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Christmas books….

December 16th, 2012

Yup…this is LATE for Christmas books….but I have these two to share with you…and maybe two more tomorrow, if I can get to them!

This first one I shared about awhile back because I am a contributor to it and it came out in the E-version last year I believe.  Pretty in Patchwork Holidays came out in print version this year.  I really prefer the print version of all books so I was delighted to actually get it in my hands.

My friend John Adams put this baby together with many wonderful bloggers whom I am sure you know contributing to the project line-up. I started on this gift bag that John designed , and I had really hoped to get it DONE to show you, but I have been so overwhelmed by a great many NON-sewing related things in the last few months, I have had Very limited time in the studio.  Ok, almost no time in the studio....However, January is looking good to have a change around in that department, and I am ever so excited about that change!!

Anyway, there are MANY other wonderful projects in this book beside the bag including pillows, table settings, wall hangings, stuffed stuff, and the cutest little hedgehog embroidery pattern.

And of course there are quilts.  This one by John is one of my favorites. All snowy and chilly-warm using the only real shade of purple that I like, a “grey-ish” Perkin’s purple.

PIP John's Quilt

and of course I am fond of my quilt in the book as well!


The next book to mention is Christmas Magic by Ingrid Perra.  This book is definitely a throwback to the early quilting revival days of the 70’s and 80’s.  Very country, very simple.  I am not sure if a lot of you would like this book or not just because the fabrics used in the book are very much that of that “Laura Ingalls Wilder” look.  They definitely would appeal to you if you like that current Scandinavian revival I see popping up here and there in the sewist arena.

Christmas Magic cover

Most of the projects are simple and very homespun looking.  Looking through the book, these two projects struck my eye as unique and interesting.   I could see them done in more contemporary fabrics as well.

I found this tree “basket” concept very interesting and love the concept behind it.  Same trees with some hip mod fabrics? Could be a fun project!

CMagic tree tray

And Linda and I are always looking for some fresh takes on the whole Advent Calendar theme.  This one is very “gingerbread” looking with these pinks and beiges,  but might be just as much fun in some Chartreuse and Cherry combo, right?

CMagic Advent House

So that’s it for today’s post…hope to have another one for you with two other Christmas books that you might really like to get yourself  which do include some fun things that you still might have time for this Christmas…...if you get them right away….and I get the post actually finished!!  :)

May’s end…..

May 31st, 2012

So much for making up for April’s dismal blog post month. Today’s May 31st, and in some places already June 1st, so I know that I didn’t come even close to making up the loss of posts, speaking from a performance point of view at least.  The good thing was that I have been very busy, and sometimes even creatively busy.  Here above is my quilt for Cloud 9 Fabrics made out of Happy Drawing and a smattering of solids or almost solids.   Please forgive the fuzzy picture…I think this came via Michele’s iphone, but I don’t remember exactly.    I actually had 4 quilts at Market. Two of which you have seen a few posts back and one that I completely forgot to get a picture of.  I am going to have to wait until Elyse at Free Spirit sends me a photo so I can share with you.

I wish I had more energy to share with you….some of my best writing has been happening over at Generation Q and then only occasionally is it my best.  Now that Market is over (and I do have a few pictures to show you, but mostly of things I saw in Kansas City, not Market) we are working hard on issue two…Plus I am getting ready for teaching at Sisters and working on my poor lonely book !  And as if that wasn’t enough, the above quilt is going to be one of my first patterns for sale in an individual retail type sale.  I am going to start out selling PDF versions to make money in order to sell print copies.  I have at least three others in the works as well.  I will let you know when and where you will be able to purchase them as soon as they are ready.

Oh, and yes, I need to announce the winner of Emily’s book here  too!!  See, so far behind on everything.  Hope to make that announcement on Saturday, okay peeps??

Thanks for stopping by even though I haven’t always had the zippiest posts lately.  There are 101 things that I want to tell you, but so many of them must wait for better timing for a myriad of reasons.   The last 8 months have been such a roller coaster ride in so many ways…

talk to you soon!!

running out of time…

May 29th, 2008

Well, not really running out of time…actually time is about all we really have….but the list of things to do in a day do not give blogging or design or art a large priority, but I am trying to give it more time

Any way….here is a brief potpourri of things to look at…and explore

bench.JPG   I painted this bench two years ago, and had so much fun doing it…I didn’t do any creative painting last summer at all…I hope I get to it this year…

quilt and geraniaum.JPG Here is my Grandma’s planter that I never saw plants in my entire life, until we had it…hoping to fill this with geraniums this year….it actually would be the first time my kids actually see plants in it too…and we have had this with us….oh about 10 years….it usually gets filled with crap that we don’t want to see on the porch!!

katmandu 4x4.JPG  I made this mini 4” x 4” “quilty” thing for a friend and just mailed it to him….He is fairly famous quilting wise, and you can probably figure out who it is if you read my blog, but for now I am leaving him nameless…for now….I am hoping he will like it enough to put it on HIS site  Shameless gift-giving, well, kinda, but I do want him to like it whether he puts it on his site or not!

peacocks we like.JPG My mother in law picked up a pair of these great peacock metal wall thingies, and gave us one…I was thrilled….Linda was not as thrilled but did allow me to put it on the wall of the front porch…..right next to Linda’s “peacock” chair from the 70’s….I didn’t realize that when I put it on the wall, but when I started taking the picture I figured it out…

And then one last thing.   I am officially adding Melissa Averinos to my blog links….Melissa has great pictures, finds great stuff, and is a brand new fabric designer for Free Spirit.  I have emailed her a couple times, trying to not seem like a “stalker”.....she seems very genuine and creative….I think  you will like her stuff!!

I also wanted to put a cool link here for a technique on hanging mini quilts on the wall, but the time I mentioned above is cracking the whip over my head, and I gotta get finished….so you can come back for that later…

Anybody out there reading this???




7 things plus 2 others

May 28th, 2008

Okay, first the 2 things…

Here is a teapot that Linda picked up at a garage sale… pot.JPG  Pretty cool dragon spout.  Linda liked it cause it looks like McCoy, although I think it is much newer than that.   Regardless if it is the “real” McCoy, it is pretty cool.   Number 2 of the “2 others” is this photo of 2 doll quilts that are finished and ready to donate to my guild Busy Bees for their doll quilt giving this coming Christmas. doll quilts on rail.JPG 


Now on to the 7 things.

These are 7 things about me that not everyone knows, or do I necessarily care if people know or not….Feed Dog tagged me awhile ago to do this list so here it is:

1.Even though my studio is named Blue Nickel Studios, blue is NOT my favorite color.   That is reserved for Red or Green, and not Brown as my dear wife teases me.

2. I don’t like diamonds. They lack color for me.

3. I used to eat Mustard on Graham crackers for a snack as a kid….really, and I did, and I didn’t think anything of it…..(were we poorer than I thought?)

4. I don’t like ketchup on my hashbrowns.

5. I liked and still like the Donny and Marie show (I saw a clip of them on YouTube, and still laughed at it)  It was campy, but fun and wholesome.

6. My favorite Muppet is Sam the Eagle.  He is like me, trying to be reserved in a world that is going nuts around him….(of course I can be like Gonzo too…totally out of touch with reality….Linda can vouch for that)

and number 7…...I really like Musicals, and I thoroughly enjoyed High School Musical 1 and 2… are my daughter and I (she also loves HSM) posing the gang from HSM3….  


There now you know more of me than you want….and none of it about quilting for those of you who were getting bored with that subject line….

market tidbits again

May 26th, 2008

Here are a few more notes on Quilt Market.  Yesterday I posted a picture of these cute Japanese prints that I picked up at Market, here is her card bunny designs japanese prints.jpg  Her name is Angela Milliman, and she is just starting to distribute these fabrics here.  They are very unusual, I haven’t seen anything like them locally that is for sure.

Another set of fabrics that I picked up down there come from the Lecien company.  This is one complete set of the red/pink/brown colorway  lucien fabrics.JPG 

here they are closer  lucien11.JPG lucien2.JPG  there was a quilt there that was done in same fabrics, but the blue/grey colorway, and it was simply incredible….but I didn’t get a photo, much to my dismay….Next Market I go to, I will take a great deal more photos that is for sure.   

More of Market

May 26th, 2008

I have more to write about Market, but I really didn’t take enough pictures, and I didn’t get to see nearly enough of it…...but I am certainly craving more   I found this great blog by Melissa Averinos who actually has her own line of fabrics coming out soon too.  Melissa did a great job of covering much of the show, but again not nearly all of it.  At least she has more pictures

I did pick up these prints from the land of Oz (Australia that is)...aussie fabs.JPG They are very busy, so I am not sure what I will make with them, but I had to have them, as you just don’t see things like that around here. 

I also picked up some small charm squares from a company that is just starting to distribute these cute little japanese fabrics. japanese novelty fabs.JPG  japanese novelty fab closeup.JPG     I don’t have her card with me, but I will post that later too, as she has a great card   So all I remember is that  her name is Angela, and she hails from Texas, and these prints are great…..I may be working with them in a new pattern for the market, but we will have to see how that works out.  I don’t know if my friend Mark Lipinski would like them, as I don’t think he goes for the “cute” look too much, but they are not your typical Strawberry Shortcake type prints that are out there!!

A REALLY cool thing I did see on my last day at Market was the recylcled green plastic bottle batting.  dream green batting.jpg  I don’t know how well this really works in quilts, but the concept of recycling here is great  You can read more about it at Quilter’s Dream

That is it for now…I have some other more boring regular non-quilting work to attend to, so I really should get to it

Okay so you twisted my arm for one more thought….I briefly VERY briefly met Tina Givens at market as I was rushing to a train, but on Melissa’s site (mentioned above) I noticed a fabric in Tina’s booth photos that I thought was marvelous…so I thought I would mention it here.  After some quick research it is from the upcoming Chloe’s imagination line, and has the coolest bees, lanterns, and birds.  Good job, Tina!!

back from Market

May 23rd, 2008

It is already Thursday, and I am just getting to write about a great weekend at the International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon.   I took the train down there on Friday morning everett trainstation.JPG  This the great new train station in Everett Washington. It is a beautiful new building. Having never taken the train before, I was excited and anxious at the same time… usual it was for naught as it basically was a glorified bus ride, but much more comfortable and bumpy at times.  Went by the water a lot, and the train tracks give you a much different perspective than driving.  Getting on the train in Everett was pretty easy and comfortable, by the time we got to Portland it was pretty packed, and the Portland train station was very busy at 3pm in the afternoon.  I was in a hurry to get to Market, so I grabbed one of the cabs out front and asked to go to the convention center.  Alex, the driver, told me in his Russian accent that there were FIVE convention centers downtown!  I had no idea that there were so many.  I called Marci Baker, my employer for this gig, and asked where they were.  She was not sure what the name of it was, but said it was near the Rose Quarter which I had mentioned on the phone while we were driving by it.  So I had the Alex drop me off there with my bags.  Upon walking up to the building immediately in front of me, I realized that no one was there… I kept walking,  finally I recognized these two glass towers from when I had been to Portland Spring Quilt Market in 1996 and 1998 and made it into the delicious air-conditioned air (it was in the low 90’s I heard later, and the air conditioning on the train had started to fail on the way down).  

I got to see a little of Market that evening, and went to bed in my hotel room tired.  Saturday, I got my picture taken with Kaffe Fasset picture with Kaffe.jpg  as he was just down the row from our booth at Alicia’s Attic/Clearview Triangle.  The quilt behind us is made of his fabrics, and in Sara Nephew’s latest book, Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabins NYGLogCabinCoverLarge.JPG

 I spent the morning working Marci’s booth, and then spent some time going around and meeting people and taking in the scope of the market.  A big goal of mine was to meet and talk with Mark Lipinski.  I talked to him a couple times, but he was getting pulled a “gazillion” ways and didn’t have much time. 

scott and Mark.bmp  I did pin down Mark  long enough for this photo and not much longer.  He is one busy man.  I hope that I can be that busy in this field someday soon.  Mark has been a great encourager in that area, and I acutally met a few other people too, who were wonderful….

Among those I met was Amy Butler, albeit was for only less than five minutes on Sunday as I was racing out of the market to catch my train back to Everett.  What a sweet lady she is. And TALL Her words to me that I will remember for a long time were “Go for it!”  I just love her stuff, and I hope that when I “make it” I will be as kind and as encouraging as she is.  

 I think the best part of Market was on Sunday going around with Marci from Alicia’s and having Marci introduce me as one of her designer’s.   I think that is the phrase she used, and my head is still reeling and loving that title.  Mark told me he could see me having my own booth at Market someday, and I sure hope he is right!!  How will this work itself out?  I have no idea, but I am trying as hard as I can to give it to God, and work my best at what I know to do, and seeing what He and I can work out together.   And with the help of all these new and renewed friendships that I am developing.

 More later…..

cool tool

May 4th, 2008

Okay, so I really don’t even like lots of extra Quilting tools, but this tool looks cool. I have tried it yet, but I saw it demo’d and I think it is pretty cool.  the quilters boot.jpg  This was shown today at the Saturday Sampler class at Ben Franklins in Monroe by Cathy Wierzbecki of Time to Quilt.  Cathy showed us how to make great corners on the binding of the quilt.   I have never been too satisfied with my bindings, and this sounds like it will really work well…  I am going to send this entry to Mark Linpinski ‘cause I think he really needs to do a blurb on this in his magazine Quilters Home. As soon as I try it out, I will let you know for sure it is a great tool…..but I feel quite confident in advance that it will work….for me to try it, I really need to finish something, huh?  I am working on great many things right now…look for more postings coming up…..


Actual quilting entry!!

April 21st, 2008

star and flower.jpg   I made these blocks for my class ”The Parts Department” based from the book Collaborative Quilting. They are variations from parts in the book.  The big pink and black star came out much bigger than I imagined (18” square), as I didn’t really do the math for the overall size…but I rather like it, and I think it will become the center for a mandala style quilt based from the parts department.  Pinks and blues (with a bunch of black and white), what do you think?  The flower? I am not sure but I think a row of three of these with a fairly simple border would make a nice bold wall hanging.

 beginnning of baby quilt.jpg  These 4 blocks are the beginning of a 49 block quilt for my wife’s cousin’s firstborn baby coming soon.   The parents are calm, very “planned-out” people, so I decided to stick to their chosen colors for the baby’s room in a very subdued, slightly planned, but not completely symmetrical quilt.   They will find out soon enough that babies really don’t fit every plan created by parents, and they are seldom “quiet”.....but that will be in due time.   I am excited to make this quilt, as it is back to my “original” palette of earthy, country colors. 

There have been so few entries in here this month, as my work and home have seemed to call me to other things. I wish I could tell you what they were, but I don’t really think I know.  The previous entry shows the chicken coop portion of the month, but it seems like there was more than that going on.  Probably it has just been emotions of the job situation.  Being caught in two worlds where I do not feel comfortable in either at present, but the family still needs to be fed and sheltered.  Pretty tough…..but I will hang onto the promises that God will always take care of me, and that He does love me and my family more than I could ever comprehend.

studio shots II

March 28th, 2008

guys to help lighten the load.jpg   These little guys get forgotten on top of my cabinet of lights/neutrals, but they are great little buddies that hang out in my studio. I think three of them are Jeff Goldblum from his Jurassic days, but the Wolfman is my favorite.   Somewhere else in the studio jungle Tarzan from the Disney movie is hanging out, but I don’t know where I last spotted him.  These are some photos of the main area of my creativity. Needs cleaning still, but I thought I would post these fresh pictures.

studio1.3.jpg studio.5.jpg light cabinet open  studios.4.jpg  main stash area    

  studio1.jpg  this shows both the stash area and the sewing area 

  studio1,2.jpg  This highlights the sewing area.

 So inspite of this plethora of fabric and supply, I acquired this assortment of fabric fabric aquirement.jpg   from my friend Jovita at Peawink and Periwinkle when I helped her take down her shop at the Quilters Anonymous quilt show a couple weeks ago.  Jovita is dear woman, who is always happy to see you and tells it like it is, and I really like her genuine-ness.  She lives in Belgium now for the most part, but she has an American showroom here locally…I think I may tootle over there this weekend if I get a chance to see what she has in there.  She normally has great woven ribbons and duponi silks as well as some great actual European fabrics not found too often on this side of the water.


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