do have his Bee block request, and it gives a pretty good picture of what he wanted in these blocks and a little bit about himself as well.  Here are his words about his request:

Basically, complete and total scrappy chaos. I want to make a scrappy quilt with bright colors and tea-­‐stained backgrounds.  So here is what I am thinking… I would love for each of you to create any block you would like in any size you would like. You could do a really big block (maybe an 18” or a 24”), or maybe you wouldn’t mind making me
some smaller blocks (perhaps 6” or 8”), and anything in between.  I don’t think I want to go any smaller than 6” and any larger than 24”. They don’t even need to be blocks. They can be strips or rectangles too! Would love to see some big triangles in there, as well. Been slightly obsessed with them as of late. Would also love a couple of wonky stars in different sizes. You could do a couple of different smaller blocks if you wanted. Have at it. Again, do not feel confined to doing a block.  As long as it is not a circle I will find a way to make it work! Have fun with it. Experiment. I think my tastes are pretty apparent on my IG feed so take a peek and do what you like.

As far as color goes, you may or may not know this about me, but  I am a whore for color order (a color whorder, if you will). Surprisingly though, I only have one color order quilt. Soooo I would love blocks that move in color order: they can move out from the center of the block, across the block, however you like. Here is the value I would love to stay within (one is more saturated, the other more subdued, but always the same feel to the palette…feel free to play with either).  Think AMH and Alison Glass:

So I did as instructed and had fun with it. I drew up a simple little long “block” that fit his measurement requirements exactly….these would both finish at 6” x 24” .... they are a reflection of each other and an inverse in their color order. They can stand alone on two different parts of his final quilt, or they can be connected for one long border or block or whatever.


And that was going to be it, but then I saw these extra triangle from one of my new patterns that I have been working on (Boom! which will be revealed soon) and I realized that they would be easy and fun to throw together in color order as well, so Voila! there you go… more block…. (sans the tea-stained, off white backgrounds)


I really enjoyed making these even though I am not a huge fan of rainbow quilts. I love color, but not necessarily in “order” like that. The only rainbows that I really like are the ones that God puts in the sky to remind us of the story of Noah and God’s great love for us….

That’s it for today….

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving Peeps! I don’t even know how many people read blogs anymore, but I now that there are a few of you out there…so to you and all whom you love, a Very Happy Thanksgiving. I love this holiday very much because it is so UN-commercialized. just taking time to be thankful and enjoy a day reveling in that. Should be every day…It is a good reminder of that.


And being an “American” holiday, I like to remember the Pilgrims and their quest for freedom to worship God in peace, without persecution. There are a lot of people of religious AND non-religious nature persecuting others because they are different. I think our current society actually is not very friendly to Christians in general currently, and there are many sides to all of the issues out there.  But I am very thankful that for the moment at least we are still free to worship and seek God without too much trouble in this country.  And see,  I am one who thinks that it is actually more important to seek God than what I want or think should be done….that is not normal…most people are very concerned about their rights to do this or do that because of their “freedom” .... I don’t consider myself free, I have been bought and paid for by God,  so, no, I really don’t have the right to do whatever I want. .......  I know,  it’s weird, but I have a great peace about it…....I have many “issues” to be sure (we ALL do!) but I live in  a very blessed country, and I am thankful to God for that.


As to my “turkey day” paraphernalia above, I have been collecting Thanksgiving day stuff for many, many years and of all my decorating “stuff” I think I love this group the most.  I particularly love the vintage ceramic turkeys. I don’t have many vintage ones, but they are my absolute favorite. They remind me of days when life was simpler.  I look very fondly back on the eras of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s…..(although, I am very thankful for Modern Medicine and I only remember the 70’s and a bit of the 60’s….I wasn’t even born in the 50’s!)

So a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

Keep Happy, Keep Sewing, and Keep Being Thankful!


Mr. August for #NGAQB — Shaun (and some prints from Valori Well’s prolific year)

November 9th, 2014


Now here in the Pacific Northwest, we are in the beginning of the dull months of late fall and winter.  But this post is all about the August blocks for Shaun Abels in the #NGAQB or No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee I have been participating in all year.

Shaun basically wanted improv blocks in bright colors with grey backrgrounds.  I had been playing with a block idea that I wanted to submit to a magazine using Valori’s Quill, Ashton Road, and Blueprint Basics lines with some solid white. But what I was playing with was NOT going where I wanted it to.  But I thought chopped up, well, maybe it would work for these blocks.

Shaun blocks 4

I like how these two blocks came out much better than the path my other idea was taking!

shaun 4

I really like how the block below is kind of a star….but not really …..

shaun 5

And some of the guys included a little “bio” about themselves. Here is Shaun’s:

I am 27 and have been sewing/quilting for about 3 years. My aunts, uncle and cousin all quilt. I asked my aunt to teach me how to make a quilt and loved the whole process. My first quilt was a disappearing nine patch, with simple straight line quilting.

I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, right in the heartland of America. I’ve been in the navy for the better part of a decade now, and have had some great opportunities to see different parts of the world that I normally wouldn’t have seen. However, it does make for precious little time to sew. I do my best quilting with Beyoncé or Jenny Lewis playing in the background.

I have really developed an interested in modern quilting after discovering the incredible modern quilting community on Instagram. My friend Carey, who I’ve know for years and years, came to quilting about the same time I did and she has opened my eyes to the glory of Tula Pink and Angela Walters, Joel Dewberry and Jaybird Quilts. I’ve also discovered a smaller, but fantastic group of creative men in the modern quilting community.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the NGAQB over the past year and have loved getting to know this awesome group of creative (and funny!) guys.


I have been really enjoying getting to know the other men in this little online Bee….I am not as active in the group as I started out being, but it has been really interesting hearing about their lives this year. And I have been blown away by some of their creations! There is a lot of talent in the group. And each month the requested blocks have been unique enough to really explore different concepts and a couple new blocks designed by other people that I have wanted to do but never gotten around too. The improv choices like this month have been fun moments of play too..they are Easy, stress-free, and really add to inspiration on a daily level.

As I said above, I was playing with Valori’s new lines from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Val’s had a very prolific year with them. Three lines and one of them, her Blueprint Basics line keeps adding new colors and sku’s. Here’s a sampling of what I was choosing from for these blocks.

ashton road 877

I am so very in love with the bright green print in the bottom of the photo above!

ashton road 7

The oranges and pink and blue prints are SOOO vibrant….Love the intensity!!

ashton ROAD 28

Love the keys in the print off to the left and the flourishes in the multi-colored print below.

ashton road 78

Mr. July for #NGAQB — Ryan (and a gander at Tula Pink’s Moonshine line)

November 3rd, 2014


And now for another installment of the No Girls Allowed Quilting Bee….July was Ryan Walsh’s month. Now I know that Ryan is a total fan for all things Tula Pink. So I really wanted to use Moonshine the newest (well at the time it was the newest) line from Ms. Pink.


Here are the lighter prints…


And here are the darker prints:


And my favorite prints, the red and blue ones….


These two prints are my top two favorites in this line…especially the red camping print!  There’s even a bottle of moonshine floating in the creek. Tula has an amazing eye for detail! I love that about her work.


And for blocks, Ryan wanted one big block—Knee Socks by Elizabeth Hartman—instead of two 12” blocks.

So I made these “socks” up for him in only the Moonshine prints.


But he said that he wanted mostly brights. ......and I thought that some of these socks might be a little too dark for the look he was going for.

So I pulled these “sock” sections out of the overall block. But I sent them to Ryan anyway thinking that he could work them into the back if he wanted to or into another block on the front, whatever….


So I pulled from some of the other Moonshine prints that I didn’t use the first time and additional scraps from my stash to create this final block for Ryan.   And yes, there are two solids in there a light, light grey solid and an off-white solid   Here’s hoping he likes it!!


November Aurifil Designer of the Month! ME!! Yee haw!

November 2nd, 2014

Finally my month is here! I have really enjoyed being a part of the Aurifil 2014 series of Designers of the Month project.  Pat Sloan is the best hostess and did an excellent job keeping everything organized! It is so great to work with people who are so supportive of others in this industry.  Some industries can be so cut-throat, you know?

aurifil Nov designer of the month Scott Hansen

So I will send you here for the interview that I did with Pat.   Here is my block in the fabrics we were given for the group project. I added the green solid to it as we were allowed to add one fabric. You will have to read through the whole article to see why I chose green to add to this block. It makes sense, trust me.

scott hansen 2014 aurifil block

And here is the link to the pattern.

And here is the block that I made for the quilt that I will be making here from all of the blocks. I used the Liberty fabrics I have been working with all year on this project and one of Valori’s Wish Voiles (and then I added a voile from one of Anna Maria’s lines) and then that embossed white stuff that Valori got me hooked on last year!


And here, I did a little photoshop playing around with settings.  There are many ways you could make this block work. It’s fun to try them out I think!


And here is Machine Quilting Tip #11 from Natalia!

machine quilting tip for aurifil number  11

Now you remember that you can WIN a nice prize from Aurifil, just by making up this block and posting it on the Aurifil Flickr Group Page here. You do remember that right? I am particularly looking forward to seeing all of the variations you come up with for your Tossed Salad block!  So go out there and sew up some Tossed Salads, people!

And just a little something extra to celebrate this month’s block, I am offering 20% off any two or more patterns in the Blue Nickel Studios Etsy shop.  Just use the coupon code TOSSEDSALAD14 to get your discount.  The coupon code will be good through the month of November!

Overdue …. a winner announcement & other fun stuff…..

October 21st, 2014

And long overdue…here is the winner to John Q Adams’ E-book Beyond Neutral from the good peeps at Martingale.

And the winner is…....

Yvonne who wrote:     Pacific crest is edging out Canyonlands as my favorite. Thanks for a great giveaway.

The Martingale staff will be getting back to you Yvonne soon….thanks to all who commented!

Here ’s something else a bit overdue….

Old pictures I took of some of my pincushions for a photo shoot that never got finished.  For your viewing pleasure:


Here are most of my pincushions together. I didn’t realize that I had a collection of them until I did the photo shoot.


This little guy Linda made from a loose chess piece…a bishop….I think it has that old-fashioned, probably not very “PC” but still awfully cute! And the beaded one to the left was a kit that I got for Christmas ages ago and actually got put together.


This red, white, and blue one is a crocheted one made by Linda’s Grandmother. This is actually hers….not mine…  :)


This one is just happy!


This chaise lounge one was a Christmas present one year.  Linda has borrowed this for a prop for a small doll on more than one occasion.


And here’s my favorite. Also from Linda’s Grandmother, this little guy never fails to give me a lift!

Again, Congrats to Yvonne and have a great day!!

Mr. June for #NGAQB — Chris and Some Gorgeous Glow from Amy Butler!

October 17th, 2014


So in today’s post, I am going to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. First I am sharing with you the blocks I made for Chris in the #NGAQB and then, since I used Amy Butler’s Glow line from Westminster, I thought I would add pictures of the prints from that line in the post as well.


So if you remember, I signed up for the #NGAQB last December and have been having fun with these other 11 guys making different blocks for each and sharing some laughs and cares along the way.  June is Chris Jones’ Month, and Chris wanted us to make these diamond blocks by Anna. I was thrilled with this choice because I saw these a long time ago, and I thought they were so very cool!


They were a little tricky…You have to be very careful with everything because of the Bias Factor….But I think they came out pretty okay!

As part of the swap most of the guys have written up little bio’s about themselves.
Here is Chris’s:

• Do you have any nicknames, or go by any other name?
I used to be heavy into online gaming (Everquest and World of Warcraft) so I have a few character names that people still call me. Typically, Chris is good enough to get my attention. I’ll answer to just about anything you call me though.

• Did you go to College? What did you study?
I started college with the expectation that I would get a biology and chemistry degree, and move on to work in a hospital as a phlebotomist or in a research lab. I was three classes shy of my biology degree when I took a psychology class on a dare. That one class changed everything that I had planned for my life; I ended up graduating from college with dual degrees. One in Psychology with an emphasis in Depth and Archetypal psychology, and one in Sociology with an emphasis in Anthropology.

One day I’ll make it back to school and get my Masters in counseling. I want to either be a licensed counselor, or teach psychology and anthropology on a college level.


• What do you do now?
Right now I’m a SQL Developer/Data Administrator for an online book company (nope, not that one – not that one either). I’ve been with the company for fourteen years; I started with them two weeks after I graduated college. I started in the Customer Service department, and quickly moved up to CS Manager. I’ve held a position in just about every department within the company, and if I haven’t worked there, I work closely with them to generate reports or import data.

• When did you start quilting?
I didn’t actually pick up quilting until I was in college and living with my mom’s family. She has a strong lineage of quilters, and I thought I might enjoy it. I grew up with my grandmother, who was a seamstress. She taught me how to sew, crochet, cross stitch, embroider and many other things.

When I graduated from college, I stopped quilting for a while. I was sucked in to the world of MMORPG, and barely had time for anything else but work. I picked up quilting again at the suggestion of a great friend at work. She introduced me to hand-piecing and I was in love again. I’ve done quite a few small projects, but I’ve yet to actually quit a top yet. I’m hoping that I’ll get to take some valuable time-off soon and try my mom’s new long arm or free motion quilting machines.


• What other hobbies do you have?
Outside of sewing/quilting, I love to cook, can, and garden. I just picked up canning this year, and I love it. There’s nothing more awesome than taking the things that you grow and preserving them to eat throughout the year. Though I don’t typically eat it, I love making jam, the stranger the flavour profile, the more fun. So far I’ve made mulberry jam, strawberry balsamic jam, grape jelly, wild berry (strawberry, blueberry, mulberry) and apple butter. I’m trying out recipes for pineapple rum jam and mulled red wine jelly. They will likely be part of the family Christmas presents this year.

• Do you have pets?
Yep, I have three furbabies that are the love of my life. A Scottie named Finnigan, a Cairn named Ursula and a German Shepherd named Zahara. Ursula and Zahara were both rescues. We’re currently taking Zahara through obedience school right now.


• What is your favourite animal?
Definitely a wallaby, with a giraffe coming in a close second. I want to make it to Australia one day so that I can see wallabys bounding around the countryside. (And I promise not to be freaked out by the drop-bears  :)
• What is your favourite color?
Orange, definitely orange. From pumpkin to safety vest, I love it all.


• If you could pick your own name, what would it be?
For a long time I wanted to change my middle name (no, I won’t tell you what it is, but if you guess correctly, I’ll let you know) to Xavier. I’ve always loved that name, and I’m not really sure why.

• Which season is best?
Fall will always have a special place in my heart. I love the color of the season. But now, because I really enjoy planning gardens, and digging in the dirt, I’d have to go with spring. The smell of the air right after a spring rain….it’s invigorating.

• If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be?
I’d love to see my grandfather again. He was such an amazing person. He was a short-order cook in the army, a recorded musician that wrote music, played the guitar, banjo and fiddle, and spent the greater portion of his adult life as a taxi driver. His routes ranged from around the block to across the country. He loved life, and never had a cross word for anyone. He, like my grandmother, really taught me how to “be” in this world and I love him for it. I’d love to see him again.


• How would you best describe yourself?
I never know what to say with this question. I think the best thing that I can say is that my Meyer’s Briggs personality type is INFP. I’m introverted, usually very quiet and reserved, or in my own world. Feelings and emotions are important to me, and I am usually overflowing with them. I like to daydream, and don’t like strict rules.

• If you could be any fictional character,who would it be?
I can’t narrow it down to one. I’d like to think that I’m equal parts Mindy Kaling, Aquaman, and Captain Jack Harkness in a candy-coated Lord John Grey shell.


• What is your biggest pet peeve?
I probably have too many to mention here. I have a touch of an OCD streak that rears its ugly head from time to time. Right now the biggest thing that bothers me are leaves. I was out in the snow raking them the other day because I couldn’t stand seeing them all over the ground. As far as peeves from others, though, I don’t like people that use others for their benefit. Gets in my craw every time.

• Do you have siblings?
Yep, I have a half brother and a step-sister. Both are grown, though my brother still lives with our parents.

• What kind of music interests you?
I will listen to just about any type of music, except modern country. I just can’t get into it. As far as favourites…the sugarier the pop, the better. As of late I’ve been bouncing between bollywood hits and electronica.

• What book/movie/tv show can you not live without?
TV is a guilty pleasure of mine; I watch way too much of it. I’m a card-carrying fandom member for Supernatural and Teen Wolf – can’t miss an episode. I don’t read as much as I should, but I like fantasy, historical fiction and romance books. Bernard Cornwell, Gregory McGuire, and Diana Gabaldon are a few of my current go-to authors.


So that’s all about Chris. And interspersed around Chris’s bio are many shots of Amy Butler’s Glow. I LOVE this line. It is so Amy, but it is also SOOO different from her past lines. I love the small scale of many of the prints, and it definitely has a bit of that Japanese Pop Culture going on, at least in my eyes!  I just saw a peek of Amy’s next line coming out, Violette, and I hope to share that with you soon too!


Coming up soon…..Blocks for Ryan Walsh, Mr. July, done up in mostly Moonshine by Tula Pink!

Mr. May for the #NGAQB — Paul

October 10th, 2014

So if you vaguely remember, last December, I signed up for a quilting bee swap. I haven’t done these for years because I always feel so pressured and I rarely have the time. I decided to give this one a whirl because I had swapped with a couple of the guys before and it went smoothly…..and I felt a bond because this was a band of brothers of the needle and thread type swap, the now infamous #NGAQB.


So for May…Paul wanted us to make 6” blocks that reflected our “style”. And while I have given my style a name with the Urban Folk label, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. But by the time I got to making Paul’s blocks, life felt pretty Chaotic, yet wonderfully full.  I had just come back from teaching at Sisters this summer and had these sample bits that I had created. And I hate for anything to go to waste, so I decided to cut and pull and use scraps from those samples to creat these four blocks:


A little chaotic but colorful and an ever so slight sense of order. I think they were very reflective of my life at the time (and who are we kidding, that pretty much sums up most days around here!)

As part of our swap some of the guys  write up a little bio about themselves to share with the readers of those of us who have blogs. So here is Paul’s bio in his own words:
Paul Hallinger, born in New Jersey. I am the product of a very nuclear family – dad, mom, me, and my sister. I am the older brother. Just a rather mundane childhood of growing up watching Japanese cartoons and Dr. Who. Oh, and Monty Python. And I was one of those ‘studious’ types who would much rather take home a 100 book reading list for the summer. And if my aunt would lend me her books on UFOs, psychic phenomenon, and otherworldly things, I would fit them in alongside The Great Gatsby.
I took up some levels of sewing and crochet in my teens, mostly because I lived next to my grandmother and aunt, both of whom spent time doing these things. I took a sewing class at a local fabric store (yes, they existed back in the Stone Age) and made a really cool for the times patchwork denim vest. Someone in my family still has it!
I graduated from high school and went off to college. Well that was an interesting thing to do. I lived in a co-ed dorm, found more fun than I could possibly ever want to experience, and decided that if majoring in forestry meant I had to learn latin, well, that was not going to happen. So after a fun filled year at a small liberal arts college in northern New Jersey, I dropped out.
And then I just explored new and fun experiences. I worked at various jobs, hung out at clubs with friends, got into CBGBs, became enamored with punk, double pierced my ears, got a tatoo, and colored my hair a lovely shade of blue after spending months looking like Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner. I would not trade those life experiences for anything. And Doc Martens ruled.
I eventually went back to college (I think I was 26 or so), working full time and going to school full time. I majored in sociology with a minor in psychology and I am that person in the room who doesn’t say much but is intrigued by everything going on around him. And then off to grad school in the wonderful land of California. I spent two years getting my masters, buggered off the phD (eternal studentdom was not for me) and took a job with the Federal government in 1991. Been there as a day job ever since. I have lived in Jersey, California, Missouri and am now back in Pennsylvania.
What, too impersonal? Not a big sharer, but here you go.
I have been with my one true love for 26 ish years now – our first date involved a trip to the dump. A true romantic that one. We both remember the movie we went to see and the fact that I didn’t go home. And never left much after that either!
I took up quilting in 1992 or so – I had gone to Europe on a wonderful two week adventure and upon returning to the states blew out a couple of lumbar discs when I grabbed a suitcase out of the trunk of a car. Cross country flight and pain, not a good mix. So I was out of work for a few months and was going absolutely bonkers counting the ceiling tiles when a friend showed me how to cross stitch and then how to do quilt stitching by hand. I then asked her to show me how to make a quilt. I was using a lovely White sewing machine that I had bought at a ‘school over-ordered’ sale. I took it in for service and was amazed at the Bernina sewing machines, so I bought one! and then another. And then another. I have three. Two embroider (another favorite of mine). And then I bought a Juki (I like it for the more industrial needs!).
My quilting is like my musical taste – punk funk other junk, classical jazz industrial pretty much anything I listen to and like. So I quilt things I like – I don’t confine myself to any particular style. I do tend to be a little ‘matchy’ with my fabric choices and tend to stick to one or two choices in a quilt – I personally feel that the fabric designer did what they did and I should let their expression stand relatively sound. When I look at some stuff produced by other quilters I just start hearing “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong…”. My own personal aesthetic. I need some level of cohesion.

So that’s May’s installment of my contribution to the #NGAQB (oh, and if you didn’t know, that stands for the “No Girls Allowed Quilting Bee”—not a misogynistic thing,  just a fun little nod to the little boys we all were once and slightly reminiscent of the Little Rascals). I have June and July and August blocks done too, so those posts will be coming up shortly.


October Aurifil Designer of the Month — Jane Davidson

October 8th, 2014

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jane Davidson at Quilt Market last fall. What a sweet lady with a fabulous sense of humor!

And she is October’s Aurifil Designer of the Month!

What, Scott? You’re actually posting this near the beginning of the actual month and everything? Yeah, yeah, I know….consider this your Christmas miracle early….  ;)

aurifil october designer of the month jane davidson

Read all about Jane here in her interview with our delightful ringleader, Pat Sloan.  Jane shares some of her wonderful quilts and glimpses of her creative space. It is always fun to get to know other quilters better, don’t you think ? To me it helps me know that other people out there think the same way I do…or at least close!

Jane’s block is a very fun one that I can see done up so nicely as a scrap quilt all on its own.  Jane’s Circle of Love is lovingly dedicated to the truths that her mum shared with her family during her life here on the planet.


Here is the link to the pattern.

And here is my version of the block. I know we don’t see “brown” a whole lot in the quilting world, but I really felt like going all earthy on this block for October. (I think brown has been making a comeback of sorts, so I am pretty happy about that, as my early years of quilting were, brown, brown, and more brown…oh, and  a whole lotta plaid)

Again the same Liberty fabrics with one of Valori’s Wish Voiles in there for good measure.


Has a rather spectacular “autumn” feel to it doesn’t it?  (although in Australia where Jane is, well, it’s spring…)

And here is Natalia’s Quilting Tip for October. Check out Natalia’s blog here.


So here’s the same spiel to encourage you to make your own version of Jane’s block. Every month Aurifil will draw a name from the peeps that post a photo of their Aurifil Designer of the Month block on the Aurifil Flickr page here. So go ahead make one. It doesn’t take that long and you could win a big box of Aurifil thread…. $120 value !!
And don’t forget Next month…..The November Designer of the Month is me!! And I have a block that I created from a very dear to my heart story from growing up.  Very dear to my heart.  You’ll just have to wait to find out more!

September Aurifil Designer of the Month >>> Pat Wys

October 7th, 2014

2014 Pat Wys aurifil designer button

Yup.. I missed it…this time not at the very end of the month. I completely lost September (when you see the photos of my studio in my interview for November Designer of the Month, it will be very clear how I missed it!)  And I had the block made by the 10th too….seriously…..I know I won’t be able to convince some of you that I did…but I did have it done.  I just never found the time or quiet space to sit down and write about it.

So there you go….Now on with the story. You’ve been here before no doubt. So you know the spiel. Pat Wys is the wonderful designer for the Aurifil Designer of the Month of September. Read her great interview with Pat Sloan here.

Here’s her block, Stars of my Life:

Aurifil Sept 2014 block by Pat W

You can get the directions for it here.

And here’s my version in Liberty prints and one of the wonderful prints from Valori’s Wish Voile line from Free Spirit:


And here’s Natalia’s Quilting Tip of the Month. Check out Natalia’s other great work on her blog.

machine quilting tip for aurifil number 9-1

Now if you are new to the Aurifil Designer of the Month program, then here’s some great news for you! You can win a big box of Aurfil thread…the big rolls… ($120 value!!) just by making Pat’s block and posting it here on Flickr. Easy peasy! Each month one random winner gets picked.  So it could be you! Go make yourself this great block and share it with the world. You could get more that world-wide admiration; you could get the goods!

Okay October’s block IS DONE…and I hope to posting that in a few days…

Wish me luck!

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